• Splash-a-Roo

    Old fashioned family fun meets unnecessary competition at Splash-A-Roo. Race for friends, bragging rights or a chance to be somebody on the 35ft Tropical Slide. If you’re not up for the challenge, don’t worry, Splash-A-Roo will have kiddie pools and practice slides, too. Looking for a bigger thrill? You can pay a small fee for your screams on the 40ft Big Ass Water Slide located next to Splash-A-Roo. Resist the urge to stay dry and bring a waterproof camera.

  • Roo Run


    For the first time ever, our farmland becomes a raceway, with Bonnaroovians encouraged to sweat side-by-side along a designated course that twists across the Tennessee landscape. The 5k (3.1 mile) Roo Run is dirt-stomping, sweat-drenched history in the making.

    Register for the First Annual Roo Run and donate $5 to the Bonnaroo Works Fund to participate in the race. Donating to the fund ensures that we will be able to continue to contribute positively in the future to the farm and surrounding communities. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve done with your past contributions. We can’t wait to translate your generosity this year into a tangible positive impact on our local surroundings.

    After registering, check your inbox for an email confirming you have signed up. Please come to the Roo Run booth near the Cuckoo Clock on Festival Friday between the hours of 11am – 5pm. Please show us your confirmation (print out or on your phone) so we can get you finalized for this very important foot race! (Roo Runners will also be able to check in on race day but only for a short period of time so we encourage you to do it Friday!) At the Roo Run booth you’ll receive an official race bib that you’ll be required to wear to the race. This bib will help us identify you as you speed across the festival grounds. Additionally, it will protect your shirt from puke (should you run hard enough), and it’s sure to make for an awesome souvenir.

    At the booth, you’ll also be asked to sign a waiver and pick a lane: slow, medium, or fast. Pick a lane that best represents the way you run (or walk, skip, or roll). It’s most rewarding to race alongside speedsters that move at the same pace. Pick a pace that fits.

    Runners who finish first in their group will win prizes, with additional prizes awarded to runners who finish graciously, stylishly, and even runners who drop out. Prizes are TBA. On Saturday, be sure to arrive at the starting line at least 15 minutes before the official start time. Also, make sure you’re hydrated, well-nourished, and wearing appropriate footwear (no Tevas or bare feet, please). When the starter’s pistol sounds, run like the wind.


  • Health It Up and Get Your Mind Right @ Yoga-Roo!

    Our enhanced yoga sessions were a big hit the last few years. The third annual yoga curriculum is even more calming, challenging, refreshing, and rewarding. With eclectic classes scheduled Thursday through Sunday, morning to sundown, we are confident you’ll find a program that fits your needs and wants. All classes are free and open to yogis of all levels. Yoga pants are optional, and so are yoga mats (grass is better anyway).

    Find a full schedule and instructor bios coming soon!

    Namaste & Smiles.