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JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

New to Roo: Cayucas

Looking for music that makes every day feel like the summer? Your search stops at Cayucas.  Their 60s surf rock sound immediately puts us on the beach, feet in the sand, basking in glorious sunshine. Having spent most of his life in California near the ocean, it’s easy to see where band founder Zach Yudin gets his inspiration. Before Cayucas, his work caught the ear of Richard Swift, current member of the Shins, who helped produce the band’s debut album ‘Bigfoot.’ With their breezy vocals, catchy melodies, and pop sensibilities, we’re super excited for Cayucas’ Bonnaroo debut.

We recently had a chance to ask Zach a few burning questions...

BONNAROO: We read that you spent some time producing electronic music in Japan for a while. How does that influence your sound now?

ZY: I am still using sampling methods to write songs. I thought I was kind of over it but I just wrote a song based around a sped up bass sample a couple days ago, and added some weird synth sound so I guess not. I also think I am attracted to 120 BPM’s more than the average person, always feels like the right tempo for me.

BONNAROO: How does working with a producer like Richard Swift change your writing process? Do you think you will work with another producer in the future?

ZY: Richard showed me the benefits of working quickly. I learned about various recording techniques, and also to appreciate an imperfect take. It's sometimes the flaws or blemishes in a song which give it character, I think.. We are talking to a few producers now in preparations for the next album but have not made any final decisions yet as to who will produce it. We wanted to work with Richard Swift again, but he has a busy year ahead of him.

BONNAROO: Do you have any expectations for your first time on The Farm?

ZY: The word Bonnaroo, definitely conjures an image of free spirits out in the wide open, camping and letting loose. It has a sort of Midwest flavor to it, that makes it special perhaps. I hope to enjoy the playing part of course, eating good food, and watching some amazing bands. Really excited for Lionel Richie, Frank Ocean, Kanye & Elton John. Camping on-site sounds super fun too.