At Bonnaroo you’re part of a community. From GA, to VIP, to the rockstars and their​ entourages – on ​The ​F​arm​,​ we all live and breathe the same vibe. We are one, but we’re made of many flavors​.

​And we, at the Bonnaroo Census want to know, Who R Yoo? W​hat makes your Bonnaroo experience? Where are you from? What ​​d​o ​​you​ ​believe in? ​H​ow many high fives have ​you given this weekend? ​And what makes our Bonnoroovian community so special?

​In 2015, we wanted answers and we got ‘em! Bonnaroovians filled out ​a census at the ​festival and now you can explore all ​the ​results right here, in one place!​

2015 Census Results

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