Smudge Workshop with Gaia Sisterhood


Sat 6/15

Plaza 2: Sanctuary Of Self Love


Herbs and flowers have been used since ancient times for their therapeutic as well as spiritual properties. They uplift, relax, cleanse and purify. During this workshop you will learn about the therapeutic properties of several herbs and flowers including: cedar, lavender, rosemary, sage, and rose.

Jennifer Harvard of Gaia Sisterhood is a creative workshop facilitator, women's retreat coordinator, artist and healer. In addition to bi-annual retreats and seasonal workshops, she facilitates two New Moon Circles a month and organizes a biannual craft market called "The Goddess Craft Market" in honor of women in the healing and visual arts. Jennifer creates a sacred space for women to come together and honor their divine feminine essence. Gaia Sisterhood was created to celebrate the seasons of the year and phases of the moon. Jennifer uses the magic of ceremony and intention in all her events. Her background is in Massage and Bodywork as well as jewelry design, fiber art, and weaving. For more information on upcoming workshops and events visit: