Sept 2–5, 2021
Manchester, TN

Campground Plazas

The Campgrounds: Once In A Lifetime. Every Time.

Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s an endless adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians, and a key part of the Bonnaroo experience. Expect crazy surprises, unique adventures, and stories you’ll tell for a lifetime – this is NOT your average festival camping.

Plazas: Campground Hubs Of Adventure & Convenience

Plazas are strategically located public places throughout the campgrounds for the community to gather, explore art & activities, as well as access amenities like info, medical or safety staff. No matter where you’re camped, you’ll have a plaza nearby.

All Plazas Include:
fun activities, parties, and art 👨‍🎤, shade 🌴, Free public Wifi📱, showers 🚿, charging stations ⚡️, drinking water💧, Clean Vibes Trading Post redemption centers ♻️, misting stations 💦, medical 🚑, safety stations 🚨, information ℹ️, and portable restrooms 🚽

Where In The Woods presented by BACARDí

Come get lost and find the stage hidden in the tropical trees. Stop by the BACARDí Bar and enter a jungle full of surprise sets late into the night - with a dance floor that comes to life with lights and sounds. Brought to you by NPI and Puzzle, featuring a massive conga line and immersive cabanas, these woods create an unforgettable magical landscape for late night fun and day-time escape from reality.

Huge Surprise Headliners

You won't want to miss this ... trust us.


LP Giobbi is the forward-thinking, boundary-breaking artist disrupting dance music today. Widely known for her bass-rattling house beats and electrifying live performances, the Oregon-born, Los Angeles-based legend in the making is a "creative multi-hyphenate" (Billboard ): an inspirational producer, DJ, label owner, curator, music director, feminist, entrepreneur and Piano House Queen. Since first breaking into the scene in 2018, she's become one of the fastest-rising artists in dance music, with both Billboard Dance  and Your EDM anointing her as an emerging artist to watch.  


Dutch born artist Nick van Hofwegen aka Young & Sick has thrived at the intersection of art and music his whole life, creating stunning visuals for everyone from Foster The People and Maroon 5 to Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly, as well as Austin City Limits, Outside Lands and more. As a musician himself his songs have allowed him to grace some of the most iconic stages across the country and around the world, and have found release on such vaunted labels as Capitol Records, Neon Gold and and B3SCI.

His recent push into the NFT and digital art space has propelled him forward at the forefront of the new digital art revolution. He's excited to build a wild world in the woods for Bonnaroo.


You heard that right. Grab your dancing shoes and join our first ever conga line through the campgrounds


A musician through and through, Sam is always exploring a variety of genres - from being the bassist/vocalist in rock bands, to DJing festivals like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest & Burning Man.

Born and raised in Chicago, Sam draws inspiration from the city that created house. His soulful and uplifting sets have been taking over dance floors in his hometown & NYC - playing venues such as Sound Bar, Bottom Lounge, Spybar & TBA (BK) to name a few. He's supported acts such as Offaiah, Golden Features, Ross From Friends, Gene Farris & Classixx and currently holds down residencies at Cerise & Off The Rails.

Be on the lookout for upcoming releases and remixes from him this year, and find him laying down tracks at events and festivals this summer.


Instagram: @samwhitesound |
SoundCloud: @samwhitesound |
Resident Advisor:
Facebook: @samwhitesound |


Coming from Cleveland Ohio, Bobby Booshay has made quite the name for himself over
the last decade. Bobby uses his love for music to bring together high energy sets that encompass multiple genres of music which sets the vibe for any venue; nightclubs, music festivals, concerts, and corporate events. Notable achievements for Bobby include: Cleveland Scenes 2020 “Best of” runner up under the category “Best DJ” in Cleveland, featured guest mix on Cleveland’s REAL 106.1 (iHeartRadio Station), 2016 Ohio Hip Hop Awards "Best New DJ" nominee, and voted "2018 Most Musical On Campus" from Ohio University publication "The Post."



Since 2007, Vinyl Ranch has redefined urban cowboy culture by mashing up street wear, country music and disco nightlife themes. Vinyl Ranch founder Disko Cowboy brings hot country disco DJ parties and nightlife events to honky tonks, festivals and dance clubs across the globe.


Notoriously recognized as "Obama's DJ," DJ Mel is one of Texas' most well-rounded and high profiled DJs. Based in Austin with past performances at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Voodoo Festival, 2015-2019 NFL Draft, 57th Presidential Inauguration for Barack Obama, 2012 Democratic National Convention, Election Night 2012 at Obama HQ, Obama Farewell Address, White House Easter Egg Roll 2013-2016, 2016 Iowa Caucus & New Hampshire Primary for Bernie Sanders, 2016 X-Games, 2011 California Democratic State Convention, 2011 Tour de France, 2010 NCAA Women’s Final Four and has one of the the longest-running DJ weeklies in the US at the legendary West Campus bar, Nasty’s (1996-2017). He is the Official DJ for The University of Texas Football and Men's Basketball Team. Mel regularly tours throughout the US and abroad. In 2014, he was inducted into The Austin Music Hall of Fame.

The City of Austin on June 6, 2019 proclaimed the date as DJ Mel Day.

Sanctuary Of Self Love curated by Hayley Williams

The Sanctuary is the place to come back to yourself. Mindfully curated by Hayley Williams, in collaboration with iamsound and Conscious City Guide, modalities will help ground and center your weekend with movement practices from yoga and improv dance sessions, to healing sound bath sessions and tea ceremonies to relax your mind and forge connections inside and out. Talks and panel sessions with offerings of powerful tools to help you thrive will help you experience a kind of magic you never expected from Bonnaroo.

This year, we bring back the Good Dye Young hair salon, bigger and better than before. We also bring back a space for yoga that is double in size from last year and a sound bath room to soothe your soul.

NEW LOCATION- EVEN BETTER VIBES: The Sanctuary is now situated at the edge of the forest near Where In The Woods, comfortably tucked into multiple cabins and the surrounding nature-filled area, for an expanded, more relaxed and comfortable celebration of self-care. Produced by IAMSOUND and All Valley Yacht Club.

Sunrise + Morning Meditations with Magnolia Meditation

Daily sunrise and morning meditations by Magnolia Meditation. Take a journey through the senses as we breathe and be together in this guided mindfulness meditation. Beginning with somatic experiencing, we will use our attention and our senses to guide the mind through the body as we build the mind-body connection. With a slow, gentle introduction of sound using crystal singing bowls, we ground in the present moment to access our fullest appreciation of the here and now, and we walk away feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and ready for the day.

Tea Ceremony with Tea Huntress

The ceremony of tea opens doors to connection, peace, and awareness. Ceremony transforms the mundane to meditation, allowing us to escape into the present moment and enter the flow state. From here, you have access to your innate wisdom and self- knowledge. Come share Tea Ceremony in the tradition of teacher, Wude, and his school of Cha Dao and Zen meditation, Tea Sage Hut, in Taiwan. We will also pour traditional Moroccan Tea Ceremony, an offering of friendship and hospitality from the nomadic tribes of the Northern Sahara.

How does emotional pain create physical pain with Dr. Motley

Learn to understand how your pain can show you answers and steps to self energetic/Chinese Medicine approach.

Soundbath Sessions with Ann Sensing of Magnolia Meditation

Relax, restore, and reset with this extended guided sound experience with Ann Sensing of Magnolia Meditation. For this hour-long offering, participants are lying down as we begin with an in-depth body scan to get grounded and comfortable. Relaxed and at ease, participants are then bathed in the sounds of overtone-emitting instruments such as crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gong, and chimes. This is a time to tune in and allow the mind to travel wherever it needs to go and allow the body to open and receive. To conclude, we ease out of the experience mindfully and gently, and close together with the unification of voice as we seal the experience in sound.

Dos Jefes Garments

Dos Jefes Garments is an Earth friendly art project that aims to create new garments from old textiles. Each garment is cut and sewn in Detroit, Michigan. The project was started by PJ Hebert and Sam Pohlen and has grown to include Wax Long and Pablo Covarrubias. To date, they have recycled over 1,800 lbs. of clothing. In loving memory of PJ’s North Star, his grandfather Ernesto Garcia.

Jake Wesley Rogers

Songwriting is an art. Telling stories both singular and universal can be a tricky line to walk, for  even the most esteemed of artists. But Jake Wesley Rogers’ bold music is queer storytelling  refracted through a universal lens; it’s inspired by the authenticity and artistry of his heroes like  Adele, Regina Spektor, and Florence + the Machine. His songs are for everyone, but they’re  special treats for those who know and share his experiences.

Recently signed to hit songwriter Justin Tranter’s imprint of Warner Records, Facet Records,  Jake has turned his most formative years into some of the most stunning and evocative music  you’ll hear this year. “I don't think my story has been fully told,” he says. “There are so many  forms of art, but the reason I make music is that my soul is at its happiest place when it's  singing and performing, and I resonate at the highest level in those moments.”

Though the bulk of his music was written before the pandemic, several were finished in  lockdown, with breakout tracks like “Middle of Love” and “Momentary” showcasing the power  of Justin’s mentorship and collaboration. And though it’s early in his journey, Jake’s vision is grandiose. “Few queer people right now are getting a platform to tell these kinds of stories,” he  says. “I think it's time to have some of our own artists doing and saying the things that we want  to say.”

The Secret Wisdom of the Compassionate Heart
With Sah D'Simone, Ben Decker, Moun D'Simone, and Alexandra Roxo

The practice of a compassionate heart is a generous and radical act; it's a roadmap to remembering how interconnected we all are as humans and how community care is the new self-care. In this painfully polarized world, your compassionate heart can be your superpower to create empathy and healing, shift paradigms, and lead a revolution toward connection and community. Come hear these four transformative spiritual teachers share profoundly inspiring wisdom from each of their unique perspectives, and prepare to show up in full power for the rest of the festival (and beyond)!

Alternative Systems of Self Discovery

This panel explores how modalities often seen as mystic, can actually be realistic systems in helping us process what we're experiencing and discover who we are. From Astrology, Human Design and breathwork our experts will share how the magical ""woo-woo"" can translate IRL. Featuring: Maryam Ajayi (Dive In Well + breathwork coach), Cody Channel (Astrologer) + hosted by Carla Russo (Story Teller + Spiritual Mentor)

Zero waste style with Corinne Loperfido

Socially conscious party priestess Corinne Loperfido speaks about her year of zero waste living and how we can all break free of unhealthy capitalist consumption one water bottle at a time.

Atrium Creative: Mindfulness + Creativity Recess

Riding the wave of inspiration from this weekend’s multi-sensory experience of being in the presence of unbounded artistry and creativity, Atrium Creative will offer a space at Bonnaroo for you to take a moment to drop into your own inner creative landscape and access the artist within.  

These hour-long workshops will specifically focus on mental health and finding the inner artist we believe exists in everyone. Atrium will offer practices, support, and tools specifically geared towards artists and creatives in order to prevent burnout, normalize and support creative blocks and imposter syndrome, and bolster overall mental health and wellbeing...and have fun!

Atrium's interactive and combined approach of psycho-education, art experientials, nervous system and embodiment practices will help you to traverse out of external stimuli in order to enter into your essential creative nature and inner artist.

This workshop mirrors Atrium Creative’s philosophy of accessing new levels of depth and meaning connected to inspiration, purpose, and beauty, through various forms of retreat; a brief removal, a pause, an interception, a recalibration. Our ethos is rooted in finding the space and time to remove oneself from the daily outer matrix of linear realities so that we can access our innermost creative source, life force, and soul. We see this “recess” as a collaboration of science and soul; a dialogue between the nervous system and the imagination.


The Fear of Being Seen with the Story Doula - Daje James

"One of the most sacred things you can do is fully be who you came to be o this planet." - Lalah Delia

What would it look like if every person on the planet were completely and unapologetically the most authentic versions of themselves? What would it look like if every single person on the plant took up all of their space and allowed their voice to be heard and their medicine to be fully received in the collective? We'd have a revolution. We'd have a reckoning with current systems that are wreaking havoc on this planet. We'd have an evolution of such expanse that the entire race of humanity would be altered toward wholeness. Perhaps our purpose is not to just become the "saviors" of this world--perhaps our purpose to become more of ourselves and to be unafraid of being seen in the radical, healing light of our true nature. The Fear of Being Seen is a conversation designed to activate the wild-hearted who are standing at the very brink of their own destiny, but are terrified of being seen and scared to dive in. Your voice--your work--is necessary to the collective. No more hiding in the shadows. It's time to take up space, love.

Calling All Crows: Activism As Self Love

Kim Warnick (Calling All Crows),  Crys Matthews and Heather Mae share their perspective on how practicing activism can be a radical act of self love, and offer attendees the chance to reflect and share how both practicing and stepping away from activism has shown up as self love in their lives.

Own Your Voice and Wage Beauty with Your Unique Medicine  with the Story Doula - Daje James

Every human on earth has their own unique imprint that acts as a lens or a filter through which our magic flows through the world. We call that lens the "creative voice".  This lens has potential to be like medicine to those who have ears to hear experiences it, because when it's experienced in it's truest form, it creates change and resonance. In this workshop, participants will learn to recognize, foster relationship with, and activate the power potential of their unique creative voice through their work in the world.

Daje James (The Story Doula) is an intuitive strategist, artist, and creative entrepreneur whose life’s work is to create room for creatives to breathe through the tensions of their creative process while owning their voices and waging beauty with their unique medicine. Through combining the wisdom of the earth’s natural rhythms with the practical magic of narrative design, she help creatives come home to their true nature and self-initiate themselves into dharmic creative flow (unique purpose + god-nature expressed) while boldly sharing their medicine with the world. Follow along at @thestorydoula and to learn more.

Plaza 3: House Of Yes

House of Yes & Little Cinema are back on the farm, bringing rainbow realness and Brooklyn magic to Plaza 3! Expect epic spectacles, immersive movie screenings, circus shows galore, our Pride Parade and of course.. all-night dance parties for the weird, wild and wonderful in all of us.

Day Lounge

Shine bright and grab some shade in our day lounge of love with House of Yes & Friends. Tune in & vibe out with new friends at the cafe bar, get glam and glitzed at our Yes Beauty Bar or kick back and get your fix of mind-blowing art cartoons, remixed animations and smooth grooves from House of Yes resident DJs.

Dirty Circus

Dirty Circus is back at Bonnaroo with more live performance nonsense and spectacular circus surprises, giving you that special House of Yes blend of weird, wild, wonderful and WTF. Step right up, grab a seat and get dirty with dazzling drag queens, awesome acrobats, sideshow sensations and our fabulous freaks all the way from Brooklyn!

Little Cinema: Immersive Screening.

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams. Get immersed in our Little Cinema experience as we mix film and fantasy, sound and circus, performance and participation to delight and inspire you! This year’s secret surprise feature film will be your golden ticket, so join and find your sugar-coated psychedelic sweet-spot for cinematic magic.

Blast Off! Dance Party

Get out of your car and get into the groove! Early birds and babes of every kind are invited to get this party started right as we get down and blast off into that Bonnaroo life because we came here to DANCE. Kick it off and move your body to House of Yes resident DJs and surprise guests from Brooklyn and beyond spinning disco, funk, house, 90’s jams and surprise sounds all night long.  Come meet our crew of wonderful weirdos, and become a part of our vibe tribe.

Night Owl Cinema

Reset your soul with our Night Owl psychedelic cinema and enjoy our selected series of surprise classics curated for your curiosity.  Perfect for the whole family and those who just want to chill out and recharge. Pack your snacks, grab your buds, bring a blanket. Sit back, relax and get lost in good vibes and movie magic.

Thank You For Everything

Thank You For... EVERYTHING! It’s not over yet and this party is for you. For this Grand Finale, we get together and move our bodies in gratitude to the Roo Crew, our new friends and our shared experience of awesome. We thank you with Deep grooves, smooth moves, surprise performances and of course… watermelon!  Save the last dance for us and let us shower you in love and glitter before we send you home with the best vibes. Gracias. Merci. Khop Khun Mak Kha. Danke. Grazie.

Plaza 5: Groop's Galactic Giddy Up

An out-of-this-world NEW Plaza right inside groop camping, and we're bringing the silliness (don't worry, non-groop folks can easily visit too). Brought to you by IAMSOUND and All Valley Yacht Club, this plaza is all about empowering the awesome and wonderfully weird Bonnaroovian community, so hold onto your 10-gallon hat or your space helmet, because we've got some fun stuff in store. Expect group and community oriented games, activities, parties, and mixers that help bring the groop community together like never before.


We teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced line dances, as well as country partner dancing. Both classic and modern line dances as well as Two Step, One Step, Country Swing, Sweetheart Schottische, and Cha Cha partner dancing.

Our goal is to make dancing a fun party atmosphere and add to the excitement of your time here at the Galactic Giddy Up. Whether you have two left feet or you can already cut-a-rug we can accommodate.


Since 2007, Vinyl Ranch has redefined urban cowboy culture by mashing up street wear, country music and disco nightlife themes. Vinyl Ranch founder Disko Cowboy brings hot country disco DJ parties and nightlife events to honky tonks, festivals and dance clubs across the globe.


Established in 2014 as an idea for campers to trade cooler beers with other Bonnaroovians from other regions. Every year since, the beer exchange has grown into one of the most anticipated unofficial campground community led events of the festival. In 2019, in collaboration with Pontoon Brewery Camp Reddaroo also launched its very own craft beer!  Take 1 Leave 1 is the name of the game! Bring your favorite craft beer to trade while enjoying live music, giveaways, and much more!


A musician through and through, Sam is always exploring a variety of genres - from being the bassist/vocalist in rock bands, to DJing festivals like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest & Burning Man.

Born and raised in Chicago, Sam draws inspiration from the city that created house. His soulful and uplifting sets have been taking over dance floors in his hometown & NYC - playing venues such as Sound Bar, Bottom Lounge, Spybar & TBA (BK) to name a few. He's supported acts such as Offaiah, Golden Features, Ross From Friends, Gene Farris & Classixx and currently holds down residencies at Cerise & Off The Rails.

Be on the lookout for upcoming releases and remixes from him this year, and find him laying down tracks at events and festivals this summer.


Instagram: @samwhitesound |
SoundCloud: @samwhitesound |
Resident Advisor:
Facebook: @samwhitesound |


For the members of Goldpark, the best music comes from true collaboration  The Nashvile-based alternative rock trio ,which formed in 2019 , finds inspiration from bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Death Cab For Cutie–groups known for thoughtful song writing paired with lush soundscapes.

Goldpark’s songs are a point of connection not only for the band ,but for the listener to. Even as the musicians examine the highs and lows of human existence , they also lean to wards that optimism. In hard times , music can be what guides us back to ourselves.

Robyn Otttolini

Introducing the Eminem of country music. Well, sort of. Robyn Ottolini makes music that will either piss you off or make you fall in love with her. Maybe a little of both. Raised in a small town outside of Toronto called Uxbridge, Ottolini has been treating songwriting like a diary since the age of 13. The homegrown artist has taken cues in recent years from the likes of Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, infusing her lyrics with honesty and fearlessness. Ottolini had already released two independent projects and earned a Rising Star Award nomination at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards before connecting with a global audience through TikTok. The raw relatability of her hit “F-150” resonated with fans, who drove it to No. 4 on Spotify’s all-genre US Viral 50 chat and No.3 on Rolling Stone’s all-genre Trending 25. “F-150” soon made its way down to Music City, where it reached the ears of the team at Warner Music Nashville – and never left. Within weeks, Ottolini had signed with WMN in the most 2020 way possible: in her pajamas, on her bed. Now she’s following up The I’m Not Always Hilarious EP with her major label debut, The But I’m Not Always Sad Either EP, out now. With more than 45 million streams already to her name and five nominations at the 2021 CMAOntario Awards, the singer / songwriter’s unfiltered vulnerability is clearly connecting. Buckle up for 2021.

Plaza 7: The Grove

The Grove is a fantastical wooded oasis, filled with mythical creatures by Brett Douglas Hunter and live harp performances by Yomí That Harpist.


Yomí is a multi-layered, pop-soul musician from the Chicago area. Her finely-curated music is, in large part, guided by classic string instrumentation–namely, operationalized using a harp–with a sonic landscape drenched in whimsical acoustics. Duly earning the moniker of #ThatHarpist, Yomí ‘s anachronistic music  seeks to invert the conventions of what modern soul music can be and what traditional pop music was.


The creatures are back!  Ambiguously animal-esque psychedelic critters from beyond this dimension. Expect to see some familiar freaky-friends and a handful of new faces in The Grove. Curated by Fort Houston.

House Of Holy MatROOmony

For the first time ever you can say ‘I do’ at Bonnaroo! Bring your Bonna-boo to the Chapel of Love for roomantic activities like Lovesick Karaoke Happy Hour, interactive photo booth installations and, of course, daily Wedding ceremonies where you can get hitched by very special guests! Produced by IAMSOUND and All Valley Yacht Club. Register in advance here.


Say 'I do' at Roo by our very own Dolly Parton impersonator! Register in advance here.


With a strong urge to help build community and an eclectic taste in music, New Orleans native Heelturn started out honing his DJing skills on WTUL New Orleans 91.5 FM with a show he likes to call “Accepted Eclectic”. From there he has bounced all over the city bringing his unique mix of electronic, soul, disco, hip-hop, r&b, bounce, baile funk & house to a wide variety of audiences. His unique mixture of genres has seen him performing such diverse gigs as opening up for Washed Out, guest DJ-ing Set De Flo at the legendary Hi-Ho Lounge (spotlighted by Boiler Room and Resident Advisor), performing with legendary bounce artist Katey Red, and becoming a resident DJ of the Ace Hotel New Orleans. His love of the local music scene has also led to him contributing writing to the New Orleans independent paper ANTIGRAVITY MAGAZINE and co-booking for the POC-focused punk music festival known as Deep Cuts.



When the neon moon is low and the humid cloud of sweat and tequila hang thick on the floor, the hour is nigh. NOW's your chance. Your date keeps looking at their phone. Off the stage gallops a three-minute Dolly Parton, having just brought the house down with a rousing rendition of her worker's rights staple, "9 to 5".
The MC laughs along with the desperate crowd. Your mind goes blank as you lock in--this is your moment. You own it. You better never let it go.
And just like that, a bellow--next to the stage, it's you.
You came in like a wrecking ball.

In the depths of the pandemic, one band has climbed above the fold to reign as the ultimate party band in way downtown New Orleans. You've seen them on the back of a trailer. You've found them peeking out through a warehouse door. You've heard myth of the house parties, the travelling band, the big top circus. Feast your eyes on NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A KARAOKE BAND--a smattering of seasoned New Orleans music scene veterans doing what they do best.

Cruise down Ocean Drive with the classic sounds of the 80's. And, oh snap! They got hella 90's jams and the whole bag of chips! Their mid-00's jams are totally off the hook! And they even play the sickest jams of today.
Come on down and get it on with the baddest boys on the circuit. It's live Karaoke. Did you even have to ask?

Pride Parade sponsored by Tito's

We’re here and we’re Queer! It’s the 2nd Annual Bonnaroo Pride Parade, and you’re invited to celebrate love in the sunshine with us. Come together with New Breed Brass Band, House of Yes and revelers of every expression into a radical roaming dance party in celebration of our diversity, sexuality and humanity. Together we honor the leaders that brought us to where we are today, and unite to inspire the queer revolutionaries that will guide our future. 

At Tito’s Handmade Vodka, we believe diversity makes for a better cocktail party! Join the Love, Tito’s float at the Bonnaroo Pride Parade and shake things up with a fresh cocktail. We’ll be celebrating with a live DJ and a drag queen performance, so grab your crew and get ready to dance the day away.

Rootanical Garden

See the world through the lens of a bug as you wander into our maze garden produced by by IAMSOUND and All Valley Yacht Club!


Exclusive intimate performances from some of Bonnaroo 2021 artist streamed live from the farm to the world.


SheROO is an experience for an inclusive community of Woman and non-binary identified Bonnaroovians, who would like to live alongside one another at the festival. SheROO is a space to retreat during your festival experience, a place you can relax with other women, make friends, and partake in new women-centered experiences curated by Conscious City Guide that you can’t find anywhere else. SheROO will be full of activities and offerings uniquely tailored to Bonnaroovian women – our playful spirit, love of music, and positive drive to empower one another.

The Creation Station with Pussy Power House

Pussy Power House will be setting up a DIY alteration, mending, and clothing upcycling station in which guests will learn how to fix, modify, and style their existing clothes. Bring something you want to fix, add to, or come dig through our pile of used textiles and create something new! If you have always wanted to learn how to patch holes, replace a button, or add more uniqueness to your wardrobe, come hang out with us and learn a few new tricks!

Women of Nashville Showcase Presented by She Is The Music

Discover the next female music stars to come out of Nashville, TN!
Performances by Daisha McBride, Gatlin, GAYLE, and Abby Cates

A Conversation With LP Giobbi Presented by She Is The Music

Join us for an intimate conversation with Bonnaroo performing artist LP Giobbi! We will discuss topics such as inclusivity for women in music, learn more about the non-profit she founded called Femme House, and more.

Dance Freely with Erik Cavanaugh

A contemporary dance class open to all levels, all body types. Starting with a warm-up, we'll move into guided improv that moves the body freely and awakens the spirit. Erik Cavanaugh is 27 years old currently living in Nashville, TN working towards changing what it means to have a "Dancer's Body." Erik was a contestant on America's Got Talent, has been featured in commercials, music videos, danced one the main stage of Electric Forest, and has performances all over the world. He is known for his social media videos, going viral countless times with his view count in the hundreds of millions. He has been celebrated by major celebrities such as Fergie, Ashton Kutcher, Nicey Nash, Lisa Rinna, Todrick Hall, and many more. Erik's philosophy is: Do you dance? Do you have a body? Then you have a dancer's body. Join us to find joy in movement !

DJ Mamabear

As a young girl growing up in Southern California, Mamabear's musical tastes were formulated by spending nights in the roller rink, catching air to funk and hip hop as well as taking note from her parents' new wave records. Fast forward to 2007 when she purchased her first pair of Technics and put her music filled childhood to work; she went from playing in her bedroom to making her DJ debut in San Francisco, holding down multiple residences (Double Dutch, Butter) and in 2009 became part of the Sweaterfunk crew, the most dedicated purveyors of 80’s boogie all on vinyl. Mamabear is part of LA based radio station dublab.

Reclaiming your lost feminine archetypes with Ayesha Ophelia

A group discussion and somatic experience

Flowers as Oracles with Ayesha Ophelia

Show up and pick a floral oracle card that will inform the feel of your experience. Ayesha Ophelia will facilitate this activation working with the power of flowers and host a group reiki experience to embody that quality.

Dance Party with Corinne Loperfido + Friends

Pussy Power House will be hosting a Free The Nipple dance party featuring your favorite femme musicians. This will be an opportunity to dance to music that makes you feel empowered and free in your body without having to shrink or hide your true essence from the male gaze. Assless pants encouraged ;)

Calling All Crows Presents: Active Bystander Workshop

In this womxn-only space, Calling All Crows shares with participants who are already inclined to look out for one another the skills to identify and safely/successfully intervene in potentially harmful situations. Calling All Crows believes live music is a place for fun, community, and open expression - sexual harassment and assault don't belong. We want to live in a world without sexual violence. We believe in music’s power to create change. Modeling the culture we want is part of that, so we are fighting against sexual violence at shows and festivals.