• Health It Up and Get Your Mind Right @ Yoga-Roo!

    What: A challenging and eclectic series of yoga classes held at locations across The Farm
    Where: The pods, the VIP area, and Solar Stage
    When: Friday to Sunday, sun up to sundown. See the schedule for details.

    One thing’s for sure: Bonnaroovians know how to move. 

    Every year more and more of you flex your body and breath on The Farm. Every year you show us something new.

    This year, come find out how big Bonnaroo yoga has become.

    Stretch, bend, breathe and be with us during a series of yoga classes specially designed to keep your mind and body right from festival start to finish. 

    Yoga Roo takes place Friday through Sunday, sunrise to sunset, at various locations across The Farm. All classes are free and open to yogis of all levels.

    This year's curriculum includes breathing classes, meditation, vinyasa, restorative asanas, and more.

    Meet this year's team of expert instructors here! They’ll be leading classes at yoga locations within the pods, the VIP area, and at the Solar Stage, where more than 500 Bonnaroovian practitioners will amass at once in celebration of life and limb.

    Check out the Yoga Roo schedule for class details and times. 

    And don’t bother to bring a yoga mat. Our grass is your grass, and this year it’s in pretty plush shape. Come sink your toes into it with us.

  • Roo Run


    The Second First Annual Roo Run!

    When: Saturday, June 14 @ 9 am
    Distance: 5 km (3.1 miles)
    Registration: May 09 - until it’s sold out!

    What are you gonna do with that bangin’ body today? 

    Make it sweat! For the second year in a row, we're calling on all Bonnaroovians to run The Farm. Join 1,000+ friends, family and festy freaks as we race 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) across the festival grounds.

    Ready, set, go... at 9 am on Saturday, June 14. The 5k course starts and finishes at the West Broadway Highway Tollbooth, winding in a figure eight across the Bonnaroo campgrounds.

    Running isn't required. We ask that Roo Runners move at their own pace. Sprint, sashay, or scamper like a crawdaddy -- prizes will be awarded to racers who participate at various speeds and with colorful style. 

    Or just show up and roar on the sidelines.

    Participants and fans are encouraged to wave their early-morning freak flags at the starting line and along the raceway. The Roo Run is a celebration of proactivity. It’s a wake-up call to a brand new day on the farm, and a way to give thanks for the power of movement.

    Participate in The Roo Run by registering online. Registration begins May 9th. There will be no on-site registration. All participants must sign up online. Racers will be asked to pay a $15 entrance fee with all proceeds reinvested back into the community through the Bonnaroo Works Fund. Learn about the BWF’s good works here. 

    Oh yeah, all participants will also receive a sick commemorative Roo Run t-shirt.

    When you get to the farm:
    Pick up your Roo Run race bib and T-shirt on Festival Friday between 11 am - 5 pm at the Roo Run check in booth near the Cuckoo Clock. To make your participation official, show us proof of your registration (printed, or on your phone), and pick a race lane (slow, medium, or fast).

    On race day:
    On Saturday, be sure to arrive at the starting line at least 15 minutes before the official start time. Also, make sure you’re hydrated, well-nourished, and wearing appropriate footwear. 

    Click here to see the Rooner's Map!

    When the starter’s pistol fires… well, you know what to do.

    Until then, stay active people! Hope to see you on The Farm.

  • Splash-a-Roo

    Old fashioned family fun meets unnecessary competition at Splash-A-Roo. Race for friends, bragging rights or a chance to be somebody on the 35ft Tropical Slide. If you’re not up for the challenge, don’t worry, Splash-A-Roo will have kiddie pools and practice slides, too. Looking for a bigger thrill? You can pay a small fee for your screams on the 40ft Big Ass Water Slide located next to Splash-A-Roo. Resist the urge to stay dry and bring a waterproof camera.