Dashboard Confessional


Fri 6/12


With the arrival of their 2000 debut album The Swiss Army Romance, Dashboard Confessional emerged as a vital new voice that would reshape the musical landscape for years to come. Singer/songwriter Chris Carrabba's origins in Further Seems Forever and skill for blending his introspective songcraft with unchecked punk intensity established him as a force. Word of mouth spread and Dashboard Confessional ascended from bedroom project to a global sensation, achieving sold-out tours, Gold and Platinum-certified records, and other milestone feats like selling out Madison Square Garden. His influence and ubiquitousness continues to reverberate throughout the current zeitgeist, with Rolling Stone placing 2001's The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most on their 'Greatest Emo Albums of All Time' list, as well as in unexpected ways like serving as a clue of a Jeopardy! question and as an inspiration for SoundCloud rap's embrace of the genre. Dashboard Confessional are now set to follow 2019's Now Is Then Is Now (a critically acclaimed collection of newly recorded acoustic renditions of three of their most successful LPs) with the band's first ever best-of album and a 20th celebration tour - two undertakings primed to once again prove the ineffable impact of Carrabba's songwriting.