Spreading the roots of love and positivity at Bonnaroo, the Barefoot Treehouse is the perfect place to cool down at the concert of the year. Kick back with a glass of your favorite wine in a backyard full of games, compliments, and more!
BACARDĺ brings the beach back to Bonnaroo! This year, taking it up a notch. Come experience real sand under your feet, play some volleyball or rest in one of our island boats all while sipping on a refreshing and tropical BACARDĺ cocktail.
Going to have your period during Bonnaroo? We’ve got you covered. Rael will be providing free organic cotton pads and tampons for all female festival goers.
For the first time anywhere in the WORLD, Totino’s is bringing their mini snack mix to Bonnaroo so fans can get their snack-on. Stop by the Christmas Barn on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30pm-11:30pm for some FREE snack action!
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