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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

  • Planet Roo

    Learn! Relax! Enjoy!

    Take a break from the chaos of festival life in Planet Roo, a haven for sustainability and global consciousness. With representation from over 25 non-profit organizations, this space is an opportunity to learn, relax and eat great food. The Academy on site provides a ton of diverse classes that range from theatre workshops to craft projects so you can create your own art—not just enjoy it. Be a part of the festival life in a whole new way as Planet Roo will teach you about effecting change and making sustainable choices on the Farm and beyond. Bonnaroovians can come together for yoga classes or a healthy, organic meal at the Planet Roo Cafe too. 

    There are a number of exciting new non-profits in the area as well as mainstays, like HeadCount who has been at Bonnaroo since 2004, so don't forget to stop by their booth in Planet Roo to register to vote, volunteer for live music events and meet the HeadCount crew. You can also see a Shelterbox tent in action, make a grab for political “funds” with Represent US, or learn about Tennessee riverways with the Tennessee Clean Water Network.

  • Refill Revolution

    Join the REFILL REVOLUTION and pre-purchase your beer cup when you buy your ticket! Last year these cups sold out on site FAST. Make sure you join the revolution by purchasing your cup now, there will only be a limited number available on site. The cups are $15 each — a cost that includes the durable cup with to-go carrying strap, filled with a cold beer. Then, you get $1 off all subsequent refills made with the cup at beer stands throughout the remainder of the festival. You will pick your cup up on site (details to follow).

    Become part of the solution to reduce disposable plastic waste and pollution. Help reduce our consumption of plastics by joining the Refill Revolution and refilling your own water bottle! We’re making it easier than ever to fill up, hydrate and cut waste. In addition to the free well water we always offer on site (just as good as from a tap), this year we’ve established free filtered drinking water stations throughout the festival. We are partnering with Steelys Drinkware and the Plastic Pollution Coalition to bring you affordable, high-quality Bonnaroo stainless steel water bottles and beer cups. There are limited quantities of these custom reusable drinkware items, so get ‘em quick before they’re gone!

    We create a limited edition Bonnaroo Steelys refillable stainless steel water bottle with carabineer clip carrier. Pick one up for only $5 at all concessions stands or at participating vendors. Your bottle can be filled and refilled an infinite number of times at any of the water refill mushrooms on site — and you can take it home and re-use it endlessly to cut daily waste and spread the revolution. We’ve made sure that all of the water at Bonnaroo is healthy to consume, easy to access, and free. It comes directly from on-site wells so there is no trucking in of water, making our Refill Revolution even more sustainable! Participating vendors will also accept Bonnaroo bottles to fill with select beverages they are selling. Stay hydrated in style and reduce your waste in a big way this year with these fabulous water bottles! 

    Buy your Refill Revolution Steelys food-grade stainless steel pint cup, good for discounted refills, at beer stands while supplies last! Between the limited quantities and the mark down refill deal that comes with it, these collectible cups will be gone FAST! The reusable steel cups will be sold for $15 anywhere draft beer is sold (except the Brooers Fest). What do you get for $15? An amazing Bonnaroo Refill Revolution Steelys cup — filled with a cold beer —and complete with an insulated scuba foam carrying strap that you can attach to your bag or belt loop for easy transport. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, you also get $1 OFF ALL subsequent beer purchases (except in the Broo'ers Fest) made with your Refill Revolution cup.

  • The Clean Vibes' Trading Post

    The Trading Post will be back in 2016. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Bonnaroo Learning Garden

    The Learning Garden is back! Stay tuned for a full schedule of garden and agriculture education. If you can't make a class, garden volunteers will be in the garden to answer any questions!


  • Oak Tree Collective

    One of the first things you’ll notice during your experience in Planet Roo is the Oak Tree Collective. This crew of artists and builders uses natural and salvaged items to create a cooler atmosphere at Bonnaroo. They’ve built an eclectic neighborhood of sustainable and shady structures – like the straw bale Post Office – and they return each year before the festival to continue the transformation towards beauty, art, and shade. Learn more about the Oak Tree Collective at their table inside the USPS Post Office in the center of Planet Roo.