The Bonnaroovian Code

Behold the Code. No one wrote it. It just always was and now it is. It just kind of evolved within the Bonnaroo Community over the years, out of the real-life experiences of hundreds of thousands of Bonnaroovians. We pulled it out of the air and finally put it down in writing. Follow it and you’ll make the most of your Bonnaroo adventure and possibly even help change the world (in a good way).


The power to predict is a special human ability. We embrace it by thinking ahead. Expecting to be outdoors in the Tennessee summer? Think hydration, plenty of sunblock, raingear, hats… Deck yourself out as an all-in-one Swiss Army Knife so you don’t have to McGyver your way through the festival.


Consider the community and keep an eye on your friends. Extend that friendship to new friends, too — even Bonnaroovians you’ve never met before. If you see someone who can use a hand, offer it. You will make his or her day, and provide an example that will multiply across The Farm.


The Farm is an aggro-free zone. Leave your worries at home. For a few days this summer celebrate the best things in life. Smiles, high fives, and random acts of kindness… Happiness is the goal. Proactive positivity is a proven way to get there.


This place grows happiness. We want to ensure the sweetest sun-kissed crop of smiles every year by properly cleaning up. Recycle what you can, reduce what you can’t, and reuse whatcha got.


We hate being negative, but we’ve seen it too many times to leave it unsaid. You’ve seen it too. That dude is a vibe killer. That gal is a mood wrecker. It’s a powerful cautionary tale that can help us all be better Bonnaroovians.


Bonnaroo lasts only a few too short days. The rest of your life is forever. Apply what you do on The Farm to improving you and the world beyond Roo.


  • BONNAROOVIAN A person who has had their mind blown by the full Bonnaroo whammy and has a great passion for finding and celebrating good stuff.
  • CAMPGROUNDS The primary Bonnaroovian habitat where happy campers live, sleep, and play in blissful harmony like it’s permanent recess. This area stays open day and night.
  • CENTEROO The festival nucleus. Here you’ll experience a cornucopia of music, food, and fairly priced craft vendors. Centeroo is home to all the main performance stages, Which Stage, That Tent, This Tent, and the Other.
  • Plaza (formerly “Pod”) Think of these as Bonnaroo community centers with fun activities and convenient amenities located throughout the campground. From medical assistance to vehicle issues, lost friends, relationship advice, or concert and activity schedule info. Plaza Ambassadors and medical/safety staff are available 24/7 here to lend a helping hand in your campground community. Each Plaza has a designated number which floats above it on a large balloon that can help you navigate toward your campground from a distance.
  • SUPERJAM® A Bonnaroo tradition that brings artists together to collaborate in a one-time, thrilling performance. Like Bonnaroo itself, y’never know what can happen.
  • THE MAIN VENUE The area immediately adjacent to Centeroo. It’s where the What Stage has lived since the dawn of civilization. Please note that due to its extreme age, this area has different waking hours than the rest of the festival.
  • THE FOUNTAIN While its appearance morphs yearly, the fountain is a perpetual source of happy times. Whether you’re using the lighted fountain as a refreshing coolant for your systems or as ocular stimulation (aka eye candy) you are enjoying it exactly in the way it was intended (which is to say however you like).
  • TOLLBOOTH We have three General Admission entrances or “Tollbooths” as well as a VIP Tollbooth for VIP ticket holders. In order to get everyone in as quickly as possible, we carefully balance the number of vehicles coming into each Tollbooth.
  • ​THE ARCH The portal or gateway into the hallowed grounds of the What Stage.
  • WRISTBAND This fabric document is your magic passport during the festival that will allow access between Centeroo/Main Venue and the campgrounds as often as you please. However, all of its magic disappears if you take it off, lose it, or accidentally consume it at snack time.​