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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016


Late October in NYC means the streets are filled with leather jackets & scarves and over a thousand breaking bands with obscure, un-googleable names like, uh… Leather Jackets & Scarves?

The CMJ Music Marathon is our chance to scout out a fresh batch of artists that just might make it down to the farm in June. Think SXSW but more snark and less sunshine. Not to worry! We’re as curious and open-minded as always so there’ll be great music to share from this weeklong treasure trove.

This year, we’re featuring our favorite breaking bands by running them through a fire drill of stripped-down performances, interrogations with Jeff & Eric Rosenthal of It’s The Real (remember these guys from Bonnaroo?) and close encounters with… our mothers (more on that later). It’s all going down at Bonnaroo365 CMJ Headquarters – The Hoodie Shop in the Lower East Side. Stay tuned on where we’ll be posting videos and updates all week.

Activities at The Hoodie Shop are just getting underway but last night we hopped over to the Lower East Side for a little warm-up. You could weave your way in and out of clubs for hours on a quest for musical gems with varying levels of success… so we’ll cut the fat for ya and go to the highlights!

7:25PM – Ryan Hemsworth & Deniro Farrar @ PianosThis MC/Producer duo has been working together for over a year but apparently only met face-to-face earlier in the day. That’s musical collaboration in 2012, which is pretty amazing. Dark rhymes came from Farrar while Hemsworth laid out some circus-like evil clown tracks. While Farrar came across a bit intimidating with his shirtless tatted-up body and fiery delivery, in the end he was yelling out for the crowd to come give him hugs after the show… Free hugs, anyone?

9:20PM – Little Green Cars @ The Living RoomA whole lotta hype around this Dublin-based songwriting powerhouse and a packed crowd to match. Strong harmonies and anthemic choruses could propel them along the fast track to singalong territory like their Glassnote Record label-mate superstars, Mumford & Sons.

10:20PM – Mac Demarco @ The Marlin Room at Webster HallPut on any of Mac’s studio tracks and you’ll get a retro, laid-back California rock vibe from this crew of Canadians. What their recorded material doesn’t account for is the unrestrained joy and playfulness that comes with the live show. We’re having ‘em through The Hoodie Shop to perform a little session, so expect video evidence of their greatness to come. In the meantime, check out “Ode to Viceroy” which came out yesterday on their new album, 2. Get a preview of more sights and sounds you can expect with this CMJ video playlist featuring Mac Demarco, Guards, Sea Wolf, The Stepkids, and Daughn Gibson.