Groop Camping

Camp With Your WHOLE Crew!

Groop Camping in the GA Campground ensures that you and your friends are able to camp together, no matter when you arrive at Bonnaroo. Simply nominate a “Groop Leader” (or nominate yourself as one) and get the party started! A minimum of 24 people is required so be sure to tell your friends and have them tell their friends too — the more the merrier!

We’ve made signing up a breeze, quicker than you can say #squadgoals. It’s easier than ever to register as a Groop Leader and invite friends to join in on the fun. Once a Groop Leader has signed up, an automatic Groopie Registration link will be activated and ready to be shared immediately. Groop Leaders will be able to see live updates on just how large their Groop is growing, as well as the progression of other Groops. Pay close attention because Groops that hit certain goals might just get a Rootastic reward! No, you can’t win a Port-O-John.

How To Form a Groop and Be A Groop Leader:

  • The process starts by the Groop Leader registering at the link below and paying a $150 deposit. Don’t fret! $100 will be refunded back to the Groop Leader once they meet the minimum group size and complete all “Groopie” sign-ups. All Groop Leaders are required to have purchased a Bonnaroo ticket and a valid confirmation number is required to register. Once you submit your payment you will pick a Groop name. Here is your chance to get weird, very, very weird.
  • Once registration is complete, Groop Leaders will receive a confirmation email with a unique Groopie Registration URL link that they can immediately send out to anyone they want to be part of their group. This unique link is the only way your Groopies can snag a spot in your squad. A Groopie spot is $50/person (fees included). All Groopies must have first purchased a Bonnaroo GA festival ticket before signing up. A valid confirmation number will be required at time of purchase.
  • Have more than 24 Groopies? No problem! An additional vehicle pass will be assigned for every extra 3 people in your Groop. (Pro tip: Less cars means more space to camp. Go green and carpool!). NOTE: Groop Leaders will receive all Groop Camping vehicle hang tags for their group and will be required to distribute to their Groopies prior to the festival.

One thing to keep in mind! If your group does not meet the required 24 person minimum (which includes the Groop Leader) by the Groopie sign up deadline, you will be asked to merge with an already existing Groop. NO REFUNDS will be given to the leader or the individual Groopies if you can not meet the Groop Camping minimum.

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For more information or if you have any questions, please email

See a full leaderboard of registered groops here.

Groop Camping 2019 Rewards

With the ability to monitor your own Groops progress, as well as others, we’re encouraging Groopies to spread the word and join sooner than later (for the sole reason of…. PRIZES!)

For the FIRST GROOP to have 50, 75, and 125 Groopies officially sign up and register, we will reward you with some pretty sweet stuff. Details coming soon!

**NOTE: There is ONE GROOP WINNER, PER TIER PRIZE. If your Groop hits multiple goals first, you will have the option of accepting the higher Tier Prize and forfeiting the lower Tier Prize OR accepting the Tier 1 prize, and forfeiting the Tier 2 or 3 prize. The second Groop to hit the respective Prize Tier will be rewarded the forfeited prize. Remember, all Groopies will be asked to verify a valid festival ticket confirmation # when signing up for their Groopie spot.

Looking to join an existing groop after the groop leader registration deadline?

Check out Community Camping! Community camping is like a public groop camp run by Bonnaroo, with extra activities and meetups around a theme. Learn more about community camping here.

Ask Around! Because groop camps are run by fans just like you, you may find an already existing camp to join through friends or by asking around online.

Don’t want to start your own groop?
Join an established camp in Themed Community Camping