Lil Debbie


Sat 6/15

Plaza 9: Bayou Libre


Born in Oakland California, Lil Debbiegrew up in the bay area acquiring all of the different cultures that the Bay offers as a melting pot. Connecting with Kreayshawn in 2011 they begin shooting videos for local Bay Area rappers and quickly gained a rep for doing cool shit throughout the Bay. Out of nowhere Kreayshawn & Debbie connected with Speakz (local Bay area rapper) who wrote Gucci Gucci for Kreayshawn who was going to rap and Debbie was going to style the look for them and they were going to shoot a video for it and just put it out for fun. Well the rest is history and from that each girl ended up going there separate routes.

Debbie at the time really wanted to continue styling and somehow get into the fashion industry so she checked into FIDM Fashion Institute in Los Angeles where she attended for a year and a half until she got that call from Riff Raff asking her to rap on a song with him in which she said no several times because she never wanted to rap. She ended up recording the song and hasn't looked back since!

Debbie has released 5 EP's with her current release of her full album ""Debbie"" which charted on Billboard at #41 with an iTunes peak at #5 on Hip Hop charts. She also has been touring across the US for the past 3 years. She recently did a European tour in early 2016 where she hit London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels etc… Which shows you her growth and outreach musically!