William Black


Sat 6/13


William Black is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ. The blossoming electronic scene of Southern California in the late 2000s heavily influenced William's music. His uniquely emotional sound and melodies are respected for being progressive, inventive, and meaningful. William's artistic designs draw inspiration from the natural world around us, and our interaction with it. His songs touch on important topics including depression, addiction, love, and loss. These songs feature his signature soundscape of beautiful uplifting melodies with passionate singers. These qualities allowed his 2018 debut EP "Universe" to climb the iTunes Dance Charts to #1. The lead single, "Wasted on You" premiered at #7 on the Billboard Dance Charts thanks to its immediately memorable chorus. William Black played to tens of thousands of fans in 2019 on both Adventure Club's Spring "Death or Glory" tour and Illenium's Fall Arena tour for "Ascend." In between this his first album, "Pages" was released to critical acclaim for taking on important topics with beautiful music. 2020 will continue to see William Black creating emotionally raw dance music in his mission to create nostalgia through sound.