This year, new Community Experiences will empower and amplify the Bonnaroovian family!

Living on The Farm together for four days sparks relationships that last a lifetime. Being a part of Bonnaroo means being a part of a creative community bigger than yourself. Each and every Bonnaroovian who brings their authentic self and creative spirit to The Farm makes it what it is.

We’ve listened to your feedback and heard your stories. We’re working to create opportunities, for this year and the future, to support you in your connections and creative expressions.

Keep checking back for more info on Come Together: Community Experiences at Bonnaroo 2017 and beyond!

Community Experiences Scheudle

The B-Hive

The B-Hive under The Tower will be the Bonnaroovian equivalent of a Town Square: a place for the community to come together, explore and take part in Bonnaroo’s history, and discover opportunities to participate in community experiences on The Farm. A few of the B-Hive activities are listed below, but check back soon for more B-Hive updates!

The Bonnaroo Yearbook: Yoo Were Here! Stop in to have your photo taken so that you can be a part of the 2017 Bonnaroo Yearbook.

The Game, by Walter

The Garage – Home of Big Red!
by Walter Productions

Big Red is back, and he’s settin’ up shop! From the creative minds that brought you Kalliope, we bring you Big Red’s Garage! Our newest ideation is a destination for radiating positivity all weekend long. Inside Big Red’s Garage at Pod 2, you will find cold beers, gourmet coffee drinks and light sandwiches, chill hangs, and tons of fun surprises. Outside, you may just find Big Red himself pumping the jams. Come and experience, daily yoga & wellness programming by the folks of Walter Yoga, games and more. Come by for all the good vibes, make some new friends, play, and enjoy the Bonnaroo campgrounds in a whole new way. Be on the lookout for Big Red driving around The Farm, hop on and hitch a ride over to Big Red’s Garage!
Special events include the Walter Wakeup Call, a Thursday morning dance party to start your ‘roo off right! Thursday morning @ 10am. Other daily programming will be posted fresh each morning.

Located in and around the barn @ Pod 2

Dallas Clayton

Help author/ artist Dallas Clayton paint the wall leading up to The Arch!

Thursday morning at 9:30am, Dallas Clayton will be painting a mural on the venue wall leading up to The Arch and all Bonnaroovians will be able to contribute to the effort.

Keep an eye out for more Dallas Clayton murals around The Farm at The B-Hive and in VIP.

Dallas Clayton is an author, illustrator, public speaker, mural painter, and adventure seeker. He started his career self releasing “An Awesome Book” a story encouraging kids to DREAM BIG, and was hailed “the New Dr. Suess”. When he is not busy writing books (for children of all ages), touring the world, painting on buildings, giving talks, or climbing trees, he is generally trying find happiness and share it with others.


The Sketchbook Project

Write about your experience, sketch your friend, express yourself. Bonnaroo is a safe space to express your creativity. Choose a page or two in one of the sketchbooks available here to collaborate alongside other Bonnaroovians. After this year’s ‘Roo the sketchbooks will be taken from The Farm to live permanently at The Sketchbook Project! The Sketchbook Project is a library in Brooklyn comprised entirely of people’s personal sketchbooks.

At The B-Hive under The Tower


For Roo By Yoo

Bring an activity or experience to The Farm to share with the Bonnaroo Community: because YOU are what makes Bonnaroo what it is. Tell us what you want to do at ‘Roo, and we might just make it happen!

No idea is too small, from a coordinated costume meet-up to palm reading. No intention is too big, we really do think positivity and inclusivity can change the world. Your idea should be something you (or you and a small group of friends) can easily accomplish on The Farm, while still having a blast at Bonnaroo yourself.

This year’s activities already include: DJ Dance parties in the campground, a random act of kindness scavenger hunt, a record breaking conga line attempt, a meetup for tapers, and more!

See The Activities & Submit Your Idea!


Music Box Village by The Airlift Collective

Chateau Poulet & Western Electric will be coming to Bonnaroo! Located near Pod 10, come explore the farther reaches of The Farm and experience musical architecture.

In New Orleans, The Music Box is a place where play, imagination, experimentation, collaboration, community and hard work come together as artist-made, interactive “musical houses.” The Music Box is inspired by the unique musical and architectural culture of our home city of New Orleans. The project pushes artistic boundaries, but more importantly it brings together people of all stripes for a heartwarming, creative experience that has equal appeal for a musical giant such as Thurston Moore or a gaggle of 5-year-olds.

More information about the artists:

Western Electric Artists: Nina Nichols, Matt Ostrowski
Chateau Poulet Artists: Klaas Huebner, Andrew Schrock


The Grind

The Grind is where you can grab a coffee or a cold brew, and soak up the music and creativity of your fellow Bonnaroovians.

Open Mic at The Grind!
Sign up for Open Mic at The Grind! We’re accepting sign-ups for morning acoustic mellow-vibe sets and afternoon happy hour. Write to if you’d like more information.

NEW! Late Night Karaoke Bar(n) Stop in each night and sing your heart out with friends old and new, deep into the wee hours of the night.

Located in Pod 7


The Bonnaroo Census

Who R Yoo? For the 6th year in a row, Bonnaroo is taking a census. We want to know who you are, where you traveled from, and what makes your disco ball turn — on and off The Farm. Come join us at the brand new Census HQ near The Tower, where you can check out past year census results, enter your favorite song into a community playlist, and get to know your fellow Bonnaroovians — near and far.

See The 2016 Census Results
Fan SuperJam

Fan SuperJam™

Perform with your fellow Bonnaroovians at The Grind in Pod 7. All are welcome!

Fan SuperJam™ Practice: Noon Friday & Saturday

Fan SuperJam™ Performance: Noon Sunday


The KaleidoShack

Visit the KaleidoShack and leave your lasting mark on the Bonnaroo landscape! This life-sized kaleidoscope & gathering space blends New Orleans architecture and sacred geometry and needs YOU to be complete. Help decorate the sculpture by creating and adding your own reclaimed-material ornament representing your unique Bonnaroo experience! Use provided materials or bring your own trinkets, adornments, and messages for the future!

Sketches and images of the KaleidoShack coming soon. Learn more about the artist on their website.

Located near Pod 3

Girls Just Wanna!

Camp and Activities hosted by Steph Simbari & Elizabeth Kott of That’s So Retrograde!

All woman-identified Bonnaroovians are welcome to join in the Girls Just Wanna! welcome home event at their camp next to Groop Camping the first night on The Farm as well as join daily talks, workshops, and rituals at 9am at the camp. Look out for more details about Steph & Elizabeth’s escapades on The Farm.

Girls Just Wanna! Direct
11:00am Friday 6/9/17
Film Director Shana Betz, the Co – Executive Director of will be visiting Girls Just Wanna! to talk about the future of women in entertainment, and the positive change that comes with the evolution of women gaining equal footing in the industry.

More about Steph & Elizabeth:

Steph Simbari and Elizabeth Kott, That’s So Retrograde began as a friendly personal exploration of the world that is “wellness”. These best friends, on the edge of 30, had questions. They found all of the Googleable information to be esoteric and unrelatable. Being cool millennial females (if they do say so themselves) with inquisitive minds, laughter in their hearts, and a joint in their purse, they endeavored to find the answers.

Being based in LA, they attracted a myriad of wellness guru’s, experts, and celebrities who cover topics from the scientific, to the deeply personal, and the metaphysical. They keep the vibes loose and feel very accomplished in their ability to get spiritual healers to laugh at dick jokes.

As they’ve become gatekeepers of the wellness conversation by grounding their journey in laughter they’ve come to the conclusion that the guru you seek, is always within you.

Interested in camping with That’s So Retrograde and other awesome woman-identified Bonnaroovians? Learn more about and join the Girls Just Wanna! Camp here

Family Camping
Family Camping & Kidz Jam:

Families can hang at Kidz Jam in Centeroo as well as opt to camp in a family-friendly environment in Family Camping.

Check back soon for presenters and workshop listings!

Learn more about the Family Camping here

Soberoo Camping

Soberoo is a group of passionate music lovers who choose to remain clean and sober at Bonnaroo. Fans seeking a substance-free ‘Roo can live alongside like-minded Bonnaroovians in the Soberoo Community Camp, and multiple daily meetings are held at the Soberoo booth in Centeroo for anyone wishing to attend.

*Soberoo is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or any other 12-Step programs. Soberoo makes no judgment on others’ decisions related to drugs and alcohol, neither condemning nor condoning their use. Soberoo is simply liked-minded music fans who gather to offer support – and traction in what might otherwise be a slippery environment.

Learn more about the Soberoo community camp here

Explore Community Camping