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Support Our Sustainability Efforts

Just by purchasing a ticket to Bonnaroo, you support all of the sustainability efforts on-site, $1 from every ticket we sell goes towards our sustainability work. From our community projects to our composting to our BonnaROOTS dinners. If you want to give more to support even more projects like these, you can do so! Remember pennies add up to dollars, so give what you can.

Sustainability report

Annual Report To The Fans

Respect for our surroundings isn’t just our responsibility, it’s a core value of who we want to be. We want you to think positively when you think Bonnaroo. That’s why, since day one on The Farm, we’ve sweat bullets in pursuit of sustainability. It’s also why the past few years, we’ve reported back to you on our sustainability successes.

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Carpool to Bonnaroo!

Carpool to Bonnaroo!

Carpooling is a great way to help us solve one of our biggest problems… the number of cars on the road. Until we all get magical electric robot cars, we have to do everything we can get to limit the number of cars on the road! We want to reward your efforts, so you might just get some nice surprises if you show up in a full car… *winky face*

Carpool to Bonnaroo!

Planet Roo

Learn! Relax! Enjoy!
Take a break from the chaos of festival life in Planet Roo, a haven for sustainability and global consciousness. With representation from a diverse group of non-profit organizations, this space is an opportunity to learn and relax. Bonnaroovians can come together for yoga classes or a healthy, organic meal at the Planet Roo Café too.

Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting projects we have in the works for this area for 2017!

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Refill Revolution

Refill Revolution

Join the REFILL REVOLUTION and pre-purchase your beer cup when you buy your ticket! Last year these cups sold out on site FAST. We will be partnering once again with Steelys Drinkware and the Plastic Pollution Coalition to bring you a quality stainless steel beer cup! Purchase a beer cup during the ticket buying process or on site at any beverage stand with draft beer. Cups are $15 each and includes the durable cup with to-go carrying strap, filled with a cold beer — plus an additional $1 discount off all subsequent refills made with the cup at beer stands throughout the remainder of the festival.

Additionally, you can help reduce our consumption of plastics by refilling your water bottles. In addition to our usual free high quality well water (similar to tap), we have free filtered drinking water stations to fill up your water bottle throughout the festival site. Your bottle can be filled and refilled an infinite number of times at any of the water refill mushrooms on site; in fact, all of the water at Bonnaroo is drinkable. It comes directly from our wells so there is no trucking in of water, which makes the program even more sustainable!

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The Clean Vibes' Trading Post

The Clean Vibes’ Trading Post

​Clean Vibes is a company dedicated to responsible waste management at outdoor festivals and events. Their mission is to encourage and promote recycling and proper waste disposal, decreasing the amount of trash entering landfills and incinerators by increasing the amount of recyclables collected and delivered to recycling centers.The Trading Post will be back in 2017. Stay tuned for more info.

The Clean Vibes' Trading Post

Sustainable Vendors

​Our Sustainable Vendor rewards are the easiest way for you to eat with your conscious. Stay tuned for information about our 2017 Sustainable Vendors. They will be back! Look for this logo and support our most sustainable food vendors. If the food vendor is sporting this rewards button it means they either are using more than 60% organic or local ingredients OR they’ve offset all of their travel. It also means that they meet they exceed the minimum requirements we set forth for all food vendors on site. Show them some love!


Partners & Non-Profits

Our Planet Roo partners are amazing! They always go above and beyond to make this area vibrant and innovative. Stay tuned for our 2017 non-profits involved in Planet Roo! We can’t wait to unveil another incredible group of activists!

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