What’s better than a parade? NOTHING! Marching to the beat of our own drums, getting dressed up in something fancy or just high steppin’ and spinning an umbrella as you second line through Centeroo is a good ol’ time and something we’ve always done at Bonnaroo. Every year’s parade is a bit different of course, but they usually include a great brass band (or an art car!) and sometimes lead you to a pot of gold. We cordially invite you all to help us take this tradition to even greater heights by joining us in any of the many parades happening over the course of the weekend.

2019 Parades

OPENING DAY PARADE: Thursday | 12:00pm | E. 3rd Street x 3rd Avenue to Plaza 7
Theme: Mardi Gras + Totems (Everybody bring your totem if you have one!)
Departure Time: Thursday, 12:00pm
Start location: Plaza 3
End location: The Grove (Plaza 7)

MERMAID PARADE: Friday | 2:45pm | Bottom of 5th Avenue to the x-mas Barn
Theme: Mermaids!
Departure Time: Friday, 2:45pm
Start location: Bottom of 5th Avenue, Centeroo.
End location: Christmas Barn (ending with Soul BRass Band’s Set!)

PRIDE PARADE: Saturday | 5:30pm | Working it’s way through the campgrounds into centeroo (will go through WITW, P2, Bushy Branch, P3, Centeroo)
Theme: Pride Parade with special surprises!
Departure Time: Saturday, 5:30pm
Location Details: Starting in the eastern campgrounds and snaking through WITW, Plaza 2, Plaza 3, along Bushy Branch, then into Centeroo!
End location: Centeroo!

This article was posted on June 6, 2019