• Bonnaroo Food

    Bonnaroo has always been a whirlwind for your eyes and ears, but now we're stepping up our taste bud game!

    Check back soon for info on our exciting food offerings for 2015.


  • Hamageddon

    A pig of epic proportions, Henri is the fire-breathing harbinger of Hamaggedon and rollicking good times. He's got a mind and body like a steel trap, a penchant for grilled cheese with bacon, and (of course) he's into metal.

  • Food Truck Oasis

    Check back soon for info on the 2015 Food Truck Oasis.

  • Broo'ers Festival

    Check back soon for info on the 2015 Broo'ers Festival!

  • 100% Waste Free Planet Roo Cafe

    Sit down, relax and enjoy a meal prepared by Crescent Foods in the Planet Roo Café. Showcasing the ideals that prevail in Planet Roo, the 100% waste free café features an array of healthy choices made with local and organic foods.