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Sat 6/10

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Two-time Georgia Music Award Winners, Unbreakable Bloodline, are rising above the noise with their sophomore release, Anti Gravity, which is a refreshing blend of hip hop & rock with a hint of blues & a splash of island flare. From the fun, radio friendly hooks of Mid Dayz Drift to the more serious lyrical content of Dead End, Unbreakable Bloodline proves to be on the cutting edge of today's audible marketplace.

The recognizable intensity of Unbreakable Bloodline's live stage show has landed this group of versatile musicians with recent headlining performance slots at the 2017 Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin,Texas (in conjunction with South By Southwest), Sweetwater 420 Fest in beautiful Centennial Park Atlanta as well as an upcoming opportunity to perform at Bonnaroo 2017.
Unbreakable Bloodline, last year’s Talent Tap Winners voted by Atlanta's premier alternative rock radio 105.7 listeners, is also happy to announce their new title achievement as Atlanta winners of the 99X Rock 100.5 2017 Road to Roo contest.
Unbreakable Bloodline has been fortunate to share stages with such noteworthy artists as Kid Rock, 21 Pilots, Awolnation, Ben Harper, The Roots, George Clinton, Ludacris, & Cypress Hill in addition to recently serving as direct support for Atlanta based hip hop guru, T.I.

Unbreakable Bloodline fans can look for the band to appear on tour this Summer as well as on the big screen 2017 Fall release for the upcoming Michael Mueller film, BeLIEf in addition to a previous 2016 Blackflight Studios Indie horror film, The Legend Of Seven Toe Maggie. Both films feature cameo appearances by Unbreakable Bloodline members as well as band musical sound track contributions.
Unbreakable Bloodline is more than just a band, it's a way of life, a fellowship, a culture. Band members can often be seen praying together, attending church together & openly sharing a common passion for employing their God given talents to instill positive values in the lives of others. “We are passionate about our music, we love to rock out and take our live performances seriously, we must also express our creative abilities as part of our natural existence, but without a greater purpose attached, our efforts would only be meaningless babble.” (Jon Smith)

As Independent artists, Unbreakable Bloodline members are taking business matters into their own hands while developing a strong fan base & positioning themselves to soon be a household name. The band is consistently building valuable relationships within the music industry & are among the construction of a professional team which is Unbreakable. Bloodline members are additionally excited to announce regular international radio airplay on the islands of Guam & Hawaii, which is spawning demand for an international tour.
The unique individuals who make up Unbreakable Bloodline are: Vernon "Chief H" Cruz (Vocals), Jay "King O-Z" Osborne (Vocals), "O'She Tyght" (Vocals), Paul “Paul So Ward” Ward (Drums & Percussion), Ryan "Flyer" Myers (Bass Guitar & Vocals) & Jon "Rock On" Smith (Lead Guitar & Vocals)