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2015 Bonnaroo Music Festival

JUNE 8-11, 2017

Bonnaroo 2016


It would be hard to believe that we’re just 2 weeks away if we weren’t hustling and bustling to get this place all ready for the festivities.  Trust me, this is no last minute scramble and we’ve got a good bit of greatness in store for you on the farm this year.  Here’s two more improvements coming to you for Bonnaroo 2012:

Trees Please: This year we’ve planted 110 indigenous trees throughout the festival grounds. Why? Because we want you to experience the Tennessee discovered by 16th century conquistador and choral hymn fanatic Hernando de Soto.

You’ll see new Pin Oak, Willow Oak, and Water Oak planted throughout Centeroo and the Main Venue. They’re saplings now so protect them, hug them. Come Bonnaroo 2037 they’ll bark like giants.

Water Works: This year we’ve added four additional free drinking stations: one in Centeroo, two in the GA Campgrounds, and one in the VIP campgrounds. Your bodily fluids are precious. We’re doing everything we can to make sure you replenish them.

Can’t wait to show off a little more but for now here’s some more glimpses of how things are coming together.