General Admission (GA) Camping is included in the festival ticket price. The GA campgrounds are divided into sections by streets (east-west) and avenues (north-south),  like a mini city, which is what it is. Each GA Campground section is whimsically named on the official Bonnaroo Site Map so you can find your way home and tell people where to find you.

Once you park your car, it must be frozen in place for the whole weekend (unless you are exiting the festival. If you are exiting during the event, please read the Re-Entry Policy). Sit in it, dance in it, but don’t move it unless you have to. If you have to move it, please use caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night – pedestrians and camping gear may be in close proximity.

Every campground will be close to a POD, where you’ll find bathrooms, hand-washing stations and fresh drinking water. 

Showers are available for a nominal fee (and are highly advised, this being Tennessee in June). Each POD is designated by a number on a large balloon that can be seen from a distance, to help you navigate.

The GA Campground has sections for car camping as well as RVs (which requires an RV pass). Once the Tollbooths open, the GA campgrounds will stay open throughout the festival so you can always get to your vehicle and your campsite. The entertainment areas, Centeroo and the Main Venue, are separate and adjacent to the campgrounds. They’re accessed via entry gates, and they have different hours and opening times.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for everyone to camp right next to Centeroo and the Main Venue. Your campsite could be as much as a 20- or 30-minute walk. We promise you’ll meet interesting people and see fascinating things along the way.


The Accessible Camping and Accessible Day Parking areas are reserved strictly for patrons with mobility disabilities. Very strictly. A state-issued accessible parking license plate, placard or hangtag is required to use these areas. No reservations are needed. The Accessible Camping and Accessible Day Parking areas are close to the main Centeroo entrance. For more info, check the Bonnaroo Access Guide.


For the third year in a row Bonnaroo is offering a limited number of groups the chance to reserve a camping spot in advance, to make sure their groups are camped all together. This lets you avoid the chaos and hassle of planning, meeting up beforehand and entering together. Arrive at your leisure and still camp together in your own private little world.

Groop Camping will be close to Centeroo and the Main Venue, and it will have life’s basic necessities, like showers, portable toilets and wash stations nearby as well as a dedicated staff.

•  Your group will need a minimum of 24 people and 8 vehicles in order to purchase the group camping package.
•  All Groop Camping participants must have a festival ticket.
•  Groop Camping does not include tickets to the festival, so you will need to purchase those separately.

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The VIP campground, located close to Centeroo and the Main Venue, is for those who have purchased VIP tickets (which are only sold in pairs). Like its name suggests, it comes with perks. Such as? Deluxe bathrooms and showers. And three exclusive VIP lounges located throughout the site (The campground and Centeroo VIP lounge include laptops with Internet access, cell phone charging stations, gaming areas and a live video feed of festival performances).

VIP ticketholders also get exclusive viewing areas for the What and Which stages, and a commemorative Bonnaroo merchandise package, including two t-shirts and posters.

Each pair of VIP tickets allows access for one vehicle through an exclusive VIP entrance into the site. RVs are welcome in VIP camping, but you’ll need to buy a VIP-RV pass in advance.

Bonnaroo VIP ticket information is available here.

VIP tickets don’t include any meals, but there is an optional food/meal program from Tomkats Catering, which can be purchased along with your tickets. This isn’t college cafeteria food. People rave about it.


If you want to get away from the vehicular trappings of life Out There, try our limited Tent Only Camping areas near the Main Venue and Centeroo. They will be identified on the maps you receive when at the Tollbooths. No cars, motorcycles, jetpacks, hovercraft, nothing, in fact, all vehicles will be towed). This is also a good option if you don’t arrive with a car (i.e., on foot, by bus or parachute).

Here’s how it works: If you have a car, you come in through the regular Tollbooths and park as if you’re going to camp with your vehicles. Then just leave your car behind and hoof it with your gear to the Tent Only Camping area. You can’t drive your car there to drop your stuff off, so pack light. It’s a distance – a backpack or small luggage cart might help. If you don’t have a car, you’ll still get your wristband put on at the tollbooth, then just follow the signs to Tent Only Camping. If you come by car and arrive during really busy entry times, keep in mind that you might not be able to get right to Tent Only camping.

The space for Tent Only Camping is limited, and will be filled first-come, first-served (so if you want this prime spot, get here early). If you’re last-come, no worries, though – you still have the camping space that goes with your vehicle.

There’ll be two General Stores and plenty of approved vendors in these areas, so you can easily buy supplies.

Tent Only Camping benefits:
Nice and close to the Main Venue and Centeroo
Close to General Stores, concessions and other services
No cars or vehicular traffic in camping area


If you are bringing small children, consider using our Family Camping Area. Bonnaroo is a place for people of all ages, but we feel a special area for parents and their small children will help provide a better festival experience for all. Expecting parents are also welcome in this area.

You don’t need a special ticket to camp there. Just ask for this camping section at the Tollbooth. Your vehicles will be flagged and this will allow the parking staff to direct you to the right place.



Tent Rentals





*Payment Plan


For the fifth year, Bonnaroo is offering patrons the chance to rent a limited number of set-up tents at the festival! These tents will be parked in very close proximity to Centeroo, in both the VIP and General camping areas, and you will be able to drive up to them in your vehicle and park close-by.

Due to popular demand, Bonnaroo is bringing back Glamping Tent Rentals! These tents will have extra amenities and are outfitted with real beds (yes, with a mattress!). Glamping tents will only be available in the VIP campground, so you must have a VIP ticket to rent a Glamping tent and you will be able to drive up to them in your vehicle and park close-by.

​IMPORTANT: If you purchased a VIP Cot Tent Rental or a Glamping Tent, each person staying in the tent must have a VIP Ticket!

If you have any questions regarding this program or your On-Site Tent rental, please contact






• Sleeping accommodations (Each unit will have your choice of 2 OR 4 cots* at the time of purchase, no additional cots will be sold or added) *Cots have a 250 lb weight limit.
• Bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows)
• Combination lock
• Large size weather proof tent with windows and a tarp floor
• On-site staff to help with any questions about the tent
• Very close proximity to Centeroo

The rental cost of a 2 person unit is $750 plus a $300 damage deposit.
The rental cost of a 4 person unit is $850 plus a $300 damage deposit.



• Bed and Mattress (Each unit will have your choice of a queen or double beds at the time of purchase)
• Bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows)
• Bedside Table
• Table with two (2) chairs
• Battery powered lantern
• Combination lock
• Large size weather proof tent with windows and a tarp floor
• On-site staff to help with any questions about the tent
• Very close proximity to Centeroo

The rental cost of a queen unit is $1500 plus a $300 damage deposit.
The rental cost of a double unit is $1555 plus a $300 damage deposit.


If you are attending Bonnaroo in a large group and will be renting multiple tents, you can request that your units be next to each other.  All requests can be made to


There is only one parking space allotted to each unit, so any additional vehicles in your party will need to park either outside of the festival, or in the general or VIP campgrounds potentially away from the designated tent rentals area.


Prior to the festival, you will receive instructions from our staff on the Tent Rental area and how you will be directed to the tents upon arrival.

You must bring your receipt and picture ID to claim your tent. You will not be able to claim your rental without a picture ID that matches the name used when buying the package. Without your picture ID and the e-mail receipt, you may be denied your Tent rental and no refund will be issued.


Damage deposit will be completely refunded following the weekend of the festival as long as there is no damage to the tent. The units do not include tickets to the festival, so you will need to purchase those separately.

You also have the option of renting an on-site tent with multiple credit cards, but this can only be done for non-payment plan tent rentals. You can do this by calling Music Today at 800-594-TIXX.

We strictly prohibit the resale of any Tent rentals.


For a limited time only, you have the option of renting a Tent via a payment plan. This plan will spread the rental cost over 5 payments with all service fees paid on the first payment.

​Your first payment will serve to secure your Tent. All subsequent payments will be automatically charged to the credit card used for the initial purchase. Dates for the payment plan can be found below.

Musictoday will send you an e-mail a week before each of your additional payments are due to remind you that your credit card is about to be charged. Be sure no spam blockers will stop this email. Bonnaroo is not responsible if you do not receive these e-mails for any reason.

IMPORTANT: If, for any reason, any of your payments are declined, in whole or in part, then all of the following will apply: (i) your Tent order will be cancelled (ii) any payment received as of that date will be kept by Bonnaroo as partial offset for your default, (iii) you will still owe the balance of the full amount due for each Tent and you authorize Musictoday and Bonnaroo to charge your credit card for any balance due, (iv) Musictoday and Bonnaroo will be entitled to pursue all of their legal and equitable remedies to recover the full payment from you, and (v) you agree to pay all costs of collection incurred by Musictoday or Bonnaroo, including legal fees, that they may incur in collecting the balance of each ticket price. Payment plan tickets are subject to all of the other terms of the ticketing agreement.


Payment Date

2 Person

4 Person

Date of Purchase



Friday, March 14th



Friday, April 4th



Friday, May 2nd



Friday, May 16th



*Based on the purchase of one Tent and inclusive of the damage deposit.



Due to last minute lack of availability, we are sorry to say that we are currently unable to offer the On-Site RV Rental Program at Bonnaroo for 2014.

Still want the RV experience? You still have the option to rent your own RV and park it on The Farm in the designated RV-only parking areas located in both the GA and VIP campgrounds. An RV parking pass is required for any RV and can be purchased at the same time as your GA or VIP ticket. Get all Bonnaroo RV Parking option details here. OR Find a list of suggested RV rental companies here.

Want to see what alternate accommodations Bonnaroo has to offer? Camp on The Farm, or stay close to it...

Tent City: Camp in Style, Rent a Tent

 Bonnaroo is offering patrons the chance to rent a limited number of set-up tents at the festival! Choose between a tent, a tent equipped with a cot, or the ultimate Glamping Tent Rental experience (a furnished tent with extra amenities.. did someone say mattress!?). These tent options will be parked in very close proximity to Centeroo, in both the VIP and General camping areas, and you will be able to drive up to them in your vehicle and park close-by.

Tent City


Hotels + Shuttle Packages: Transport Straight to the Weekend Of Your Life

If you'd prefer to escape The Farm at night, check out our hotel and hotel shuttle options including: Weekend Pass & Nashville Shuttle Pass, Airport Shuttles, and Hotel + Shuttle (with VIP Upgrades).

Hotel + Shuttle Packages


Roll Like A Rockstar: Experience Bonnaroo Like You've Never Dreamed

Watch music from the exclusive MainStage viewing area, or relax backstage in the hospitality tent. It’s your call at Bonnaroo 2014 when you Roll Like A Rockstar. Party all weekend long in multiple VIP lounges located on-site. Sleep and relax in privacy while onboard your own luxury, air-conditioned and fully stocked Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour Bus. Enjoy three gourmet meals a day specially prepared for you and your crew. If you want it all, Bonnaroo Roll Like A Rockstar is for you…and a few of your lucky friends.

Roll Like A Rockstar



National RV Rental Vendors - Availability Not Guaranteed

Camping World -
Cruise America -
El Monte RV -
Please note: Bonnaroo does not guarantee availability


At Bonnaroo, you will be in the company of eighty thousand wonderful friends. Some of them of course are your friends that you hope to camp with at the festival. But, arriving together can be a logistical challenge to say the least when people are coming at different times from all over the country. So to help make things a little easier, we are bringing back the Groop Camping program for the third year! We continue to make improvements to the purchase process and this year, Groop Leaders will get weekly updates of their Groopie sign up progress.



The biggest perk of Groop Camping is that your reserved site will be there for you and everyone else in your Groop regardless of when you arrive. Because while everyone else has to park and camp where they’re directed to, based on when and where they arrive, you and your Groop will have a guaranteed camping location. With Groop Camping you can arrive at your leisure and mosey right up to your reserved Groop Camping site. And in addition to the obvious convenience, your Groop will be encamped close to Centeroo and a near a POD for easy access to everything.


Someone has to step up and be the Groop Leader-and we nominate you! To be a Groop Leader, sign up via the link below. In order to hold a spot for your Groop, the Groop Leader will need to put down a deposit of $105 (fees included). That amount equals the Groop Leader spot and the cost of two other spots. But don’t worry, $70 will be refunded back to Groop Leaders once all your Groopies sign up. So in the end, Groop Leaders will only be paying for their spot. Once your deposit is received for being a Groop Leader, we’ll then email you instructions on how to officially register your Groop. You’ll need to choose your Groop name at that time—be creative! (The Cinnamon Washcloths! Hammeroids! Klaatu Barada Nikto!) Once your registration is verified, you’ll be given a unique link to send your Groopies so they can sign up and pay to be part of your Groop.

IMPORTANT: All Groop Camping participants must have a festival ticket. All festival ticket purchases will be verified before any Groop Camping spot is confirmed. The reason for this is we need to make sure that people aren’t signing up “fake” people and taking up valuable camping space for just a few campers. (Not that you would do that.)


There is a fee to cover the costs to make this program possible. Each Groop member or “Groopie” will be responsible to pay $35 (fees included). This might sound like a lot but when you know who you’re camping with, you and your fellow Groopies can share resources and coordinate everything well in advance (“you bring the grill and we’ll bring bratwurst”). This can save real money.


A minimum of 24 people (including the Groop Leader). This gets you 8 vehicle passes to park in the Groop Camping area. The Groop Leader will assign them as needed. Remember, fewer vehicles in your groop will mean more space to camp within your area, so make plans to carpool if you can and keep the extra passes as souvenirs. What if you have more than 24 people? Bigger party! Additional Groopies can be added easily. For every 3 additional people, you’ll get one more vehicle pass. You don’t need a special wristband or anything to enter the Groop Camping area. Anyone with a festival wristband can visit you, but vehicles are limited to those with Groop Camping passes. And remember, everyone must fit within the assigned group space given and not block other groups or emergency access. Bonnaroo staff will monitor the Groop Camping areas. Groop Camping space is limited, so sign up early! The Groop Leader registration deadline is Friday, March 7, or when all Groop Camping areas have been filled—whichever comes first.

For more information on Groop Camping, please contact