Camping & Plazas

Once In A Lifetime. Every Time.

Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s an endless adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians, and a key part of the Bonnaroo experience. Expect crazy surprises, unique adventures, and stories you’ll tell for a lifetime – this is NOT your average festival camping.

*This map is designed only to give a general idea of plaza layout and is far from exact. Subject to change before the festival. See last year’s map for some added context here.

Plazas: Campground Hubs Of Adventure & Convenience

Plazas are strategically located public places throughout the campgrounds for the community to gather, explore art & activities, as well as access amenities like info, medical or safety staff. No matter where you’re camped, you’ll have a plaza nearby. Check below for 2019 Plaza information – and stay tuned for updates!

All Plazas Include:
fun activities, parties, and art 👨‍🎤, shade 🌴, Free public Wifi📱, showers 🚿, charging stations ⚡️, drinking water💧, Clean Vibes Trading Post redemption centers ♻️, misting stations 💦, medical 🚑, safety stations 🚨, information ℹ️, and portable restrooms 🚽



Sanctuary Of Self Love (Plaza 2)

Curated By Hayley Williams of Paramore

Come love yourself! As we learn more about our mental health, we realize that it has a lot to do with how we treat ourselves as a whole being. Be it a spa day, an art project, or a new hairdo… make some time for yourself here at the Sanctuary Of Self Love!

Stop by the BougieRoo area and get festival ready with hair styling by Good Dye Young, mini spa treatments, glitter stations, and (of course) flower crowns! From yoga and nightly themed dance parties to alternative therapies and panels on mental health & self-love. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to win a makeover with style extraordinaire Brian O’Connor of Good Dye Young and meet Hayley herself! More details soon…

House Of Yes

House Of Yes & Little Cinema (Plaza 3)

House of Yes and Little Cinema are back, bringing their magic to Bonnaroo all the way from Brooklyn with more performance spectacles and and dance party madness than ever before. Experience jaw dropping circus acts, drag queens and fantastic feats of skill at Dirty Circus, get your mind blown with interactive immersive screenings at Little Cinema and Cinema Club, and dance your heart out with us at our opening night and closing night parties! Flaunt your most free and fabulous self and join us in the first ever Bonnaroo pride parade, or come get your chill vibes on in the shade of our new Day Lounge and Night Owl Cinema series. Whatever you want, we’ve got it. Come play and just say YES!

Where In The Woods

Where In The Woods

Southeast Of Plaza 2

The Eastern woods of Bonnaroo’s campground are coming alive like never before in this BRAND NEW campground experience. Close to VIP camping and a little South of Plaza 2, “Where In The Woods” will transform the forest into an unforgettable magical landscape for late night fun and day-time escape from reality.

The Where Stage will feature DJs and surprise sets late into the night with an otherworldly dance floor perfect for releasing your inner forest animal. Drop by any time to partake in immersive artistic experiences, giant games, chill hangouts, crazy parties, and “only at Bonnaroo” surprises. More details to come!  

The Ville

The Ville & The Grove (Plaza 7)

We’re bringing Music City’s most creative, most entertaining, and most delicious to The Farm – with more surprise performances from Nashville artists, more interactive and illuminated art installations, and of course some late night weirdness. We’ve partnered with Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and local maker-space Fort Houston to bring you the best in Nashville’s live music, food, music, art, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Bayou Libre

Bayou Libre (Plaza 9)


Come hang down on the bayou! Bayou Libre is an interactive experience powered by the New Orleans entertainment collective FREEWATER. Inspired by the landscape and the spirits of the swamp, Bayou Libre will be a place where you can come relax in the shade during the day and experience parties late into the night. FREEWATER will bring musical acts as well as some special friends from New Orleans – so expect some secret performances from names you’re likely to recognize from the lineup. Stayed tuned for more updates as we get closer, and remember “The Wave is Always Free!”


The Boogaloo Of Wonder (Plaza 6)

Presented by Fort Houston (@forthouston on instagram)

The Boogaloo of Wonder is your go-to spot for artistic exploration and entertainment of all sorts. Come laugh at comedy sets daily from, explore projections and lights, and RADIATE POSITIVITY in this brand new Bonnaroo space.

Comedy 3-4:30pm
Live Portraits 12-2pm
Karaoke 6-8pm
Dance Parties 12-3am
Yard Games during the day!

SheROO: Women’s Camp by MOTHERSHIP

NOTE: These activities are for Bonnaroovians camping with the SheROO Camp. SheROO is a camping experience for an inclusive community of Woman and non-binary identified Bonnaroovians, who would like to live alongside one another at the festival. Learn more & sign up through the link below.

The following events are open to EVERYONE even those who aren’t camping in sheroo: Did you know that some CAMP SHEROO events are open to everyone? even folks who aren’t camping in the community camp? Drop by and have a great time!

9am Body Positive Yoga 🧘‍♀️
11am Panel Discussion: Women’s Empowerment In the Musical Sphere Panel
3pm Ceramic Expressions
4pm Glitter Adornment 🎉

9am Surreal Self Defense Class
10am Goddess Soundbath
11am Inner Strength Meditation – VIP
4pm Glitter Adornment

9am Self Love Yoga 🧘‍♀️
11am Power of YOU Mediation
4pm Glitter Adornment 🎉

Learn More & Join The Camp!

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VIP Plaza

The newly revamped VIP Campground Plaza features air-conditioning, private bars, complimentary wifi, daily yoga classes, games, live video feeds of the festival performances, and much more – available exclusively to VIP & Platinum patrons. Explore VIP here.

Explore VIP & platinum

Living on The Farm:
Camping, Hotels, & Much More

Believe it or not, you WILL want to sleep at some point. But don’t worry, from good old festival camping to some full-on fancy-pants glamping, we’ve got you covered with all sorts of options:

  • Car & RV camping
  • Groop & Community camping
  • Rentable Le Bon Tents & glamping
  • Hotels with direct shuttles
  • Daily Nashville shuttle packages to and from Music City
  • and much more!
Explore Accommodations

Additional Conveniences

The Grove

The REAL Bathrooms

Awww Yisss 🙌. New as of 2016 (and always improving) Bonnaroo’s permanent Bathroom facilities are equipped with clean running water and plenty of real flushable toilets. Located near the tower entrance to Centeroo and along the road between the main stage and the which stage field, they’re always there when you need them.


Campground Showers

Showers can be found at most Plaza locations, indicated on your festival map. Showers are operated and cleaned by our very own shower fairies during hours of operations: Wednesday from 9pm – 12 am at Plazas 2, 3 +10, and all locations will be open from Thursday – Sunday from 6am – 2am. On Monday, showers will be open from 6am – 11am. Showers cost $10 during peak hours (daily between 6am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm), and we also offer $5 “happy hours” during off-peak hours (daily from 2 pm – 6 pm and 10 pm – 2 am).

General Stores

General Stores

Forget something? We’ve got you covered. There are two well-stocked General Stores on-site – one near the tower entrance to Centeroo, and one near the entrance to the Main Venue (by The Arch). Each store offers personal hygiene items, batteries, disposable cameras, ice, beer, water, soda, food – you get the picture. If you forgot something, get it here!


Bonnaroo Lockers (Available in May)

Reserve your locker in advance for the ultimate convenience. Lockers are located just inside Centeroo, patiently waiting to be filled with your sweatshirts for late night, glitter for touch-ups and more!

Lockers will be available for reservation in May of 2019 at

What to Pack

Prepare thyself! Need some pointers on how to impROOve your camping experience? Just because we’re camping doesn’t mean we are roughing it.

  • Camping gear
    • Tents & Shelters (you will want SHADE!)
    • Sleeping Bags & Beds
    • Tarp
  • Cooler and/or water jugs (ice available for purchase throughout the campgrounds)
  • Lantern / flashlight / headlamp (AND extra batteries!)
  • Stainless steel water bottle (or two!)
  • A Bonnaroo-branded Lodge Cast Iron skillet so you can cook at your own campsite for an authentic Bonnaroo experience (available HERE after April 12th)
  • Camping chairs, tables, and anything else that might help create a comfy home-away- from home
  • Rain gear (failure to bring it increases the chance of rain)
  • Your favorite hoodie (yes, it CAN get cold in TN)
  • Extra shoes/sneakers (treat yo feet!)
  • Mud boots (in case it rains)
  • Bug spray (we recommend without DEET – be green!)
  • Sunscreen (lots of it)
  • A hat for shade
  • A bandana (in Tennessee, in June, you’re going to sweat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Biodegradable plastic bags for trash (we do provide some bags for trash and recycling, but extras are nice)
  • Toilet paper (you never know)
  • Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
  • Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (avoid keeping keys in your car!)

  • Small stove or grill if you would like to cook some of your own food (please obey our Gasoline/Charcoal/Propane Policy)
  • Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked out of view in your vehicle) or rent one of our lockers
  • Vehicle key code (this makes it easy for the locksmith to duplicate your car key if you lose it)
  • Phosphate-free and sulfate-free soaps, detergents and shampoos
  • Smokers – bring an ashtray! Every butt you throw on the ground, someone has to pick up!
  • Extra clown nose
  • Blanket (for sitting)
  • Earplugs (for sleeping)
  • Portable speakers or radio