We don’t just want to be the best festival. We aspire to be the greenest festival—and set the standard in sustainability and greening practices for North American concert events. To do so, we will engage fans, artists, the public, officials and even other festivals. Because of what’s at stake, we will gladly spend the extra effort and cost this sometimes involves. We believe our commitment to being sustainably green doesn’t hurt the Bonnaroo experience, but rather defines it and improves it. Who says you can’t have fun while changing the world?



Respect for our surroundings isn’t just our responsibility, it’s a core value of who we want to be. We want you to think positivity when you think Bonnaroo. That’s why, since day one on the farm, we’ve sweat bullets in pursuit of sustainability. To us, sustainability means economy, environment, health and culture. It means bringing our community closer, and every year, leaving the festival grounds feeling like we did better than the year before.

Part of our commitment to constant improvement is better reporting. That’s why this year we’re debuting Bonnaroo’s first ever Annual Sustainability Report. Here’s just a sampling of the sustainability improvements Bonnaroo made real in 2013.

View the Annual Report



If you’ve ever cleaned up after a party, you can imagine what we face at Bonnaroo.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Clean Vibes team we diverted 366.37 tons by weight from the landfill in 2013! A special thanks to our friends at Eco-Products who helped us to reduce our overall footprint by supplying our site with 100% compostable food service items.

Approximately 120 tons - Total waste composted

3.8 tons - Total used cooking oil collected by Yellow Dog Renewables to be processed into biodiesel
16.04 tons - Total cardboard hauled to Coffee County Recycling
18.42 tons - Total scrap metal hauled to American Iron and Metal in Manchester, TN
173.16 tons - Total commingled waste hauled to All In One Recycling
100.82 tons – Total hauled to WastAway for processing into fuel pellets
432.2 tons - Total waste diverted from the landfill
67% - Percent of all waste diverted from landfill by weight


 Commingled - 173.16 tons
 Cardboard - 16.04 tons
 Compost - 120 tons
 Scrap Metal - 18.42 tons
 Cooking Oil - 3.8 tons


Learn about all of the steps towards a more sustainable Bonnaroo that we've taken over the years!

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One dollar from your 2014 Bonnaroo ticket goes toward permanent sustainable site improvements on the Farm. Stay tuned for an annual report detailing how we are using this money to make Bonnaroo the greenest it can be. Are you allowed to give more than $1 to the fund? Yes please, thank you and hooray! You can upgrade your donation when you buy your ticket.


Save money. Make friends.

Looking to carpool to Bonnaroo, but don’t know how? Zimride makes it easy to connect with other festival goers heading your way. Driving? Post your trip on Zimride and sell the empty seats in your car. Need a ride? Book cheap seats in one of the many Bonnaroo carpools listed on Zimride.

Bonnaroo supports ridesharing to reduce traffic and our carbon footprint. Please consider Zimride as one tool to investigate or offer ride options. The Zimride platform uses Facebook integration to create a fun way for friends to share rides. Zimride empowers individuals to join together to save money, make friends and reduce our carbon footprint. Check things out before you go and be safe! Post or find your ride to Bonnaroo today.

2014 Carpool Contest

Arrive at the Festival with 4 or more people in your vehicle and you will be eligible for prizes:

1st place: 3 cars from each tollbooth will be eligible for AUTOMATIC VIP UPGRADES for each passenger in the car

2nd place: 3 cars from each tollbooth will be eligible for 2 VENDOR TOKENS for each passenger in your car. That’s 2 meals free!

​3rd place: 3 cars from each tollbooth will be eligible for a BONNAROO MERCH ITEM for each passenger in your car.  

Here’s how it works: Print out the Bonnaroo 2013 Carpooling PDF or write CARPOOLING TO THE ROO on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper and put it at your windshield. We’ll have spotters at the tollbooths picking out cars at random. All winners will be notified ON THE SPOT.



Planet Roo is an eco and social-activism village dedicated to promoting a socially responsible lifestyle. The performance stage here is actually powered by solar panels!

Within Planet Roo you’ll find a waste-free café, a documentary cinema tent, a silent auction benefiting worthy causes, and lots of information about how we are making a difference—and how you can, too.

BonnaROOTS Community Dinners


Napa Valley, Hudson Valley… Coffee County? Yup! We’re doing farm-to-table under the Tennessee stars with locally-sourced, four-course communal dinners at Bonnaroo. Join 100 new friends and mystery special guests at one big table to eat, drink and raise thousands of dollars for the greater good. Take a timeout from on-the-go festival eating to enjoy a southern heritage meal featuring local and organic foods - each course coming from within 100 miles, if not from the Bonnaroo Victory Garden just steps away.

And give what you can to support our grassroots non-profit partners, Oxfam America and Eat for Equity, whether that's $20 for your place at the table or donating your time to cook the meal and wash dishes. Links for tickets below, to volunteer stop by the Eat for Equity booth in Planet Roo.​

What: BonnaRoots Feasts

When: Thursday, June 13th at 7:00 PM AND Saturday, June 14th at 6:00 PM

Where: Under the Tennessee stars in PlanetRoo*

How: Reserve your seat at the 2014 BonnaRoots Feasts!

Thursday Reservations  Saturday Reservations

Or stop by the Eat for Equity booth to see the menu and make your reservation while tickets last.

*If there’s rain meet us in the Academy*




In 2012 you made the biggest difference yet. We took a huge step forward in reducing our carbon footprint by becoming the first major music festival to have a permanent solar array all thanks to the support of fans!  The 50 kW solar photovoltaic system began generating energy for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s green power program at the end of 2012. This installation is a huge win in our ongoing quest to keep Bonnaroo as green as it can be.
Another amazing project that we piloted in 2013 was a low income housing weatherization program. Over a three-day weekend, We Are Neutral worked with the Manchester Housing Authority, Keep Coffee County Beautiful, Duck River Electric utility, and a host of Manchester volunteers to provide free-of-charge energy retrofits to low-income families. As a result, residents will save on their utilities and reduce their carbon impact. The carbon reductions created will be calculated over the next few years to establish certified carbon credits that will help offset the annual Bonnaroo festival. Bonnaroo has committed to an additional 2 years of this program.


Thanks to support by YOU, we were awarded the Environmental Stewardship award back in June 2013! We have also won our 8th consecutive A Greener Festival Award for our efforts in 2014.


Join the Refill Revolution!

Become part of the solution to reduce disposable plastic waste and pollution.Help reduce our consumption of plastics by joining the Refill Revolution and refilling your own water bottle! We’re making it easier than ever to fill up, hydrate and cut waste. In addition to the free well water we always offer on site (just as good as from a tap), this year we’ve established free filtered drinking water stations throughout the festival. We are partnering with Steelys Drinkware and the Plastic Pollution Coalition to bring you affordable, high-quality Bonnaroo stainless steel water bottles and beer cups. There are limited quantities of these custom reusable drinkware items, so get ‘em quick before they’re gone!

We create a limited edition Bonnaroo Steelys refillable stainless steel water bottle with carabineer clip carrier. Pick one up for only $5 at all concessions stands or at participating vendors. Your bottle can be filled and refilled an infinite number of times at any of the water refill mushrooms on site — and you can take it home and re-use it endlessly to cut daily waste and spread the revolution. We’ve made sure that all of the water at Bonnaroo is healthy to consume, easy to access, and free. It comes directly from on-site wells so there is no trucking in of water, making our Refill Revolution even more sustainable! Participating vendors will also accept Bonnaroo bottles to fill with select beverages they are selling. Stay hydrated in style and reduce your waste in a big way this year with these fabulous water bottles! 

Buy your Refill Revolution Steelys food-grade stainless steel pint cup, good for discounted refills, at beer stands while supplies last! Between the limited quantities and the mark down refill deal that comes with it, these collectible cups will be gone FAST! The reusable steel cups will be sold for $15 anywhere draft beer is sold (except the Brooers Fest). What do you get for $15? An amazing Bonnaroo Refill Revolution Steelys cup — filled with a cold beer —and complete with an insulated scuba foam carrying strap that you can attach to your bag or belt loop for easy transport. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, you also get $1 OFF ALL subsequent beer purchases (except in the Brooers Fest) made with your Refill Revolution cup.


The Carbon Shredders have partnered with ​We Are Neutral this year, to feature simple changes you can make in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint. Attendees travel from all over with a commitment to share in the Bonnaroo experience. Stop by and tell us how you made it here and share with us the small sustainable changes you are making in your own life. This year you’ll learn many more ways to shred your carbon and reduce your environmental footprint, and the Carbon Shredders booth will teach you how. Through food choices, water reductions, energy savings, and the way you transport yourself, we’ll give you a few good ideas to bring back home. Put your pin in the Carbon Shred map, learn more about solar power, or stop by for a good conversation, The Carbon Shred team will be there! Check out We Are Neutral on Facebook for more info on how you can make your Bonnaroo greener!

Clean Vibes is a company dedicated to responsible waste management at outdoor festivals and events. Their mission is to encourage and promote recycling and proper waste disposal, decreasing the amount of trash entering landfills and incinerators by increasing the amount of recyclables collected and delivered to recycling centers.


Rock the Earth is a national not-for-profit public-interest environmental organization dedicated to protecting and defending America’s natural resources. Their MO involves partnerships with the music industry. Ergo, Bonnaroo.


We Are Neutral helps musicians, artists and festivals green their projects, tours. We Are Neutral is an initiative of the non-profit Earth Givers, which engages in local energy conservation, low-income weatherization and carbon sequestration projects.