Darkroom Tents
NEW Large Darkroom Tents Available in GA and VIP


Tickets On Sale Thursday 1/9 at Noon ET
  • FASTER CAMPGROUND ENTRY! You asked, and we’re listening. We are adding tolls, security, and staff as well as shifting some campground layouts to get you parked FASTER. Less time in line is the priority, so you can get your party started sooner. Also, generally speaking, those who arrive earlier will be camped closer to the venue – no more using a crystal ball and a Ouija board to guess.
  • NEW GA+ TICKETS Get all the classic goodness of GA along with access to a brand new Centeroo lounge just for GA+. Enjoy AC bathrooms, exclusive bars and food vendors, and plenty of relaxed shaded seating to rest those dancing feet. Learn more on the tickets page.
  • GROOP PLAZA! Groop has grown each year and it’s time we gave our most passionate fans even more. We’re adding a dedicated GROOP camping plaza in the campgrounds complete with all the usual Plaza accoutrements like shade, games, and more!
  • NEW IMPROVED TENT OPTIONS We’ve got some AWESOME darkroom dome tents available with AC, convenient camping near The Grove, and more! Explore Tents & Glamping
  • VIP IMPROVEMENTS: New VIP campground layout which will provide direct entry into the venue and the mound at the What Stage. More convenient placement for amenities in the venue as well as more showers and restrooms in the campgrounds. learn more about VIP HERE.
  • PLATINUM IMPROVEMENTS: The best ticket we offer now has BY FAR the best campground and amenities on the entire site, all in a new spot directly south of Centeroo. All the amenities of Platinum PLUS your own dedicated Platinum vehicle entrance off Campground Road as well as a completely shaded and wooded campground with newly added access to the Artist Lounge. learn more about Platinum HERE.
  • The WHICH STAGE is glowing up! Bonnaroo’s second biggest stage is due for a production facelift, and in 2020 it’ll be getting a makeover to up it’s WOW factor and generate a much higher rate of positivity radiation straight into your brain.
  • The Other Stage ALL NIGHT LONG! Bonnaroo’s home for electronic is now playing all night long until sunrise as well as adding more production, more fire🔥, more lasers😲, and other surprises you’ll just have to see for yourself.
  • BETTER WAYFINDING, COOLING, INFO, AND MORE Some little things can make a BIG difference. With that in mind we’re adding better signage, wayfinding help, pedicabs, info booths, and more to the campgrounds this year. Let’s make these campgrounds even better.
  • CRAZINESS IN THE CAMPGROUNDS: Plazas are back and better than ever, but you’ll have to hang tight for more 2020 details soon!
  • WHERE IN THE WOODS will be back and better than ever… stay tuned!
  • BECOME AN AMBASSADOR: Earn free tickets, pit viewing, and more by becoming a Bonnaroo Ambassador and bringing your friends to The Farm. Learn More
  • Other Add-Ons: Vehicle Passes, Groop Camping, Community Camping, Tents & Glamping, and other select add-ons will all be available thursday 1/9. Explore All Accommodations
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This article was posted on November 8, 2019