A Message From Our Sustainability Director

From day one of the festival 17 years ago the founders exhibited a commitment to a set of values that included and continue to include, making the most sustainable and healthy decisions for the festival, our patrons, and the staff. Not surprisingly, we have emerged as in industry leader in sustainability. We were the first to require vendors to use compostable serving ware, we were the first major festival to install a permanent solar array on-site, and we were the first festival to fully close the loop on our compostable waste by composting everything on our property.

Laura Sohn has been working at Bonnaroo for 12 years.
Her passion is building community by connecting music
fans with tools and resources to take action and
affect change beyond the festival

Over the years our definition of sustainability has expanded to include not only making the right decisions for the environment but also creating a healthy community for fans on-site; from free water refill stations, to a 5K run, to healthy eating options. This year we defined the values that frame those decisions. Our focus today centers around: determination – we stay the course and are committed to what we believe, collaboration – we welcome partners that make us stronger and ideas that make us better, generosity – we are unselfish with ideas and inspiration, and fun – we take our work seriously, not ourselves.

Recognizing that our work on site needs to reflect the times that we live in this year we have focused even more on social advocacy groups. While, on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be a direct tie to sustainability and the environment we have learned quickly and resolutely the importance of having elected officials on our side, the advocacy roles that non-profits serve for underrepresented voices, and the need for all of us to raise our own voices in tune with others.

This year we welcome a number of non-profits to the Solar Stage to shine a light on a number of pressing issues. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence will be hosting what is sure to be a riveting panel with student activists and teachers to talk about what’s next for gun control advocacy. We are beyond excited to be partnering with our old friends, Rock the Earth and the NRDC to talk about what happens when our protected public lands like Bears Ears, are released from public land protection. Finally in an effort to support our zero tolerance policy for any sort of sexual assault, Calling All Crows and To Write Love on Her Arms will have a conversation about the ways we can look out for each other and create safe environments for people so they can have FUN which is why we are all here in the first place!

As we enter our 17th year of doing this work we, continue to be inspired and propelled forward both by our patrons and our incredible non-profit partners in Planet Roo, and we hope to make great strides in providing ways for each and every one of you to build connections beyond Bonnaroo. We hope that you leave the Farm feeling empowered to raise your voices and embrace the spirit that together is better; together we become better.

-Laura Sohn
Director of Bonnaroo Sustainability

This week only: Protect Parks With Your Ticket Purchase

Bonnaroo cares about the environment, and you should too, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Plan your trip to Bonnaroo this week and you’ll help save the planet, as Future might say, at the SAME DAMN TIME.

From now until midnight on Earth Day (this Sunday), if you buy our special “Parks Protector” ticket package (2 GA tickets +  1 Car Camping Pass), Bonnaroo will donate 100% the proceeds for every car camping pass ($59.75 per package) to Rock The Earth’s campaign to protect wild and beautiful places for future generations to enjoy. So plan your trip to The Farm today and help us protect our public lands at the same time!

Get Tickets & Save The Planet

About Rock The Earth: Rock the Earth is a national environmental program of the LCV Education Fund working to amplify, unify, and mobilize communities around pressing threats to our air, waters, climate and lands. They strive to permanently protect at-risk landscapes and historic cultural sites that represent our country’s diverse history for future generations to enjoy. Learn more about them at www.RockTheEarth.org

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment.
Would you capture it or just let it slip?” -Eminem (probably talking about this)