‘For Roo By Yoo’ Spotlight: A Post By Roochute

#Roochute is the colorful parachute that spreads happiness and shade on The Farm, but did you know it’s run by Bonnaroovians like you? So much of Bonnaroo is created by YOU, the fans, and we love you for it. The Roochute is a wonderful example of the creative Bonnaroovian spirit that we are encouraging through our new ‘For Roo By Yoo’ program, which is designed to help support YOUR creative ideas on The Farm. Learn More about Roochute and what they’re all about from their own words below!

About For Roo By Yoo
Whether it’s a giant parachute, a themed costume party at your groop camp, an interactive art idea, or something entirely new, we want to empower YOUR cool ideas on the farm. Learn more about For Roo By Yoo Here.

Hello & Highfive 🖐 From Roochute!

@Roochute is the stress reducin’, positivity producin’ parachute with a purpose – creating Happy and Healthy communities for ALL Humanity.

at roochute

Bonnaroo exists as the happiest place on Earth. It’s a fact — a real one. Time-tested, Amish 🍩 approved. Proven each and every year by tens of thousands of Roovians radiating positivity, fueled by the magic each and every one of us brings to The Farm. From 3D glasses passed out freely during late nite shows, trampolines in the Pods, all the way to the Fauxest Gump photo ops and impromptu parades in Centeroo, Bonnaroo is always brewing the best of surprises with one of the most ingenious and creative communities around. So let us take you back to 2014; it was our year, our turn to pay it forward and unleash a — not so little — magical surprise of our own. With sweaty palms, nerves and excitement abounding, and a powderkeg of positivity and kindness strapped to our back, we approached the line into Centeroo…

be happy
Our ROOts

High-Five Friday set the tempo of our racing heartbeats as we nervously approached security by the Arch with our sneak attack surprise.
*Perplexed Glance*
“It’s just a large rainbow parachute, Sir.”
“You don’t have a problem with that… do you?” With a touch of awkward energy, a knowing glance, a crooked grin of acceptance, and Holy Hell Roochute was IN!

Our first message “#BeHappy” scrawled in hours upon hours of black sharpies bloomed high above the scene during Cake’s afternoon performance in 2014; that party did not stop until the phenomenal late night set by Zedd. Minds were exploding and laughter could be heard radiating all across Centeroo due to this crazy parachute. Bonnaroo began trending on social media and photos of Roochute began appearing all over the web. The #Roochute movement ignited in the hearts of Roovians and was catalyzed by a feature in RollingStone Magazine as one of the ‘…Best Things We Saw at Bonnaroo 2014’ and the momentum has only skyrocketed, with features by Bose, Buzzfeed, Red Bull, Complex, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

under the chute
Best Day of Gym Class

Roochute is rooted in a simple, yet sensational idea: create as much happiness as possible with as many people as possible. We all remember how pumped we were to play with the parachute in elementary school, but there was no real opportunity to relive that nostalgia in today’s society as an adult. Roochute was started with the mission to bring back the “best day of gym class” set to the tune of your favorite artists alongside new friends by the tens of thousands.

main stage roochute
Play with Purpose

As a reoccurring art & wellness experience on The Farm, Roochute guarantees to elevate your mood, help you beat the heat, and produce next level happiness you and your tribe will remember for the rest of your lives. Roochute represents the best in our humanity. It is more than just joy and a free-spirited innocence, this parachute has a purpose – to create happy, healthy communities through promoting mental wellness. Outside of the four remarkable days in Manchester, Tennessee, Roochute travels across the United States to take the good vibes felt from The Farm and radiate that positivity to neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and community festivals. Living by the “pay it forward” mentality, Roochute shines a light on the importance of balance in daily life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every person that plays with the Roochute is empowered to perform three acts of intentional kindness, gratitude, and self-care. This is not just nostalgia — much more than just a symbol of our childhood, Roochute is a beacon of hope and a reminder of the positivity and inclusivity we all embrace on The Farm. To think Kindly and act Boldly, not only to others, but also to ourselves. Together, we will end stigma surrounding mental health.

roochute and balls
Keeping the Vibe Alive 365

This summer, relive your youth and release your inner kid with Roochute. Make sure to say, “Hello” to Ron and Patrick on the farm! We cannot wait to meet each and every one of you and inspire memories that are sure to bring a smile to your face when you need it the most down the road. Join our growing family and support the @Roochute movement by following the parachute on Facebook and Instagram. Be the change and become an ambassador for Roochute in your city today.

Think Kindly, Act Boldly

Patrick & Ron

Patrick & Ron

More About Patrick & Ron
The Authors Of This Post!

What is your favourite Bonnaroo moment?
P: When we sent the 50 Foot “Choose Kindness” Roochute over the heads of the Vulfpeck crowd during Antwaun Stanley’s epic breakdown/bridge of “Wait for the Moment.” Timing was MAGIC and thanks to some burly volunteers we made sure the chute surprise floated in and back out without a hitch.
R: Sharing a moment with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin’) under the Roochute in 2015

What is your favourite Roochute Memory?
P: The day of the Orlando Pulse shooting on Sunday of Roo 2016 we organized a community tribute with @NowThisIsLiving where we unleashed 5 Roochutes from the Main Stage during Death Cab’s “Follow You Into The Dark.” Running around deploying the chutes from the Pit, wearing/waving a rainbow flag in the Southern Tennessee heat to encouraging smiles, cheers, and tears of support will always inspire me with American Hope.
R: Playing with the parachute at the Which Stage during Bonnaroo 2016 during back-to-back sets of M83 and Tame Impala. These two artists were my absolute, must-see artists on The Farm and witnessing their live performance in, around, and underneath Roochute rocketed me straight to the heavens.

How do you Pay-It-Forward in your life?
P: Compliments last — Leave every room happier than you found it. Share a song link/vid with someone that is struggling to let them know you are there for them and they are not alone. Our social support structure is the key to happiness and success.
R: Each Pay Day Friday, I go to my favourite coffee shoppe in Columbus and buy a coffee for the person behind me and if there is no one behind me, I leave it up to the barista to make someone’s day.

What’s your favourite way to stay physically active?
P: Sweat for at least 10 mins a day. Helps keep my glass FULL and doubt at bay.
R: Hot Yoga and Jumping Rope while blasting dance tracks. I enjoy experimenting with new rope tricks and adjusting my routine to the speed of the song playing.

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In an unfortunate twist of fate, this past weekend the Bonnaroo community was sad to hear that Roochute’s main parachute was irreparably torn at a concert in Ohio. They are raising money for a replacement here.

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