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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016


CMJ Day 4: Smooth Sailing

We’ve been hunkered down at The Hoodie Shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan all week, hanging with breaking bands during the CMJ Music Marathon. The performances we’ve caught on camera have been pretty damn phenomenal and will be posted shortly but in the meantime, here’s a rundown of what we got!

11:22AM – Vital @ The Hoodie Shop

Between a rainy morning and the loooong night before, Vital came through with some soulful singing that got our day going the right way. Heartfelt lyrics and an easygoing, endearing voice made for an awesome performance to kick off our final day of shooting during CMJ. And you can download his free EP right here:

1:39PM – Daughn Gibson @ The Hoodie Shop

Lounge country electro… If Clint Eastwood had starred in Blade Runner, this might be the soundtrack. Daughn Gibson’s music is a bit tormented and dark but really amazing. There’s constant surprises in these tunes that’ll have us going back again and again. Plus, he’s got some pretty awesome dance moves.

2:58PM – Kuroma @ The Hoodie Shop

We’re loving the amount of psych rock being offered up by current bands and Athens, GA’s Kuroma brought us a lovely dose with their shimmering guitars and tripped-out lyrics. Front man Hank Sullivant’s songwriting maintains some pop sensibilities that perhaps he picked up from his time on tour with MGMT but its got a unique Southern fried element to it that we’re definitely digging.

4:25PM – The Stepkids @ The Hoodie ShopWhile The Stepkids have the tendency to get pretty experimental and out there in their live shows, we got the jazzier side of the band on Friday afternoon. Great vibe, nice guys, and with an opening gig for Kimbra later in the day, they were definitely gearing up for some nice exposure.

5:11PM – Elle King @ The Hoodie ShopOkay, everyone was totally caught off guard by the pipes on this girl. Clever songwriting chops, spot on banjo pickin’ and a vocal delivery that we’d describe as “graceful twang”. At times she sounded like a less poppy Adele (in a really really good way). We can’t wait to hear more from Elle in the future! And it’s certain we will….

7:10PM – High HighsThese Australian fellas moved to Brooklyn a few years back now and belt out rich and atmospheric tunes with really strong harmonies. Think sunny day headphone music with the added bonus that they come with a sweet lighting set up! Hard to believe that we’ve wrapped up our time at The Hoodie Shop and CMJ is coming to a close. Friday’s bands were a super-talented lineup that made us think that perhaps we should invite bands over more often… What do you think? Anywho, hopefully you’ve picked up on some awesome new music this week and keep a lookout for all the great performances and interviews that we grabbed as they roll out over the next couple of weeks!