Throughout the campgrounds, you will find a series of PODS, or community service centers. Locate them by the numbered and colored balloons tethered overhead. These are staffed by Bonnaroo Ambassadors, who live in the campground area during the festival. Like college RAs, they’ll be there to greet you when you arrive and help you get oriented, and they’ll be around to assist you all weekend long.

PODS will be marked on your festival map, and each pod has a number that is visible on the balloon. At each one you’ll find an Info Booth and bulletin board. There are mist tents, wash stations, toilets and showers, too. It’s where you go for medical and security help, to find festival personnel and for anything else that has to do with Bonnaroo. And for fun, each of these pods features interactive art created by a team of artists.


Campers will find showers at most PODS throughout the campgrounds-locations can be found on the festival map. A minimal users fee is charged per person, per shower. And there are friendly staff on site to ensure cleanliness (the facility’s, not yours). Don’t worry about packing your shampoo and conditioner, because Garnier Fructis will be there to provide complimentary goods.


Bathrooms are strategically located throughout the campgrounds, to meet all your urgent needs, and are cleaned frequently. They are also used frequently, so please do your part to make the porta-potty experience as enjoyable (maybe that’s not the right word) as possible. Use them only to deposit what nature intended, and help keep them clean.

Bathrooms in the General Campgrounds are the traditional portable affairs, with hand sanitizer units and seat covers. Those in the VIP Campground are more – ahem – commodious. There are also hand sanitizers and stand-alone hand-washing units in each bathroom are – please use them!

And remember the Golden Rule of Public Toilets: Please leave them as you’d like to find them.


Hand-washing are stations located at each POD as well as in Centeroo, so you can brush those teeth, wet that face and cleanse that soul. The water at these stations is 100% drinkable, so feel free to fill up your water bottles. But not your bathtub – there are showers for bathing.


Medical and safety staff are on duty 24 hours a day at each POD, in Centeroo, and in the Main Venue-locations will be marked on your festival map. So if you have any concerns, or you feel anything less than well, seek them out. And, as we said before, if you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency, act like it is.


Do you know the secret to a good time at Bonnaroo? Hydration. Really. The average high temp in early June pushes 90. Factor in your moving around and bopping to the music and you’ll need to replace massive quantities of water. (We said water – alcohol actually dehydrates you.)

Every faucet at Bonnaroo is safe to drink from – filtered, tested and certified to meet Tennessee drinking water requirements. Some water stations (those in the shape of a fountain) offer extra-filtered water. If lines there are long, fill up at the regular wash stations – the water is just as healthy and safe.

Our water isn’t trucked in from springs in Maine. It comes from our very own wells, drilled deep into Bonnaroovian soil, which is a much greener solution. Occasionally, some of the water may have a light smell of sulfur, but it’s 100% good to drink.

Free, abundant water is located throughout the festival grounds, including Centeroo and the Main Venue, and locations will be noted on your map. Bring water containers, such as CamelBaks and water bottles, to stay hydrated.


Our General Stores, located in the campgrounds, offers personal hygiene items, batteries, disposable cameras, ice, beer, water, soda, food – you get the picture. If you forgot to bring something, get it here! There are two, one near the entrance to Centeroo, and one near the entrance to the Main Venue (by the arch).


We invite a whole bunch of top-notch craft vendors to offer their wares. Looking for a hand-made drum, a sundress, sunglasses, posters or even a two-foot long glowing devil stick? You’re in luck!


Lockers will again be available for rent to store your personal items during the festival. This year, the lockers will be located INSIDE Centeroo for easier access to your stuff.

There are three locker sizes available that you can rent for the duration of the festival, medium ($59), large ($69), and X-large ($79). These prices include a $20 refundable key deposit that you will get back once you return the key at the end of the event.

Purchase in advance to insure you get a locker!


If you need cash, ATMs can be found throughout Centeroo, at the General Stores and at POD 3. But lines can get long at peak times. Better to bring enough green than to miss some epic music while waiting for cash.


There’s a cell phone tower right on the property, but with so many Bonnaroovians texting and sending photos to jealous friends back home, service can be inconsistent. Phones for emergencies are available at the Info Booth in Centeroo.


The Bonnaroo Clean and Sober Group, Soberoo, has a designated area in Centeroo. More information about these groups for the 2014 festival, including meeting times, will be posted here soon.


There are two main Info Booths. One is inside the Main Venue, once you enter through the arch. The other is in Centeroo across from the Ferris Wheel. Both will be noted on the map. You’ll also find satellite Info Booths at each campground POD. The Info Booths will close at 3pm on Monday, June 16, because, really, it’s time for you face the world Out There and go home.


Lost and found will be located in the campgrounds at Pod 4. If you lose something, or someone, check there. If it or they are not there the first time, check again later. If you find something that needs to be returned to its owner, please drop it off at Pod 4.




You didn’t come all this way to eat ballpark franks. Good food is almost as important to Bonnaroo as good music, and we choose vendors who’ll provide a variety of interesting, diverse, nutritious and reasonably priced eats. There will be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, too. You’ll find food vendors throughout the campgrounds, Centeroo and the Main Venue offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks.

Interested  in becoming food vendor at Bonnaroo? Check out our 2013 Food Vendor Info for details and an application.


Mmmm, beer. Under one tent, our Broo’ers Festival features more than 20 breweries. Enjoy hearty bocks, revitalizing pilsners, crisp pale ales and more, offered up by great microbreweries from around the country.



Gourmet food trucks have been earning rave reviews, wide followings and a place at Bonnaroo. At our Food Truck Oasis, you’ll find some of the best from around the Southeast. We can promise some surprising (and surprisingly good) offerings.