• Kidz Jam

    Kidz Jam inspires a love of music, culture and creativity, while providing a safe haven for children. Fresh water, sun block, earplugs and safety tips are offered free of charge to help ensure that the little ones have a great festival experience. Relax and play music throughout the day with instruments for the children. There will be performances, interactive games, sports and challenges as well as oodles of recycling art projects. Parents must attend Kidz Jam with their children (but they’re welcome to sit and enjoy a well-earned cold drink).

    Kids wanna jam, too!

  • Bonnaroo Post Office + Postcard Campaign

    If you want to buy something from one of the many vendors on site but are unsure how to get it home, this is the stop for you. The Post Office, located in Planet Roo will have boxes and envelopes, packing materials and stamps as well as special Bonnaroo postcards and the official Bonnaroo Postmark!

    Join the Bonnaroo Postcard Campaign! Bonnaroo wants to save mountains and protect Appalachian communities and drinking water supplies. Please join us. Get a card in Planet Roo, sign it, take to Ben and Jerry’s to get a free scoop of ice cream, and drop in the big blue mailbox!

  • Bonnaroo Pods

    Pods are strategically placed community centers throughout the Bonnaroo campground. They provide community services such as security, information booths, medical, showers, and drinking water. This is your space to relax and get to know your camping neighbors. Look at it as your Bonnaroo community center or city park.


    Rootrea​t (POD 2)
    Pod 2 is improved! Now with more to see and enhanced feng shui, Pod 2 aka Rootreat will become a nexus of ceremony in 2013. It’s a refuge from the Bonnabrouhaha, a place to find peace among friends, celebrate, appreciate, and recharge. Find your way here by seeking out the Towers of Transformation, a brand new sculpture of rhythm and steel reaching into the skies and visible from afar. When you get here, indulge in sundown yoga classes (Friday – Sunday @ 7:30p), meditation meetups, vision quest strategy sessions, and small ceremonies such as quinceañera-, bar mitzvah- and baptism-redos. Last year a couple exchanged vows here. This year, we’re making “ceremony” a permanent aspect of this special space! We think you’ll like what we’ve done with Pod 2. We can’t wait for you to experience Rootreat and make it your own. Please check out your Bonnaroo Guide for Pod locations! 

    The Grind (POD 7) 
    Get your grind on at Pod 7. Sure, you can freak if you want to, but we’ll be grinding beans: mocha, java, joe mama. This year we’re brewing several varieties of coffee, plus providing coffee shop staples like baked things, stir sticks, and even Internet that cuts in and out. That’s how authentic this experience is! Pod 7 also features ample comfy seating and plenty of open space to space out. Find this special place by locating the Pod 7 balloon above the horizon, or just follow your nose across the farm to the source of our fresh Bonnabrew.