Somewhere near the top of our to-do list is “change the world.” So, in 2009, we created the Bonnaroo Works Fund. Administered by the East Tennessee Foundation, the Bonnaroo Works Fund supports regional and national organizations with a mission of making communities healthy in areas of the arts, education, and environmental sustainability; with the goal of local reinvestment and asset building for the community we live, work, and play in.

    Check out the Bonnaroo Works Fund Winter Newsletter!


    We devote a lot of attention to middle Tennessee and, in particular, the Manchester and Coffee County community. We support educational, arts and environmental programs as well as a variety of community projects – closing in on support for 100 organizations. A complete list of organizations supported is available here!

    By invitation only, we also support national organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Head Count, MusiCares, Conscious Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, Rock the Earth, the American Red Cross and the Sierra Club. Bonnaroo Works Fund has also stepped up to help in the wake of disasters, such as the Haitian earthquake, Nashville floods and Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


    And we don’t deserve all the credit. A good share of the money comes from generous fans who help support the Fund through ticket add-ons and the annual on-site Silent Auction; as well as royalties from Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Caramel Buzz (yes, you can do good by eating ice cream!). And, starting in 2014, there will be many new opportunities for you to support Bonnaroo Works Fund – including Soundwaves, an amazing techno-art-music poster of iconic songs that will be available in 2014, live and on-line auctions throughout the year (look for tweets) and some new on-site events. And, in case you’re wondering, a full 100% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to support these great causes.

    And, if you’d like to get physically involved with some of the great causes supported by the Bonnaroo Works Fund, we’re going to make that easy, too. We’ll post regular announcements of Habitat for Humanity builds in various cities and opportunities to work with some of the environmental groups in Tennessee – just for starters.


    For those of you who feel the urge to make a larger financial donation, we want to recognize your generosity and are building “The Wall” on Bonnaroo grounds. By year, starting with 2014, it will list the names of all donors who support BWF with $100 or more. To be a “Founder” of The Wall, it’s a $1,000 donation – “Founders” are only eligible from 2013-15 leading up to the festival and will have their names listed at the very beginning.


    Bonnaroo also invites local community organizations to raise funds by participating in the festival. Their volunteers staff the popular concession booths, and Bonnaroo in turn donates a portion of the sales to those organizations. During the past decade, the Coffee County Rescue Squad, the Children’s Advocacy Center, Project Graduation, the Hands On Science Center, the Manchester Arts Center, Park Partners, Keep Coffee County Beautiful and numerous other groups have raised more than $2 million to support their activities. By volunteering, these devoted do-gooders also help create a better Bonnaroo, so be sure to give them a thumbs-up at the festival.

    We are enormously proud of the Bonnaroo Works Fund. Who says music – and music fans – can’t change the world?


    Find Grant Applicant Guidelines and more information here.