99 Neighbors


Thu 6/11


If you went looking for the next revolutionary group in hip-hop, you probably wouldn't expect to find them in Burlington, Vermont. But 99 Neighbors love to upend expectations. So the fact that they come from a woodsy hometown, far away from any anywhere people expect rap groups to come from, is only the beginning.

A sprawling collective of rappers, singers, songwriters, producers, instrumentalists, and visual artists, 99 Neighbors challenges our preconceived notions of what a band even is. The lineup has evolved fluidly throughout its formation (although it's more or less set these days). No one person does just one thing, so the vocalists also make beats, and someone making beats one day might be directing a music video the next.

If you need help keeping them all straight (we feel you), that lineup currently consists of:

-Sam Paulino (rapper/singer/songwriter)

-Hank "HANKNATIVE" Collins (rapper/singer/songwriter)

-Aidan Ostby (singer/songwriter)

-Connor "Swank" Stankevich (rapper/songwriter)

-Caleb "Somba" Hoh (producer/engineer/composer/songwriter)

-Julian "Juju" Segar-Reid (producer/multi-instrumentalist/composer)

-Jared "JFear" Fier (DJ/producer)

-Shane Kaseta (photographer/designer)

As 99 Neighbors grew into a collective with intentional blurry boundaries, the core of the group squeezed into Somba's bedroom for two months to record their debut full-length, Television, an ambitious collection of songs showcasing the diversity of the group's talent, and an equally wide range of music they draw from, blending post-trap hip-hop with jazz and rock, soulful textures with electronic experimentation, undeniable hooks with the kind of hard-hitting brain-twistingly complex raps that you always hear people complaining no one's making anymore. Since then, the group has signed a deal with Nice Work, a joint venture between Pat Corcoran and Warner Records, and released a series of singles throughout 2019.