Sept 2–5, 2021
Manchester, TN

Camping & Plazas

The Campgrounds: Once In A Lifetime. Every Time.

Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s an endless adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians, and a key part of the Bonnaroo experience. Expect crazy surprises, unique adventures, and stories you’ll tell for a lifetime – this is NOT your average festival camping.

Our plazas are headed for their best year yet in 2020. Stay tuned for more updates between now and the festival.

Plazas: Campground Hubs Of Adventure & Convenience

Plazas are strategically located public places throughout the campgrounds for the community to gather, explore art & activities, as well as access amenities like info, medical or safety staff. No matter where you’re camped, you’ll have a plaza nearby. 2020 Plaza information coming soon!

All Plazas Include:
fun activities, parties, and art 👨‍🎤, shade 🌴, Free public Wifi📱, showers 🚿, charging stations ⚡️, drinking water💧, Clean Vibes Trading Post redemption centers ♻️, misting stations 💦, medical 🚑, safety stations 🚨, information ℹ️, and portable restrooms 🚽

Sanctuary Of Self Love (Southeast Of Plaza 2)

Curated By Hayley Williams of Paramore
Designed by IAMSOUND

The Sanctuary is the place to come back to yourself. Mindfully curated modalities will help ground and center your weekend with movement practices from yoga and improv dance sessions, to healing sound bath sessions and tea ceremonies to relax your mind and forge connections inside and out. Talks and panel sessions with offerings of powerful tools to help you thrive will help you experience a kind of magic you never expected from Bonnaroo.

For the first time, The Sanctuary of Self Love will also include a healer’s village with the opportunity to pre-book one-on-one experiences for massage, aura photography, reiki sessions and more.

This year, we bring back the Good Dye Young hair salon, bigger and better than before. We also bring back a space for yoga that is double in size from last year and a sound bath room to soothe your soul.

NEW LOCATION- EVEN BETTER VIBES: The Sanctuary is now situated at the edge of the forest near Where In The Woods, comfortably tucked into multiple cabins and the surrounding nature-filled area, for an expanded, more relaxed and comfortable celebration of self-care.

Beauty Stations

Stop by Bougie Roo to accent your look! The Sanctuary Of Self Love will offer Flower Crowns + Hair Braiding + Waterless Manicures + Temporary Tattoos + Body Painting

Hair Styling Presented by Good Dye Young

Wanna stand out from the crowd? Or need some help getting ready for your favorite band’s set? Good hair is just a brisk walk from the main stage! Hairstyling, blowouts, and temporary color all powered by Good Dye Young. Developed by Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor, GDY is a cruelty-free and vegan hair-color and hair care brand with a vision to create community around self-expression, color, and the confidence to be yourself.



Daily yoga classes at the edge of the forest to get your body aligned and ready for the day. Stay tuned for detailed schedules

Daily Sunrise Meditations

Start your day with serenity! Join us for daily sunrise meditations each day at 7am.

Panel: The Impact of Social Media On Your Mental Well-Being (Feat. Hayley Williams)

With the average time spent on social media now reaching 135 mins a day, Hayley explores the impact of this daily interaction and our mental health. This conversation looks at the positive and negative effects it has had for our each of our panelists, as well as sharing useful tools and ways social media can be utilized in a beneficial way. Full Panel To Be Announced.

Express Yourself Party Hosted By Aura Wear NYC

Brooklyn-based stylist and Founder of Aura Wear NYC Susanna Merrick looks at self-expression through color, fashion, and wellness to help define your inner desires. She’ll guide us through a giant dress-up party where you’ll be encouraged to live loudly through the clothes that you wear and express yourself from the inside out.


Panel: Working With Physical Movement as a Tool To Build Self-Confidence & Self-Worth

“Physical activities release endorphins that promote satisfaction, euphoria and high pain tolerance. Dance in particular boosts your mood more than exercise alone. This panel will discuss what can happen when we begin to move as a conscious practice to activate a feeling of freedom and unattachment… and at some point we’ll also get up and MOVE 🙂 Full Panel To Be Announced.

Soundbath Sessions

An immersive journey of sound waves, vibrations and frequencies that work together to clear and cleanse our mind, activating the bodies potential for healing and relaxation.


Conscious Art & Craft Making With Lenea Sims

Inner Play will bring an intentional craft experience to the Sanctuary of Self-Love for a workshop rooted in having fun as healing! While crafting, we’ll learn through experience how little bits of play and creativity can shift our spirit’s energy towards joy. Take home both a trinket to remind you of your time at Bonnaroo AND a new creative skill to use whenever you need to shift your energy out of a rut!


Tea Ceremony With The Tea Huntress

The ceremony of tea opens doors to connection, peace, and awareness. Ceremony transforms the mundane to meditation, allowing us to escape into the present moment and enter the flow state. From here, you have access to your innate wisdom and self- knowledge.

Come share Tea Ceremony in the tradition of teacher, Wude, and his school of Cha Dao and Zen meditation, Tea Sage Hut, in Taiwan.

We will also pour traditional Moroccan Tea Ceremony, an offering of friendship and hospitality from the nomadic tribes of the Northern Sahara.


Panel: Alternative Systems For Self-Discovery

Hosted by Holisticism Founder, Michelle Pelizzon this panel explores how modalities often seen as mystic, can actually be realistic systems in helping us process what we’re experiencing and discover who we are. From Colour as Medicine, to Astrology & Human Design, Michelle and our experts will share how the magical “woo-woo” can translate IRL. Full panel To Be Announced.

Mass Inner Play With Lenea Sims

Lenea Sims of Inner Play talks about what Inner Play is because she got fed up with two things:

  • 1) Feeling like she was without a paddle in the game of life
  • 2) All the Guides + Gurus meant to help sometimes end up being so serious and beige. After 4 years of burning out on “serious wellness,” Lenea finally discovered that my deepest healing came when she intentionally invited more FUN into her life.

Let’s celebrate joy as a means to healing!


Where In The Woods

Southeast Of Plaza 2

Re- imagined and re-oriented, Where in the Woods is back! Come get lost and find the stage hidden in the trees. The where stage features DJs and surprise sets late into the night with a dance floor that comes to life with lights and sounds. These woods create an unforgettable magical landscape for late night fun and day-time escape from reality. Relax by hanging in a hammock or playing some games. Release your inner forest animal and party like crazy, or lose yourself in immersive artistic environments and much more. Come explore and find fun wherever you are in the woods!

Trying to sleep nearby? We get it. We’re re-orienting the layout of the Where Stage to point the noise towards the forest animals rather than your campsite. The squirrels are pumped.

Where Stage

The Where In The Woods stage will feature 4 days of multi-genre music mixed by a group of talented DJs with eclectic tastes. The WITW “resident” DJs will keep the music spinning through the day until the featured headliners, special guests, and big surprises take over the decks at night.

Kick Off Party With Justin Nyce

Join us Wednesday, September 23rdfor an epic welcome party in the woods with Justin Nyce and the WHERE IN THE WOODS resident DJs NicNacc, Bobby Booshay & Brad Petty.

Global Desi Bass Experience With DJ Rekha

Thursday Night September, 24th:
Global Desi Bass Experience

Join DJ Rekha for a special dance experience as she fuses the Indian genre of Bhangra music with international hip-hop and drum beats. DJ Rekha pioneered merging Bhangra and Bollywood sounds with contemporary electronic dance music. Her live DJ sets incorporate dancers, visuals, percussion and infuse global bass, contemporary South Asian rhythms in a unique style that creates an irresistible dance experience.

Arts & Activities

Where in the woods brings all sorts of fun interactive experiences to the farm. Last year we had pinball, painting rooms, glowing blacklight paint, giant sculptures, and more. Stay tuned for whats in store this year!

Electric Feels: Indie Rock + Indie Dance

Thursday Night September 24 (technically September 25):
1AM-4AM: Electric Feels

Electric Feels: – An experiential party from LA that plays a ridiculously fun blend of indie rock + indie dance music. We promote the music we play and an emphasis on the experience you have while listening to it. We work hard to make this as unique, inclusive and fun as possible for everyone that attends with our stage production, awesome DJs, live elements, special guests & more. It’s a party with a festival feel.

Christian Martin (Dirtybird)

Friday Night, September 25:

Thanks to his emotional take on house, techno and bassy breaks, Christian has developed the reputation as an afterhours & sunrise specialist. He has closed Dirtybird showcases at such diverse locations as Shambhala, Holy Ship, WMC in Miami and both Dirtybird Campouts. “The reason that Christian always plays at the end … is because he’s the best!” – Claude VonStroke, Dirtybird Campout 2016


Saturday Night June, 26:

ARTIST BIO: At a time when headline “DJ’s” shamelessly play pre-programmed, pre-recorded sets and the masses mindlessly embrace the charade, Dieselboy (aka The Destroyer / aka Damian Higgins) stands out as a rare virtuoso of the art and craft of live DJ’ing. His complex, high voltage, take no prisoners performances, have created legions of die-hard fans around the world. Arguably no other DJ mixes live on four decks with more precision, imagination, intensity, energy and finesse.

In the history of electronic dance music, no one comes close to matching his legacy of epic, dramatic mixes. As one of the world’s finest technical DJs, he elevated the themed DJ mix to the realm of fine art. For over two decades as one of the world’s most influential ambassadors of drum and bass, Dieselboy is America’s most iconic underground bass music curator and pioneer.

Treehouse Disco With JKRIV

Sunday Night September, 27:

JKriv is a Brooklyn-based producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, co-head of Razor-N-Tape Records and co-producer / guitarist of live disco band Escort.. With a professional music career stretching nearly 2 decades, J has gained serious attention for his masterfully crafted disco reworks, original productions and rousing DJ sets.

Special Surprises

You never know what could happen at Bonnaroo…

Bobby Booshay (WITW Resident DJ)

Bobby Booshay is one of WHERE IN THE WOODS’ resident DJ’s. Drop by any time for some great music.


NicNacc is one of WHERE IN THE WOODS’ resident DJ’s. Drop by any time for some great music.

Brad Petty (WITW Resident DJ)

Brad Petty is one of WERE IN THE WOODS’ resident DJ’s. Drop by any time for some great music.

The Ville & The Grove (Plaza 7)

Bonnaroo meets Music City in Plaza 7 at THE VILLE! Right next to The Grove, this barn and its surrounding area will bring you the best of Nashville’s live music, food, art, and SO. MUCH. MORE. With Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and local maker-space Fort Houston curating this experience, you can expect to feel Nashville’s creative energy in this central campground hub. Kick off opening night at THE VILLE with Whiskey Jam, a local Nashville favorite for weekly live music events. Whiskey Jam carries on the cherished Music City tradition of “you never know who you’re gonna see” on any given night, in addition, local Nashville artists of all genres will perform on the stage throughout the weekend. Keeping it local, THE VILLE will also showcase Nashville restaurants, art and makers. Come hang for Whiskey Jam’s Thursday night party and keep checking back throughout the festival for an amazing time – day or night. Stay tuned for more updates!

House Of Yes & Little Cinema

House of Yes and Little Cinema are back, bringing Brooklyn magic to Bonnaroo with more psychedelic circus spectacles than ever before! Enjoy jaw dropping circus acts, drag queens and fantastic feats of skill at Dirty Circus, get your mind blown with interactive immersive screenings at Little Cinema and Cinema Club, and dance your heart out with us at our opening night and closing night parties! They’ll also help us lead Bonnaroo’s annual Pride Parade! Whatever you do this Bonnaroo, make some time to come play and just say YES!

Thank You For Everything Party

Thank You For… EVERYTHING! It’s not over yet and this party is for you. For this Grand Finale, we get together and move our bodies in gratitude to the Roo Crew, our new friends and our shared experience of awesome. We thank you with Deep grooves, smooth moves, surprise performances and of course… watermelon! Save the last dance for us and let us shower you in love and glitter before we send you home with the best vibes. Gracias. Merci. Khop Khun Mak Kha. Danke. Grazie.

Night Owl Cinema

Reset your soul with our Night Owl psychedelic cinema and enjoy our selected series of surprise classics curated for your curiosity. Perfect for the whole family and those who just want to chill out and recharge. Pack your snacks, grab your buds, bring a blanket. Sit back, relax and get lost in good vibes and movie magic.

Blast Off! Dance Party

Get out of your car and get into the groove! Early birds and babes of every kind are invited to get this party started right as we get down and blast off into that Bonnaroo life because we came here to DANCE. Kick it off and move your body to House of Yes resident DJs and surprise guests from Brooklyn and beyond spinning disco, funk, house, 90’s jams and surprise sounds all night long. Come meet our crew of wonderful weirdos, and become a part of our vibe tribe.

Dirty Circus

Dirty Circus is back at Bonnaroo with more live performance nonsense and spectacular circus surprises, giving you that special House of Yes blend of weird, wild, wonderful and WTF. Step right up, grab a seat and get dirty with dazzling drag queens, awesome acrobats, sideshow sensations and our fabulous freaks all the way from Brooklyn!

Little Cinema: Immersive Screening

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams. Get immersed in our Little Cinema experience as we mix film and fantasy, sound and circus, performance and participation to delight and inspire you! This year’s secret surprise feature film will be your golden ticket, so join and find your sugar-coated psychedelic sweet-spot for cinematic magic.

Pride Parade

We’re here, we’re Queer and you love it! We invite you to wave the rainbow flag of your soul as we celebrate in the sunshine and give you the second annual Bonnaroo Pride Parade! Dress to express your best self. Flaunt for freedom. Be loud and proud. Come together with revelers of every expression in this radical roaming dance party to celebrate diversity, sexuality and humanity. Together we honor the leaders that brought us to where we are today, and unite to inspire the new revolutionaries and leaders that will guide our future.

Day Lounge

Shine bright and grab some shade in our day lounge of love with House of Yes & Friends. Tune in & vibe out with new friends at the cafe bar, get glam and glitzed at our Yes Beauty Bar or kick back and get your fix of mind-blowing art cartoons, remixed animations and smooth grooves from House of Yes resident DJs.

Galactic Giddy-Up (Plaza 5)

Designed by IAMSOUND


Sound a little crazy? Good. Groop camping is long overdue for a place of their own, so we’re building a NEW Plaza right inside groop camping, and we’re bringing the silliness (don’t worry, non-groop folks can easily visit too). This plaza is all about empowering the awesome and wonderfully weird Bonnaroovian community, so hold onto your 10-gallon hat or your space helmet, because we’ve got some fun stuff in store.

Expect groop and community oriented games, activities, parties, and mixers that help bring the groop community together like never before. Catch competitions judged by celebrity guests, talent shows, comedy open mic sets, and even some good ol’ fashioned line dancing. Want to throw your own shindig in plaza 5? In the spirit of Groop, we’ll be crowdsourcing some of the fun too! We’ve got cool ideas in the works, and we’re excited to announce more soon.

Oh and OF COURSE all the best things you can expect from any plaza, but now inside groop camping, including: Bathrooms🚽, showers🚿, shade and chill space⛺️, fans & misters💦, food & beverage vendors🍔, charging stations🔌, info boothℹ️, medical🚑, security👮‍♀️, and more.

More details coming before the festival!

Camp WannaTWIX (Plaza 2)

This is the summer camp you don’t want to miss. A place where your inner child and outer Bonnaroovian can meet around the campfire and howl at the moon. Nestled in the trees and barn of Plaza 2, there’s plenty of shade if you feel like chillin, and a bunch of epic summer camp games to keep the good times rolling. And while you’re taking in our eye-popping indoor/outdoor space you’ll get the chance to try NEW TWIX Cookies & Creme too. So whether the sun’s shining or the stars are out, Camp WannaTWIX is a Bonnaroo must-do.

The Boogaloo Of Wonder (Plaza 6)

Drop in the Boogaloo of Wonder for a relaxing space and a haven of artistic exploration. Take in projections and lights, games with friends, lounge space, and more exciting things to be announced.

The Barnyard (Plaza 9)

This plaza’s permanent barn is taking “The Farm” a bit more literally. Stop by for daytime comforts, games, art, and more – all themed in ridiculous barnyard fashion. Oh and of course some late night surprises if you’re a lucky duck. More details soon.

SheROO: Women’s Camp

Presented by Conscious City Guide

SheRoo is home to an inclusive plaza for everyone to come play with the divine aspects of the female energy within us all. Nurture the feminine and how you identify with it while exploring the energetic dance between the Yin and the Yang. Through empowered mentoring, sensual activations and gentle group experiences, SheRoo holds space to foster your female-Yin. The camp grounds will host women and non-binary Bonnaroovians who wish to cultivate community throughout all of Bonnaroo. Unlike most plazas, this one is connected to the “themed community camp” of SheRoo and you can choose to camp here if you’d like – you just need a special SheRoo car camping pass.

Living on The Farm:
Camping, Hotels, & Much More

Believe it or not, you WILL want to sleep at some point. But don’t worry, from good old festival camping to some full-on fancy-pants glamping, we’ve got you covered with all sorts of options:

  • Car & RV camping
  • Groop & Community camping
  • Rentable Le Bon Tents & glamping
  • Hotels with direct shuttles
  • Daily Nashville shuttle packages to and from Music City
  • and much more!

VIP Plaza

The newly revamped VIP Campground Plaza features air-conditioning, private bars, complimentary wifi, daily yoga classes, games, live video feeds of the festival performances, and much more – available exclusively to VIP & Platinum patrons.

Additional Conveniences

The Grove

The REAL Bathrooms

Awww Yisss 🙌. New as of 2016 (and always improving) Bonnaroo’s permanent Bathroom facilities are equipped with clean running water and plenty of real flushable toilets. Located near the tower entrance to Centeroo and along the road between the main stage and the which stage field, they’re always there when you need them.


Campground Showers

Showers can be found at most Plaza locations, indicated on your festival map. Showers are operated and cleaned by our very own shower fairies during hours of operations:

SHOWER DETAILS (Subject to change)

  • Wednesday from 9pm – 12 am (at Plazas 2, 3 and 10 only)
  • Thursday – Sunday from 6am – 2am (all Plazas)
  • On Monday, showers will be open from 6am – 11am (all Plazas)

COST: Showers cost $10 during peak hours (daily between 6am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm), and we also offer $5 “happy hours” during off-peak hours (daily from 2 pm – 6 pm and 10 pm – 2 am).

General Stores

Forget something? We’ve got you covered. There are two well-stocked General Stores on-site – one near the tower entrance to Centeroo, and one near the entrance to the Main Venue (by The Arch). Each store offers personal hygiene items, batteries, disposable cameras, ice, beer, water, soda, food – you get the picture. If you forgot something, get it here!


Bonnaroo Lockers

Lockers are be available for rent inside Centeroo at the Arch entrance, as well as within the VIP area or the GA+ lounge (note that you also need a GA+ ticket or a VIP ticket to access those areas. VIP does not have access to the GA+ lounge). Use the locker to store your personal items in all weekend long while in the venue. Locker locations will remain open and accessible during all Centeroo hours.

Rent yours now at

What to Pack

Prepare thyself! Need some pointers on how to impROOve your camping experience? Just because we’re camping doesn’t mean we are roughing it.

  • Camping gear
  • Tents & Shelters (you will want SHADE!)
  • Sleeping Bags & Beds
  • Tarp
  • Cooler and/or water jugs (ice available for purchase throughout the campgrounds)
  • Lantern / flashlight / headlamp (AND extra batteries!)
  • Stainless steel water bottle (or two!)
  • Camping chairs, tables, and anything else that might help create a comfy home-away- from home
  • Rain gear (failure to bring it increases the chance of rain)
  • Your favorite hoodie (yes, it CAN get cold in TN)
  • Extra shoes/sneakers (treat yo feet!)
  • Mud boots (in case it rains)
  • Bug spray (we recommend without DEET – be green!)
  • Sunscreen (lots of it)
  • A hat for shade
  • A bandana (in Tennessee, in September, you’re going to sweat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Biodegradable plastic bags for trash (we do provide some bags for trash and recycling, but extras are nice)
  • Toilet paper (you never know)
  • Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
  • Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (avoid keeping keys in your car!)

  • Small stove or grill if you would like to cook some of your own food (please obey our Gasoline/Charcoal/Propane Policy)
  • Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked out of view in your vehicle) or rent one of our lockers
  • Vehicle key code (this makes it easy for the locksmith to duplicate your car key if you lose it)
  • Phosphate-free and sulfate-free soaps, detergents and shampoos
  • Smokers – bring an ashtray! Every butt you throw on the ground, someone has to pick up!
  • Extra clown nose
  • Blanket (for sitting)
  • Earplugs (for sleeping)
  • Portable speakers or radio