roo clue

Roo clues are…

  • A pre-lineup tradition at Bonnaroo where we post hints and clues about who is going to be on the lineup this year.
  • Usually riddles or vague clues of some sort that could arguably represent a number of different artists – but refer specifically to one on the coming lineup. (If you get it right, it should feel pretty obvious. If you feel like you’re reaching, then you probably are)
  • Roo clues can be images, videos, text… anything really. THAT BEING SAID…
  • They are Generally labeled as #RooClues or implied in a fairly obvious manner (careful with that tin-foil hat – not EVERYTHING we post is a clue).
  • Traditionally we release them in the weeks leading up to our lineup announcement. (The past few years have been in December, but when exactly will we drop some clues this year? TIME WILL TELL!)

This article was posted on November 13, 2018