Getting Tickets: Details, Deals, and More

Special Deals & Savings:

  • BUY 4 GET A CAR PASS FREE: Buy 4 GA tickets in a single order and get 1 Car Camping pass for FREE!
    *the extra pass will be added to your order within 24hrs. (Contact Front Gate Tickets support if you don’t see it for a while).
  • LAYAWAY PAYMENT PLANS: Spread out your payments on ANY ticket purchase using our Layaway Payment plans. (Pro-tip: use this WITH the buy 4 get a car pass deal to make that big purchase a bit easier on your wallet) Learn more
  • BECOME AN AMBASSADOR: Earn free tickets, pit viewing, and more by becoming a Bonnaroo Ambassador – now available during our initial on-sale for the first time ever! Learn More
See Tickets

1. When you click on the tickets link at you will be sent to this frontgate tickets page.
2. After you add a ticket to your cart, you will be given the option to go to an “accommodations” page and an “add-ons” page before you finish checking out.

3. The Accommodations page has vehicle passes, tent rentals, and other sleeping/camping related additions.
4. The “add-ons” page has BonnaROOTS dinners, refill revolution cups, and other non sleeping/camping related add-ons.

Planning For Your Purchase:

  • WHEN: Tickets go on sale Thursday 1/10 at 12pm ET
  • WHERE: Tickets will be on sale through the links at, which will send you to our ticketing site at
  • NEED HELP?  If you have any trouble with your order, reach out to Front Gate Tickets Support 1(888) 512-7469 and include your order number, name, and email if applicable.
  • TIME LIMIT: Once you place your tickets in your cart, you will have 15 minutes to finish checkout. This should be plenty of time if you know what you want ahead of time, so be sure to explore before Thursday. 
  • FIRST TIME? If this is your first time getting Bonnaroo tickets and you find yourself wondering "what kind of car pass do I need?" or just need a more "top level" review of how things work, check out our "How Do You Roo?" guide for an easy breakdown or our "Before Buying Tickets" FAQ section
  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW: You will be required to create a Front Gate Tickets account as a part of your purchase process. This is the account you will log into to review your order, change your shipping address before tickets ship, etc. You can save some time by creating a Front Gate Tickets account ahead of time (just click "sign in" at the top of and those extra minutes could be the difference between you getting a lower price tier or not! 
  • LAYAWAY PAYMENT PLANS DURING CHECKOUT: Our layaway payment plans let you split ANY order (i.e. the entire value of your cart at checkout – not just tickets) into multiple payments over the course of the year. To use them simply go though the purchase process like normal, but then select the layaway payment plan option in the drop-down menu near the end of checkout. More details on our payment plans in our FAQ here.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS & ADD-ONS: After you add a ticket to your cart, you will be given the option to visit the "accommodations" or "add-ons" pages (mobile users may need to scroll to see both options). Things like Vehicle Passes & Le Bon Tent rentals will be on the accommodations page, while "add-ons" will feature non-accommodations related additions like refill revolutions cups, BonnaROOTS dinners, etc. Explore Accommodations
  • GROOP CAMPING & COMMUNITY CAMPING: Groop camping and Community camping are sold in a separate purchase process AFTER you have already finished your ticket purchase. Learn more and get your passes here:
    Learn About Groop Camping | Learn About Community Camping
  • SINGLE DAY TICKETS (With Nash Shuttle ONLY): Bonnaroo is an all night and all day event (no curfews!) and as such it is not really designed to be experienced on a "single-day" basis. Bonnaroo's ONLY kind of single-day ticket available for purchase is a part of a package deal with our Nashville Shuttle Tickets. If you get this package, you are required to pick up your ticket on the shuttle in Nashville, and it is not mailed to you ahead of time. Learn More
  • AIRPORT SHUTTLES & HOTELS WITH SHUTTLES: Need a ride from the airport? Want to stay in a nearby hotel? We've got you! But please note that these are purchased through a separate Front Gate link than your regular tickets (and most other things). Learn More + Purchase Links 
  • PURCHASING SOMETHING AFTER YOU ALREADY HAVE A TICKET: If you already purchased a ticket (i.e. completely finished your order and checkout out completely) and want to add another non-ticket item onto your order after the fact (like a Le Bon Tent rental, Refill Revolution Cup, Car Camping Pass, etc), there will be a special post-purchase link in your purchase confirmation email that will help you avoid paying the full shipping price a second time, and instead just pay a heavily discounted shipping/processing fee. Front Gate customer service can also provide this link to you if you cant find it. (Some specific add-ons may be excluded. International fans will be limited to will-call only.)
  • SECURE TICKET™ OPTION: During the purchase process you have the option of buying a form of ticket insurance called Secure Ticket™. This will you give the opportunity to seek a refund under certain specific circumstances (kinda like flight insurance with a plane ticket). More info here.
  • WE LOVE FEEDBACK! keep an eye out for a link to our purchase survey in your confirmation email. We always want to improve and we need your help to do it!
  • PURCHASING FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE? Don’t forget to encourage your whole Roo crew to sign up for the Bonnaroo email list so everyone can stay in the loop on the latest news about the event. Forward them this email! 

This article was posted on January 6, 2019