Rent With RVshare & Get $50 Off A Bonnaroo RV Pass!

Roll up to Bonnaroo in your own rented RV, and save some money doing it. We’ve partnered up with RVshare to give Bonnaroovians a special deal – any RV rented for Bonnaroo 2020 through the special RVshare links below will come with a code for $50 off an RV pass!

How It Works
  • Choose GA or VIP 🎟 Choose whether you want your RV in the GA campground or the VIP campground (note that every person in the RV will need a VIP ticket in order to camp in VIP. Tickets are sold separately), then click the corresponding link.
  • Explore RVshare Options 🚍 explore the largest RV rental marketplace around, an select the rental that’s right for you.
  • Use our magic links below to purchase 🔮 The buttons below link to the RVshare website, but they also have a special URL code that helps us and RVshare know that you purchased this RV for Bonnaroo. If you use these links to complete your RVshare purchase, then it will help us get your code verified
  • Email to get your special code! 💰 Once you have an order confirmation from RV share, email that proof of purchase to the team at RV share through the special email address Then they will verify your order and reply with a 1 time use code for $50 off an RV pass!
  • Use that coupon code To get $50 off your RV Pass! 🎟 Head to and scroll down to the links to the RV passes. Click “buy now” and enter your code during checkout process.(note that passes are not available again until 1/9)
RV Rental for GA Camping RV Rental for VIP Camping

FAQs and Clarifications

Can you clarify these “Magic Links” a bit? It’s less fancy than it sounds – promise. Just make sure that when you go to make your final purchase on RVshare, you start by clicking the links on this page, and then navigate to your RV rental and purchase. These links will help RVshare’s website know that you arrived from Bonnaroo’s website, so we know how many coupon unique codes to create! Once you finish the purchase, be sure to email RVshare to get your coupon code at

Is this a Bonnaroo service? RVshare is an independent company, and these RV rentals are not operated by Bonnaroo. i.e. you will be renting an RV just like you might rent a car, then driving it into Bonnaroo as if it were your own RV. Your rental agreement is with RVshare, so any questions about the rental process should be directed to them. You can reach their support team at

What if I want RV Power hookups? The RV pass included with this deal is a standard RV pass, i.e. no power hookups included. If you need power hookups for your RV, you will need to purchase the appropriate RV power pass separately through the standard purchase process. We cannot offer discounts or credits on those at this time. Head to the tickets page for links to purchase.

I think i used the wrong link 😬 The only way that we can guarantee your $50 off code is if you use the links above, but if you used the wrong link or need help, please reach out to RVshare support and they may be able to help. You can reach them at

I rented through RV share and purchased a standard RV pass during pre-sale before this deal started, can I still get the discount? Yep, as long as you have a proof of purchase from RV share for Bonnaroo dates, then we can help. First, please reach out to the RV share team at with your RVshare order information and inform them that your order is for Bonnaroo and that you would like the associated RV pass code. Once they confirm you are listed as a Bonnaroo order in their system, please send your discount code to along with your Bonnaroo order information where you ordered the RV pass initially (email and order number please!). They will help you get that initial pass partially refunded for $50.

What about Platinum Camping? Don’t worry, we’d never leave our platinum folks hanging. If you’re interested in renting an RV for Platinum, we’ve got a dedicated concierge who can help you explore some options specifically reserved for platinum. Please check back soon for that contact info. Please contact them at