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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

  • Meet the Bonnaroo Producers

    When: Saturday, June 11 at 4pm

    Where: Bonnaroo Works Community Center, Planet Roo

    Ask us anything! Meet and greet a panel of Bonnaroo Producers and get a good look behind the curtain of one of the greatest festivals on earth. Find out what makes our disco ball turn. Ask what inspires us. Get a glance at what we’ve got planned for future ‘Roos. And tell us what we can do to make Bonnaroo better. This is your chance to let it all out, take it all in, and meet the wizards who built this Bonnaroovian paradise. See you there!

  • Kidz Jam

    Kidz Jam inspires a love of music, culture and creativity, while providing a safe haven for children. There are performances, interactive games, sports and challenges and oodles of recycling art projects. Relax and play music throughout the day with instruments provided for the children. Kids wanna jam, too! Fresh water, sun block, earplugs and safety tips are offered free of charge to help ensure that the little ones have a great festival experience. (Parents must attend Kidz Jam with their children.)

  • Bonnaroo Post Office

    If you buy something from one of the many on-site vendors and don’t know how to get it home, stop by the Post Office in Planet Roo.  They have boxes and envelopes, packing materials, stamps, special Bonnaroo postcards and the official Bonnaroo postmark!

  • Bonnaroo PODS

    Pods are strategically placed community centers throughout the Bonnaroo campground. They provide community services such as security, information booths, medical, showers, and drinking water. This is your space to relax and get to know your camping neighbors. Look at it as your Bonnaroo community center or city park.

    Check back soon for info on the ways in 2016 that Pods will bring Centeroo to you!


  • The Medicine Show by TooFar Media

    STEP RIGHT UP at Campground POD 3 and witness the spectacle from TooFar! Where Vaudeville meets Steampunk in a performance about reinventing artistic expression! Come by and experience the fusion of story, music and art. Get the App here.

  • Register To Vote with HeadCount at Bonnaroo!

    Are you registered to vote at your current address? Visit, OR, stop by the HeadCount booth in Planet Roo to register while at Bonnaroo! Plus, anyone can “Pledge to Vote” for a chance to win some cool prizes. So take two minutes at the fest or right now and make sure you’re ready for the big election this year. 

    Want to learn about ways you can get involved with HeadCount after the fest is over? Head to for more info!