Sept 2–5, 2021
Manchester, TN

Change The World

Bonnaroo Works Fund

Somewhere near the top of the Bonnaroo to-do list is “change the world.” So, in 2009, the Bonnaroo Works Fund was created as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Thanks to the generosity and support of fans around the world, BWF contributes to remarkable nonprofits and programs helping communities thrive. But we don’t deserve all the credit! Aside from the donation included in your festival ticket purchase, a good share of the money comes from generous fans who support The Fund through ticket add-ons, the annual Silent Auction, and other BWF fundraising efforts. Stop by and see us at the Roo Works HQ in Planet Roo to learn more or visit to get involved now!

Planet Roo

Presented by the Bonnaroo Works Fund

Take a break from the chaos of festival life in Planet Roo, a haven for sustainability and global consciousness. With representation from a diverse group of non-profit organizations, this space is an opportunity to learn and relax. Bonnaroovians can come together for yoga classes, workshops at The Academy and Learning Garden, or powerful panels at The How Stage.

Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting projects we have in the works for this area for this year!

Support Our Sustainability Efforts

Just by purchasing a ticket to Bonnaroo, you support all of the sustainability efforts on-site! $1 from every ticket sold goes towards our sustainability work like community projects including Planet Roo, to our on-site compost pad, to the BonnaROOTS dinners and food bank donations. If you're feeling generous and inspired to support even more greening initiatives and impact projects, we welcome you to opt-in to the Sustainability Add-On with your ticket purchase or donate directly to the Bonnaroo Works Fund!

Rooduce, Roouse, Roocycle

Please help Clean Vibes, our heroic trash and recycling crew, by keeping your site and the concert areas clean. Recycle, compost and pick up after yourself.


RECYCLING – Place in recycling collection bins throughout site and blue bags at your campsite. All plastic beverage containers, aluminum and tin cans, glass, and clean mixed paper can be recycled.

COMPOST – Place all food waste and other compostables in compost collection bins throughout site or in clear bags at your campsite. (Do not contaminate with trash.) All plates, cups, forks and other food service items sold by festival vendors are compostable.

LANDFILL – If it can’t be recycled or composted, place it in the landfill collection bins throughout the site or in a clear bag at your campsite. Styrofoam, chip bags, plastic film, ice cream and candy wrappers should go in this bin.

CIGARETTE BUTTS – Place in butt bins located throughout Centeroo for recycling or collect and turn them in at the Clean Vibes Trading Post for prizes.When the music stops, please clean up your campsite (get extra bags at your local Plaza). Pick up bottle caps and any other debris. Tie up your bags and leave them at the edge of the road. We’ll take it from there. Collect cans, cups, and bottles or cigarette butts using a bag from the Clean Vibes Trading Post and trade them in for points to redeem for a variety of great prizes.

The Academy

The Academy (located within the hay bale building in the heart of Planet Roo) offers interactive arts experiences with workshops in art, songwriting, percussion, henna tattooing, instrument building, gardening and more!

BonnaROOTS Community Dinner

BonnaROOTS are our annual locally-sourced sunset feasts supporting grassroots causes—Oxfam America and Eat for Equity. VERY special guests join us for an unforgettable meal on The Farm. Last year people found themselves sitting next to Bonnaroo co-founders, Bonnaroo producers, artists, activists and an assortment of Bonnaroovians with an appetite for soulfully good food. Together, you’ll eat, drink, and raise thousands of dollars for the greater good.

How Stage

The anchor of Planet Roo is The Farm’s only completely solar powered stage – the HOW Stage. Stop in for shows, panel discussions, parties, and more. Stay tuned for the 2021 Schedule.

Bonnaroo Learning Garden

Learn to grow your own food, right in the middle of the festival! The Learning Garden is a quintessential Planet Roo experience where you can get hands-on training from knowledgeable farmers and volunteers. The Learning Garden is a dynamic space to explore your curiosity about food.

Planet Roo Partners & Non-Profit Village

Our Planet Roo partners are amazing! They always go above and beyond to make this area vibrant and innovative, so check below soon for info on who you’ll find in Planet Roo this September.