Friday, February 26, 2021

2021: What's New At Bonnaroo

We've been spending the past year working on ways to enhance the Bonnaroo experience. Here's what's new for Bonnaroo 2021!

Daily Entry  – Sooner You Arrive, The Closer You Get To Centeroo

Our goal is to get you onto The Farm as quickly as possible. In order to do that, we’re introducing Daily Entry! After purchasing your ticket, you’ll be able to secure a vehicle pass by day for either Tuesday, Wednesday, or weekend access from Thursday through Sunday. Check out the rest of the details on Daily Entry on our Information Page.

JamTrak – Free Rides From Campgrounds to Plazas to Centeroo

Say goodbye to long treks into Centeroo! Climb aboard the JamTrak for a new and easy way to get to all the action at Bonnaroo. This convenient and free transportation option will run all day & night and be available all throughout the campground with multiple routes and stops along the way.

Updated Campground Layout + Campground Wayfinding Signage

Ready to be closer to the action? Our updated campground layout allows for more camping closer to Centeroo. The sooner you arrive each day, the closer you’ll be. Plus, we’re adding campground wayfinding signage throughout for easier navigation around the campground.

Air-Conditioned Darkroom Tents

Looking for more ways to stay cool and comfortable on The Farm? Introducing our brand new Air-Conditioned Darkroom Tents, available for GA, GA+ or VIP ticketholders. All set up and ready to go upon your arrival, each tent comes with your choice of cot or inflatable bed, electric cooling unit, a souvenir blanket for each person and more

Which Stage Upgrade

Bigger stage, bigger sound. Need we say more?

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