Yoga-Roo Teachers

Laura G. Carter – Sunny Trails

Creator, Bonnaroo Health & Wellness Program 2010-16
Producer, YogaRoo 2016-19

Born in Pennsylvania, NYC formed and now living in and loving, Denver, Colorado, Laura is a breath of fresh air with a double dose of sunshine, who is passionate about collective wellness and community. The Founder of Sunny Trails Presents, a live event company that identifies and establishes space and opportunities for people to engage at events, Laura prides herself and her business practices on creating curated experiences to create a truly synergistic event.

Through a diverse professional background that includes production, record labels, arts & culture, human resources and hospitality, Laura, a true people-person, spent 7 years at Superfly as the Director of People & Culture, before launching her own business.

Through her vision to introduce wellness practices at events, during her tenure at Superfly, Laura created and implemented the “Work It Out” wellness umbrella program for the annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. Working closely with operations and logistic festival teams, Laura hires accredited instructors and handles essential programming, operations and creative strategies, and produced the yoga (YogaRoo), 5k run (RooRun) and Dancercise programs, annually. With intention to establish and build participation, Bonnaroo saw 1,000K participants at the RooRun by year 3 and attracted upwards of 4,000 participants in the collective “Work It Out” program by year 7.

Along with her dedication to wellness, it is with strong attention to detail and passion for culture that Laura managed human resources for 3 offices, created and hosted company retreats, recruited new employees, enhanced and expanded intern programs and has handled credentials and hotels for artists, their managers, agents, family and friends and other live event movers and shakers along the way.

Also having many responsibilities for Outside Lands, a 3-day, Bay Area celebration of music, food, wine, beer, art and comedy since its inception. Prior to joining Superfly, Laura was a Booking Coordinator for Live Nation where she worked closely with senior management, agents, managers and record labels in all areas of booking artists at intimate and 15,000+ capacity venues for live performances. It was from this role that Laura knew she would bring much more to the vast area within the live event space.

In addition to her wellness programs at Bonnaroo, Laura recently launched a yoga program for the Rootfire Festival in Seattle, Washington and has been the producer of all Colorado Tourism Office public relations live events for the domestic and international teams, in multiple states.

When not working on her event responsibilities, Laura offers her time to Well Dunn, a national, non-profit internship placement service, established to reward internship opportunities to those people who show themselves to be exceptional volunteers in the entertainment industry.

Laura can be often be found around town with Grateful Bear, her beautiful black lab mix pup, catching live music, exploring nature, cooking a homemade meal from her mom’s amazing recipe book or just simply chilling out in the Colorado hot springs.

Sunny Trails to you….
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Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney began his relationship to movement and connection to nature as a child, surfing in San Clemente, CA. He has dedicated the last two decades to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on strength, energy cultivation, and mental clarity.

After having transplanted to New York City in his mid-twenties and becoming consumed by work in business development and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Kevin was diagnosed with cancer. This life-altering diagnosis, compounded by witnessing the fall of the twin towers from just a few blocks away, inspired Kevin to make an abrupt choice to shift focus and rediscover his passion and purpose. All signs kept pointing back to his profound love for Yoga and in 2002 he began teaching in New York City.

He found inspiration in teachers like Dharma Mittra, Richard Freeman, and Swami Satchidananda and has now dedicated his study through the mentorship and guidance of Nikki Costello, Rod Stryker and a daily personal practice.

Kevin is co-creator of The Bridge Practice, a method which merges Yoga and Qi Gong into one powerful class experience. He is also on faculty at the Boston Yoga School, where he teaches philosophy through the art of Raja yoga. In 2013, Kevin founded INSIGHT – a program which awakens the consciousness of business leaders using the art and science of meditation.

Kevin facilitates annually at the Bonnaroo Music Festival and has offered at Wanderlust, Envision, and the Burning Man Arts Festival. His work has been featured in Well + Good, Vogue Magazine, VICE, Elephant Journal, and most recently in the new book Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories, Real Transformation.

Merging his passion for music and yoga, Kevin is the creator of Nada Sadhana, a music project whose debut album, The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1 became one of the most listened to albums in yoga studios across the country.

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A Thank You to Kevin from Sunny Trails & Bonnaroo:
Kevin, you are a light beam that has blessed us on the Farm with your nurturing nature to love and experience ourselves while we are in this festival environment and many others. Without you pushing forth to connect with the festival on introducing a program, this program wouldn’t exist. We all owe you a HUGE thank you for your time, thought and participation in helping the YogaRoo program begin and grow for 9 years in a row!


Honoring plant spirit medicine as founder of Ganjasana: Cannabis Yoga Ceremonies and School, Rachael is a curandera healer, teacher, and activist farmer based in Colorado. She is a conduit for awakening messages from the natural world, a “steward of the medicine,” and roots her practices in the ethics of permaculture – earth care, people care, fair share. She believes in holding space for practitioners to cultivate and deepen safe, harmonious plant medicine relationships for transformation and healing. She aims to raise awareness of indigenous wisdom to unite holistically and regenerate soil, body and mind. Rachael embodies her work in the mountains where she mindfully grows regenerative living organic cannabis, dogs, worms, and soil; and offers healing retreats, courses, and yoga teacher trainings.

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Alana Giannotta-Ortiz hails from the high mountain desert scapes of Santa Fe. She is an avid world traveler fascinated by immersing herself in foreign cultures. She has studied yoga around the world, recently spending time with Krishna Das and Ram Dass in Maui. Alana was a professional dancer for 3 years in NYC before moving to Colorado to become a yogi.

Alana brings a tasteful mix of music, creative sequencing, and the celebration of life to her classes while creating a safe space for students to breathe, move, and contemplate who they truly are & teaches yoga to inspire people to be their authentic selves.

“Yoga completely changed my life by allowing me to come to the mat as I am. On a yoga mat there is you, your breath and your body. I’ve gotten to know who i truly am through living a yogic life. Yoga doesn’t only exist on the mat, but the mat is where we can start to get to know ourselves on a soul level. I want my students to have a safe place to breathe, move, and contemplate who they are.”

She is musically inspired by Fleetwood Mac, FKJ, Nicola Cruz, The Polish Ambassador, Griz, WuTang, J. Cole and A Tribe Called Quest.

Instagram @alanaortizz


Emily Young’s yoga journey began nearly eight years ago. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, she is no stranger to the music industry. Much like the escape and healing she found through music, she discovered the benefits of yoga had a similar impact on her life and mental wellness. She decided to dedicate her life to connecting the two, using music and sound as a tool to deepen her students’ yoga practices. She also focuses on raising awareness for the benefits of movement and mediation while increasing yoga accessibility to the Nashville music scene. You will often hear her say, “Only you know how it feels to be in your body,” and that’s the theme behind all of her classes- teaching to all bodies, abilities and levels. “Come as you are, yoga will always meet you where you need to be.”

Instagram: @theemilyyoung