Recycling At Bonnaroo


Rooduce, Roouse, Roocycle

​With great fun comes great responsibility. Please help Clean Vibes, our heroic trash and recycling crew, by keeping your site and the concert areas clean. Recycle, compost and pick up after yourself.

As a new festival partner this year, Think Twice Drink Twice is supporting all of the recycling stations festival-wide, as well as the Clean Vibes Trading Post, encouraging attendees to reuse their plastic water bottles before recycling, or to trade them in for sweet festival swag. Lets cut plastic bottle consumption in half and look fly while doing so, bonnaroovians!

  • RECYCLINGpowered by Think Twice Drink Twice – Place in recycling collection bins throughout site and blue bags at your campsite. All plastic containers, aluminum and tin cans, glass, clean mixed paper, drink cartons, plastic packaging and grocery bags can be recycled.
  • COMPOST – Place all food waste and other compostables in compost collection bins throughout site or in clear bags at your campsite. (Do not contaminate with trash.) All plates, cups, forks and other food service items sold by festival vendors are compostable.
  • LANDFILL – If it can’t be recycled or composted, place it in the landfill collection bins throughout the site or in a clear bag at your campsite. Styrofoam, chip bags, ice cream and candy wrappers should go in this bin.
  • CIGARETTE BUTTS – Place in butt bins located throughout Centeroo for recycling or collect and turn them in at the Clean Vibes Trading Post for prizes.

When the music stops, please clean up your campsite (get extra bags at your POD). Pick up bottle caps and any other debris. Tie up your bags and leave them at the edge of the road. We’ll take it from there. Collect cans, cups, and bottles or cigarette butts using a bag from the Clean Vibes Trading Post powered by Think Twice Drink Twice in Planet Roo and trade them in for points to redeem for a variety of great prizes.

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This article was posted on May 22, 2017