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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

Ben & Jerry's: Peace, love and free ice cream!

Yes! Our friends at Ben & Jerry's are back again this year, cooling you down with FREE scoops of Fairtrade and non-GMO ice cream; including Phish Food, Cherry Garcia and Bonnaroo's Coffee Caramel Buzz —a delicious concoction of Coffee Malt ice cream with Whiskey Caramel swirls and English Toffee pieces. Swing by their tent in Planet Roo for your daily dose of Peace, Love and Ice Cream, and while you're at it, help them support mandatory GMO food labeling by sharing your picture from their photo booth. Oh, and did we mention a pint of Bonnaroo's Coffee Caramel Buzz would be a great addition to your road trip down to The Farm?