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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016

Refill, Don't Landfill: The Refill Revolution

Show your support and reduce your festival footprint by joining us in the Refill Revolution! Get your water bottle and beer cup FAST, they will go quickly. The goal of Refill Revolution is to raise awareness about waste and to reduce plastic cup and bottle consumption associated with the tens of thousands of beverage servings made during the course of the festival. It’s also a great way to take Bonnaroo home with you, re-use your cup or bottle daily to further cut disposable waste at work, home and play.

The Refill Revolution water bottles will be available at concession stands for $5 each, and can be refilled endlessly at any of the free water refill stations at Bonnaroo. The steel cups will be available at beer stands for $15 each — a cost that includes a cold beer, the durable cup, and to-go carrying strap — plus an additional $1 discount off all subsequent refills made with the cup at beer stands throughout the remainder of the festival.

"This project is a huge step toward furthering our goals as a festival to become as sustainable as possible," said Laura Sohn, Bonnaroo's sustainability coordinator. "It empowers and encourages fans to take steps to be part of the festival waste solution."

Steelys Drinkware makes premium reusable steel cups, bottles, utensils and food containers that minimize society’s use of disposables. Its mission is to drive change in the industry, and to help people out of the habit of using single-use disposable plastic containers, and into the habit of adopting reusables into their everyday lives.

“We’re excited to help Bonnaroo ignite the Refill Revolution and showcase creative new ways for individuals and events to approach waste diversion,” said John Borg, founder & CEO of Steelys. 

“Working with Bonnaroo presents a tremendous opportunity to rethink the disposable mentality that’s engrained in our culture.” 

“Consumption of disposable plastic cups and bottles has spiraled out of control,” said Dianna Cohen, co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of organizations and businesses working to stop plastic consumption and pollution and its toxic impact. “The trend towards reusable steel cups and bottles is a crucial step in source reduction and waste diversion."