• Bonnaroo Food

    Bonnaroo has always been a whirlwind for your eyes and ears, but now we're stepping up our taste bud game! New and exciting experiences like the gastroPod Diner, Hamageddon & BaconLand and BonnaROOTS Community dinners join favorites from years past like the Broo'ers Festival and the Food Truck Oasis to bring you an incr-EDIBLE (see what we did there!?) array of options to keep your bellies as full as your hearts throughout the festival.

    In addition to those awesome experiences, you'll find tons of vendors old and new throughout The Farm. We've listed them all out here, organized by location. Check out their tasty menu offerings, dietary restriction info and start planning your Bonnaroo feast today!

    Bonnaroo Food Vendor Menus


  • Hamageddon & BaconLand

    A pig of epic proportions, Henri is the fire-breathing harbinger of Hamaggedon and rollicking good times. He's got a mind and body like a steel trap, a penchant for grilled cheese with bacon, and (of course) he's into metal.

    At nearby BaconLand, indulge in a Bacon Flight with quality selections from around the country or enjoy Alan Benton's Hickory Smoked Tennessee bacon on a BLT, Grilled Cheese or Egg Sandwich. We are partnering with PayPal, to give you $10 off when you pay with PayPal.

  • The Gastropod Diner

    The Gastropod Diner, lead by Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, will roll out a "Jack Rabbit Slims" menu in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction. Built inside a shipping container just outside of The Cinema Tent, the diner features offerings like the Royale with Cheese and The Big Kahuna Burger. Hamburgers...the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!


  • Food Truck Oasis

    The Bonnaroo Food Truck Oasis returns for its fourth year with eight food trucks serving up the best of Southern bites. There are four newcomers this year, Bulls BBQ, Grazing Here, Rolling Oven and The Big Cheese, along with four returning favorites. The Food Truck Oasis is found on the west side of Centeroo, between “This Tent” and Splash-A-Roo. Find the complete list of trucks and their menu items here!

    The complete Food Truck Oasis lineup includes:
    * Signifies Newcomers

    Bulls BBQ* (Knoxville, Tennessee) offering slow, wood and charcoal smoked traditional BBQ

    Eatbox (Asheville, North Carolina) known for its meatballs; Eatbox has gained a following for serving up healthy eats made with local ingredients

    Grazing Here* (Peachtree City, Georgia), serving 100% grass-fed, award-winning burgers from cows who are raised on nothing but the sweet grass of Georgia

    Rolling Oven* (Lexington, Kentucky) with Neapolitan-inspired pizza and sandwiches. Uniquely, the pizzeria is housed in a twenty-foot shipping container that has been redesigned into a kitchen with a glass wall and wood-fired oven

    Roti Rolls (Charleston, South Carolina) with seasonal fusion food that is Asian, Indian, Caribbean, Latin, and Southern inspired

    Savory & Sweet (Knoxville, Tennessee) with gourmet Southwestern cuisine using fresh seasonal ingredients in dishes like Fried Avocado Tacos, Jumpin' Java Pork Tacos, Cuban Beef Tacos, Nachos, and Deep-fried Cheesecakes

    The Big Cheese* (Arlington, Virginia) with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with all-natural ingredients and artisanal bread and cheeses

    The Cracked Truck (Urbana, Illinois) serving unique breakfast sandwiches like the Goy Vey with bacon, salami and sweet n' spicy cream cheese and the Vegasm, a vegetarian alternative with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic basil pesto

  • Broo'ers Festival

    Featuring 25 different breweries from all over the U.S., this year’s Broo’ers Festival is sure to have a variety of beer  to fit all your fancies.  Under one tent in the heart of Centeroo, you can enjoy hearty bocks, revitalizing pilsners, crisp pale ales, fruity ciders and more, offered up by world-renowned microbreweries including such favorites as Blue Moon, Flat 12 Bierwerks, Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, Star Hill, SweetWater, and Woodchuck Hard Cider, and in support of the emerging local craft brew scene in Tennessee, we are proud to announce the addition of Ole Shed Brewing and Tennessee Brew Works as well. We have continued to grow our Broo'ers University program as well, which offers festival goers a wide array of classes and discussions focused mainly on the art and awesomeness of beer.  Stop by the Broo’ers Festival and BrooU early to enjoy our massive beer menu and begin to plan your days around our class schedule(Classes are offered at 1:30 pm., 3:30 pm. and 5:30 pm. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  Come toss back a delicious beer or two while hanging out by our authentic wooden bars, hop vines, whiskey barrels, haystacks and our Oktoberfest-style outdoor patio that faces the Which Stage.  Without a doubt, 2014 will be our best year yet!  Cheers!

  • 100% Waste Free Planet Roo Cafe

    Sit down, relax and enjoy a meal prepared by Crescent Foods in the Planet Roo Café. Showcasing the ideals that prevail in Planet Roo, the 100% waste free café features an array of healthy choices made with local and organic foods.

    The Planet Roo Café is offering dinner on Friday at 6:30 and 7:45 pm. Dinner is $25 and is a waste free, organic four course meal with dessert.

    Find details and reservations here!