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barn cage the yoga tonalism uno sandwich

Campground Plazas

Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s an endless adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians and a key part of the one-of-a-kind Bonnaroo experience.

Plazas are strategically located public places throughout the campgrounds for the community to gather, explore art & activities, as well as access amenities like info, medical or safety staff. No matter where you’re camped, you’ll have a plaza nearby.

Plazas host next-level activities unlike any other festival you’ve been to. Expect secret shows, celebrity surprises, late night (early morning?) parties, unique music & art experiences, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

All Plazas Include:
fun activities, parties, and art 👨‍🎤, shade 🌴, Free public Wifi📱, showers 🚿, charging stations ⚡️, Clean Vibes Trading Post redemption centers ♻️, misting stations 💦, medical 🚑, safety stations 🚨, information ℹ️, and portable restrooms 🚽

Explore The Campground Activities


What’s better than a parade? NOTHING! Marching to the beat of our own drums, getting dressed up in something fancy or just high steppin’ and spinning an umbrella as you second line through Centeroo is a good ol’ time and just one more magical thing that makes Bonnaroo special. Every year’s parades are a bit different of course, but they usually include a great brass band (or an art car!) and sometimes lead you to a pot of gold! We cordially invite you all to help us take this tradition to even greater heights by joining us in any of the many parades happening over the course of the weekend.



Align your mind, body and soul by participating in one of several yoga sessions taking place across The Farm including our growing program in Access Camping. All classes are free and open to yogis of all levels. No yoga mat required. Our grass is your grass, and it’s soft underfoot.

Our curriculum has something for everyone, from challenging power sequences to restorative postures and practices that will get you ready for a brand new day. How Stage YogaRoo classes are generally themed to music too for your listening pleasure!

ACCESSIBLE CAMPING YOGA: For the yogi’s on the Farm who are tired from grooving all night and are staying in the Accessible Camping area, you can also join us for some awesome Adaptive yoga sessions geared towards fans with disabilities. All abilities are welcome! It will be wheelchair accessible. Guidance for patrons who are blind, and a sign language interpreter, will be provided. Class details for 2020 coming soon – stop by the Access Center for more info!

2019’s Yoga-Roo Schedule
(will update for 2020 in the spring!)

HOW Stage in Planet Roo:
FRIDAY: 8:45-9:45am & 10-10:30am Vinyasa Flow with Kevin Courtney (Sunny Trails Yoga)
SATURDAY: 8:45-9:45am DEAD SET & 10-10:30am SURRENDER TO THE PHLOW with Rachael Carlevale (Sunny Trails Yoga)
SUNDAY: 8:45-9:45am AMBIENT VIBES & 10-10:30am HIP HOP CLOSEOUT with Alana Ortiz (Sunny Trails Yoga)

Plaza 2: Yoga Flow w/Laura Mucci (@fightflowfly) in the Third eye dome powered by ASICS 11am-12pm Thursday, and 12pm-1pm Fri, Sat, Sun

SheROO (community Camping): Body Positive Yoga, 9am-10am Friday & Sunday (open to everyone!).

Access Camping: Adaptive Yoga 10:00-10:45am Friday only with EMILY YOUNG, RACHAEL CARLEVALE and ALANA ORTIZ (Sunny Trails Yoga)

Seventh First Annual Roo Run

Eighth “First Annual” Roo Run X ASICS

In partnership with ASICS, get ready to #WinTheLongRun and run across the Bonnaroo campgrounds. Customize your bib at pickup on Friday and get ready to rock the 5k on Saturday. Glitter, fairy wings, and costumes of all kinds encouraged. Athletic shoes required. Oh and heads-up, winners get prizes!

More Details Soon!



Soberoo is a group of passionate music lovers who choose to remain clean and sober at Bonnaroo. Fans seeking a substance-free ‘Roo can hang alongside like-minded Bonnaroovians and participate in multiple daily meetings at the Soberoo booth in Centeroo

*Soberoo is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or any other 12-Step programs. Soberoo makes no judgment on others’ decisions related to drugs and alcohol, neither condemning nor condoning their use. Soberoo is simply liked-minded music fans who gather to offer support – and traction in what might otherwise be a slippery environment.

Work it Out!

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote at your current address? Visit, OR, stop by the HeadCount booth in Planet Roo to register while at Bonnaroo! Plus, anyone can “Pledge to Vote” for a chance to win some cool prizes. So take two minutes at the fest, or right now, and make sure you’re ready for upcoming elections!

Want to do it over the phone? right now? Just text VOTER to 40649

Want to learn about ways you can get involved with HeadCount after the fest is over? Head to for more info!