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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

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New to Roo: The Griswolds

If catchy chorus sing-a-longs and tequila-fueled indie-pop perks your ears up, then The Griswolds will be your next favorite band. The rising Australian quartet have mastered their own brand of tropical pop melodies and energetic live shows to make us all sorts of excited for their Bonnaroo debut. Only 2 years young, The Griswolds have consistently impressed fans and critics resulting in a successful self-produced EP, an international tour, and stellar performances at South by Southwest and Big Day Out. We got a chance to catch up with the band to ask them about life, touring, and what keeps them weird.

Bonnaroo: The Griswolds have come pretty far, very fast. What’s been the most exciting part of this experience?
The Griswolds: Touring is always the most amazing experience, we’re lucky enough to get to see the world and play shows with our best mates. The most rewarding experience however, has been making the debut album with an idol of ours, Tony Hoffer. That really spun us out. 
Bonnaroo: We loved your new single, “Beware of the Dog,” can we expect similar material from your upcoming album?
The Griswolds: Yes and no. Beware the Dog is the oldest song that The Griswolds have, we wrote it before The Griswolds was even a band so it sounds a lot more like our EP. We really wanted to branch out with the album material and being on the road for a year straight gives you a lot more experiences to write songs about. There’s a lot more depth in this album, its not just party sing-a-longs and drinking anymore. There's been breakups, addictions, loss of loved ones and the pressure of delivering a world class record that have really driven the sound of this album. The album still delivers the upbeat, energetic, chanty tracks that the EP was known for, but there’s definitely a lot more heart in this album. 
The video for “The Courtship of Summer Preasley” is way out there and totally awesome. With such a busy schedule, what keeps you weird out on the road?
The Griswolds: Our tour manager keeps us very weird, He's probably the strangest guy we know. No matter if we've been driving for 14 hours or we had to wake up at 4am, he's always a crazy mofo. We gotta lotta love for him.  
Bonnaroo: What are your hopes and expectations for Bonnaroo?
The Griswolds:
Well it’s not just the first US festival we've played at, but also the first US festival we've been to. I think everyone’s just really stoked to be on board and that we can check out the hundreds of kickass bands playing Bonnaroo this year. I expect it will be one of the most memorable times of our lives. 


Make sure to catch The Griswolds playing The Garage by Ford at 12pm Saturday and Café Where at 6pm on Sunday!

New Single “Beware the Dog”