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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival


Bonnaroo 2015


PODs, or community information service centers, are located throughout the campgrounds. Locate them on your festival map or by the numbered and colored balloons tethered overhead. Each POD is staffed 24/7 by a Bonnaroo Ambassador, and equipped with an Info Booth, Community Message Bulletin Board, Medical Tent, Security Station, toilets, and hand washing station.


Do you know the secret to a good time at Bonnaroo? Hydration. Really. (And that’s water – alcohol actually dehydrates you.) Bonnaroo offers free, 100% filtered and drinkable water located throughout the festival. Check your festival map for locations. Bring a water vessel (or two) to fill up and stay hydrated.

Note: Every faucet at Bonnaroo is safe to drink from – filtered, tested and certified to meet Tennessee drinking water requirements. And some water stations (those in the shape of a fountain) provide water from our very own wells, drilled deep into Bonnaroovian soil, which is a much greener solution. Occasionally, our well water may have a light smell of sulfur, but know, it’s 100% good to drink.


Hand-washing stations are located at each POD as well as in Centeroo, so you can brush those teeth, wet that face, and cleanse that soul. The water at these stations is 100% filtered and drinkable, so fill up your water bottles but please, not your bathtub – there are showers for bathing.


Bathrooms are strategically located throughout the campgrounds to meet all your urgent needs. They are cleaned frequently. And they are also used frequently, so please do your part to make the porta-potty experience as enjoyable (maybe that’s not the right word) as possible. Use them only to deposit what nature intended, and help keep them clean. Remember, the Golden Rule of Public Toilets: Leave them as you’d like to find them.

Bathrooms in the GA Campgrounds are the traditional portable affairs, equipped with hand sanitizer units and seat covers. Those in the VIP Campground are more – ahem – commodious. There are also hand sanitizers and stand-alone hand-washing units in each bathroom – please use them!


Showers can be found at most POD locations, indicated on your festival map. Showers are operated and cleaned by our very own shower fairies during hours of operations: Wednesday from 9 pm - 12 am at PODs 1 +3 + 10, and at all PODS from 6 am - 2 am on Thursday - Sunday, and 6 am - 11 am on Monday. Showers are not free but they come with complimentary Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, and treatment samples, Garnier Fructis styling stations, a Kohler goodie bag and a chance to win a free KOHLER Moxie showerhead, all while supplies last! Showers cost $10 during peak hours (daily between 6 am - 2 pm and 6 pm - 10 pm) and thanks to our friends at Kohler we offer $5 “happy hours” during off-peak hours (daily from 2 pm - 6 pm and 10 pm - 2 am).



Medical and safety staff are on duty 24 hours a day at each POD, in Centeroo, and in the Main Venue. Check your festival map for specific locations. If you have any concerns, or you feel anything less than well, seek them out. And, as we said before, if you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency, act like it is.


Looking for an item that was lost during the festival? Please visit our digital Lost & Found to see if we've got it! All items will be held until July 14th. 


There are two General Stores on site - one near the entrance to Centeroo, and one near the entrance to the Main Venue (by The Arch). Each store offers personal hygiene items, batteries, disposable cameras, ice, beer, water, soda, food – you get the picture. If you forgot something, get it here!


We invite a whole bunch of top-notch craft vendors to offer their wares. Looking for a hand-made drum, a sundress, sunglasses, posters or even a two-foot long glowing devil stick? You’re in luck!


Lockers will be available for rent during the festival to store your personal items in all weekend long. Advance purchase will be available soon. Lockers will also be available for rent on site on a first come, first served basis. Stay tuned for more info!

Purchase in advance to insure you get a locker!


If you need cash, ATMs can be found throughout Centeroo, at the General Stores, and at POD 3.


There’s a cellphone tower on the property, but with so many Bonnaroovians texting and sending photos to jealous friends back home, service can be inconsistent. Phones for emergencies are available at the Info Booth in Centeroo.


Soberoo is a group of passionate, like-minded music fans who choose to remain drug and alcohol free at the festival. The Soberoo tent is located in Centeroo (look for the yellow balloons) where Soberoo’vians hold daily meetings throughout the weekend. Check back for more information.


There are two main Info Booths on site. One inside the Main Venue (by The Arch), the other in Centeroo across from the Ferris Wheel. Both are noted on your festival map. You’ll also find satellite Info Booths at each POD. Info Booths stay open 24 hours, and CLOSE at 10:00 PM on Sunday, June 14.