Hey YOU (yeah you… the one with the face!) Your smile and ridiculous poses (although sometimes a little *ahem* inappropriate) are what make Bonnaroo truly magical. Think of this page as a big ol’ family portrait, full of all your loving friends on The Farm (the friends you may or may not have actually met). Some of them shared a smile with you by the fountain, while others were your dancing buddies at the silent disco. Some of them high-fived you by The Arch, and a few cried happy tears just a few rows away when U2 played “Beautiful Day”. This is the family. This is Bonnaroo 2017.

Looking for your own picture? Well that’s not really the point, but we knew you were gonna ask 😉, so feel free to dig through the whole gallery here. Note that some pictures were removed because we figured you wouldn’t want your mother (or the internet) to see them… y’all need to keep your clothes on.