Experiences Lineup

*This map is designed to give a general idea of plaza layout and far from exact. Also subject to change before the festival. See last year’s map here.

Campground Experiences

Bonnaroo isn’t your average music festival – life on The Farm is an adventure for 4 straight days and nights, and this year we’re adding dozens of brand new campground experiences to maximize the magic. With 2 new permanent venues (4 total!) at campground Plazas, we’re bringing musicians, artists, chefs, culture, and activities straight off the stage and out to your home-away-from-home so there’s more to explore than ever before. Check it all out below!

“Happy Roo Day!” With Matt Shultz of Cage The Elephant (Plaza 9)

Matt Shultz, a veteran of Bonnaroo as both a performer and fan, is expressing his creative vision through a brand new experience in the campgrounds for the Bonnaroo community. Plaza 9 is being completely transformed by the creative mind of Matt Shultz. Come get ROOCHARGED, ROOLAX, ROOFLECT, and hit ROOSET in the brand new barn, and experience interactive art installations, outrageous parties, and more!

The Ville + The Grove (Plaza 7)

Plaza 7 is being taken over by Nashville’s most creative, most entertaining, and most delicious. We’re partnering with Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and local maker-space Fort Houston to bring you the best in Nashville’s live music, hot chicken, art and so much more in and around The Ville (formerly “The Grind”). Venture into The Grove to find whimsical creatures by Elephant Gallery, and funky oversized puppets. Get ready for late night vinyl DJ sets by Sparkle City Disco, and much more!

House Of Yes, Little Cinema & More! (Plaza 3)

About Plaza 3: That’s right, House of Yes, the weird, wild, and wonderful night club, performance space and creative venue from Brooklyn, NY will be bringing everything they do and more to one of the funky NEW barns in the Bonnaroo campgrounds! Known for Little Cinema, insane circus shows, interactive events and fabulous dance parties, the House Of Yes is built on a foundation of positivity and fun where everyone is welcome. It’s gonna be wild and Located in the heart of the campgrounds, right along 3rd avenue leading up to The Arch entrance to Centeroo!

The Garage & The Love Shack (Plaza 2)

Swing by Plaza 2 for some ridiculousness, some shade and some coffee or light sandwiches too. From morning dance parties to yoga, art, music, and surprises… You’ll find exciting activities here all ‘Roo long. Stay tuned for more 2018 details.

The Well (Plaza 6)

The Well(ness) Plaza is here to quench Bonnaroovian’s thirst of body AND mind with healthy and mindful activities galore. Why? Because you can have an awesome time while ALSO being awesome to yourself. Check out this new barn and the areas around it for healthy foods, yoga, meditation, the Roo Run, chill listening parties, exercise meetups, and more!

Tonalism By dublab (Late Night In Plaza 6)

About Tonalism: Taking place within the brand new Plaza 6 barn “The Well”, Tonalism is an ALL NIGHT ambient happening partly inspired by the happenings of the 50s and 60s. The events features live performances and DJ sets in an environment transformed by projections, installations, and various multimedia elements. Visitors are encouraged to bring pillows, cushions, or blankets to lay down and listen.

The B-Hive (Plaza 4, under The Tower)

Bzzzz… do you hear that? that’s the sound of the Bonnaroovian community hub – The B-Hive. The B-Hive within Plaza 4 is the home of all sorts of Bonnaroo community focused experiences, like the Bonnaroo Census, The Bonnaroo Yearbook, The Timeline Wall, The Post Office, inspiring art, and more. Located right near The Tower entrance to Centeroo (you know, that one with the giant tower) Plaza 4 is your convenient stop to or from the Tower entrance to grab food, crafts, coffee, and a good time. Oh, and the “B” in B-Hive stands for Bonnaroo – no real Bees here, promise 🐝

Fan SuperJam™ Camp With Tyler Childers & Friends

NOTE: These activities are for Bonnaroovians camping with the Fan Superjam Camp. Looking to camp in this special themed camp? Join for just $50 and you’ll be camped right in the musical action. Learn more & sign up through the link below.

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SheROO: Women’s Camp by MOTHERSHIP

Benefitting The Tegan & Sara Foundation

NOTE: These activities are for Bonnaroovians camping with the SheROO Camp. SheROO is a camping experience for an inclusive community of Woman and non-binary identified Bonnaroovians, who would like to live alongside one another at the festival. Learn more & sign up through the link below.

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