Katie Schecter – Lightining 100 615 TAILGATE


Sat 6/15

Plaza 7: The Ville


Born and raised in New York City, singer/songwriter and model Katie Schecter has been forging her expansive "old soul new sound" for as long as she can remember. "When I was very young I would fall asleep to my father composing, and even got to sing on some of his studio recordings." After some years of cutting her teeth playing & touring with local NYC bands, Schecter relocated to Nashville where she found the inspiration and musicians to help curate her latest EP.

Alongside Nick Bockrath (lead guitarist of Cage The Elephant) Katie recorded a handful of the tracks at Thunder Sound Studios, a converted rubber band factory in rural Franklin, KY. The project began however in Nashville at Playground Sound with producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick, Diamond Rugs) favoring live takes and minimal overdubs. "It was just the three of us in a room together, and we recorded to tape, so the creative process was incredibly thoughtful and focused."

The result can be heard in her newest self titled release which channels her love of no frills garage rock, "Cosmic American music", and 60s psychedelic pop. This record is a modern twist on vintage sound, and a small glimpse into the stylistic diversity we can expect from Katie Schecter.