Campground Plazas

Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s an endless adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians and a key part of the one-of-a-kind Bonnaroo experience.

Plazas are strategically located public places throughout the campgrounds for the community to gather, explore art & activities, as well as access amenities like info, medical or safety staff. No matter where you’re camped, you’ll have a plaza nearby. Expect secret shows, celebrity surprises, late night (early morning?) parties, unique music & art experiences, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Where In The Woods

A disco ball UFO has emergency landed on earth, and mysterious dancing aliens have emerged to host headlining Earth acts from sun up to sun down.

Plaza 1: Galactic Giddy Up

Boot-scoot over to Bonnaroo’s out-of-this-world honky tonk for an ice cold Corona Extra beer, live musical performances and late night karaoke. This ain’t your average dive, though, as you’ll find traces of other alien lifeforms from the iGRAC and Grundle Head planets alongside the next stars in country music.

Plaza 2: Toyota Music Den

Stop by the Toyota Music Den for intimate performances from your favorite emerging artists at the belly of an otherworldly giant beast by Brett Douglas Hunter!

Plaza 3: House of Yes

House of Yes, the world famous nightclub from Brooklyn, is back at Plaza 3 and serving more rainbow realness and psychedelic sci-fi spectacles than ever before! Experience Dirty Circus shows, Little Cinema immersive movie screenings, signature all-night dance parties and of course the annual PRIDE PARADE. Come celebrate life and express your most weird, wild and wonderful self!

Plaza 5: Space Cadet Camp

Earth to all astROOnauts! Stop by the Groop plaza for Brunchin’ at the Barrel, complete with games, tunes, and homestyle brunch bites from Cracker Barrel. Plus, don't miss trivia, tournaments and parties hosted by fellow Roo space travelers!

Plaza 6: Flapping Force Field

Giant aliens have landed and want you to DANCE! Step into the force field and see if you can resist the urge.

Plaza 7: The Fun House & The Grove

Someone, or something is lurking within the trees! Enter a new kaleidoscopic world featuring art by Wade + Leta, creatures by Mythic Times and ambient sounds by dublab.

Plaza 9: Zen Zone

Nothin’ wrong with having your head in the clouds! Float on over to the zen zone to chill out and recharge!

The Rest Stop

Park your spaceship here to refuel your mind, body and rocket ship. Featuring daily yoga, panels, and a curiosity courtyard experience marketplace.

House of MatROOmony

Bring your BonnaBoo to our Bonnaroo chapel and get legally hitched and enjoy nightly champagne toasts with you and your loved ones! Apply to say "I Roo" today!