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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

Clean Vibes Trading Post - Recycle and Win!


This year welcomes back the Clean Vibes Trading Post, a nonprofit project that wants to reward YOU for your green behavior. Help recycle as much as possible at Bonnaroo by trading in your cans, cups, and bottles for cool prizes! The recyclables earn you point vouchers, and the more you collect, the more valuable items you can “purchase.”

In addition to encouraging and rewarding recycling, the Clean Vibes Trading Post has always aimed to help reduce cigarette butt litter on-site. Stop by the Trading Post and pick up a small bag, fill it with cigarette butts, and turn it in for points just like the cans and bottles. Did you know the Clean Vibes Trading Post can now RECYCLE those butts? When you pick up your bags, don't forget to ask a Trading Post staff member about how we recycle the most commonly littered item in America. 

Turn in your bags of recycling or cigarette butts at the Clean Vibes Trading Post or any Campground Pod and receive point vouchers.  Stop by the Clean Vibes Trading Post in Planet Roo and exchange the vouchers for your choice of a variety of awesome prizes– from earth-friendly health and beauty products, camping gear and organic clothing to autographed band merchandise and food vendor vouchers. The person who trades in the most recycling throughout the weekend will receive two tickets to next year’s event!
The Clean Vibes Trading Post is the nonprofit arm of Clean Vibes, a company dedicated to the responsible waste and recycling management of outdoor festivals and events. Clean Vibes has been a part of all of the previous Bonnaroo festivals, handling the trash and recycling management for each event. Over the past 12 years, Clean Vibes has diverted more than four million pounds of recyclable and compostable material produced at the festival from the landfill.